Well. This is a weird recap.

I am here to say that the Tom McLaughlin, who had the best team from the start of the year till the very end, is your 2022-23 Back At The Reeeeeem Fantasy Football Champion.

This is a weird thing because the Buffalo Bills/Cincinnati Bengals game never finished Monday night. However, with Tyler Bass already making a field goal and the matchup situation following that kick, I have decided (after talking with Buzzi to confirm), that My Glockz Out will have its name etched into the league’s history and the rightful champion.

I want to preface that my recap here was started on Monday afternoon, prior to all the craziness of Monday night so my tone may be a bit more cheerful that any NFL fan could be feeling at this moment. So for that, I apologize.

But alas.

Congrats Tom! You are now the holder and proud owner of the RJR Memorial Trophy.!

This trophy will be updated with Tom’s name, and then it will be shipped to his address. (Tom, hit me up with that.)

Championship Match Recap

We start of Thursday night. We start with the Dallas Cowboys. We start with Tony Pollard.

Pollard was ruled out around 5 P.M. Tom McLaughlin did not get the memo. He left him in.

The most hilarious part of this is that I was with my cousin getting a beer and catching up. He is telling me about his fantasy line up, and he mentioned Tony Pollard as his RB2. I asked who he had in his lineup since Pollard was out.

He didn’t know Pollard was out. He had him in the line up.

My cousin lost his championship game.

Fortunately for Tom, his mistake in not following Adam Schefter tweets on a game day did not cost him. Despite no points from the Cowboys more versatile running back, Tom McLaughlin was able to muster his way to a title.

At the quarterback position, it was a tale of two different types of games. Justin Herbert and the Los Angeles Chargers absolutely decimated the Los Angeles Rams by a final score of 31-10, which meant that the blond-locked QB didn’t need to toss the ball much. On Tom’s side, Gardner Minshew completely forgot how to be a good quarterback. That affected the Eagles, who somehow lost to the lifeless New Orleans Saints.

Hey Philly, I am trying to case my Eagles with the NFC East tickets, so please win next week. Thanks.

(Buzzi, see how I am being really nice about how Daniel Jones went off for 36.18 points on your bench? I am not mentioning that at all 🙂 )

I mean the running backs…this had to give Buzzi so much hope. Austin Ekeler scored 30.1 points carrying the rock for the Chargers. Ekeler had his fourth 30+ point game just in time…to not be enough. Jerick McKinnon and the Kansas City Chiefs had a battle with the Denver Broncos, but McKinnon gritted out 20.1 points.

Buzzi out scored Tom’s running backs 50.2 to 6.3. Saquon Barkley had just 6.3 points for the New York Giants, and we already mentioned the Pollard debacle.

Looking at the top three spots on the roster…Buzzi is well on his way to making up his 24.1 point deficit.

We get to the wide receivers.

Let’s check in on the WR1 spot…GOOD LORD. Davante Adams gets 30.8 points with Jarrett Stidham at quarterback for the Las Vegas Raiders. It is his third highest scoring game of the season, and third 30+ game of the season. (We will get to the fact how Adams going off affected Buzzi adversely too…).

Justin Jefferson had one catch for 15 yards. One catch. 15 yards. The Green Bay Packers defense absolutely eviscerated the Minnesota Vikings, and this is when Tom had to be shitting himself.

Through the first four roster spots, Buzzi had a week 17 advantage of 97.68 to 21.26.

Now let’s continue.

At WR2, we have Tyreek Hill vs. DK Metcalf. Tom had to be nervous with Hill having Bridgewater at quarterback, but when Hill is rushing touchdowns in then the passer doesn’t matter too much. For Buzzi, he has to be ecstatic right? The Seahawks won 23-6 against the New York Jets. That means that Metcalf had to go off, right?

Wrong. Oh. So. Wrong. One catch for three yards. His lack of production against the frustratingly look Sauce Gardner essentially evened out Tom playing Tony Pollard.

The final wide receiver spot…and hope starts to rise against for Tom. Christian Kirk fell to the same disease of Herbert; his team got up big so then he didn’t need to do much. Kirk scored just 3.1 points and scored a total of 7.2 points in the Back At The Reeeeeem Fantasy Football Championship. Across the aisle, Amari Cooper had his first good game with Deshaun Watson at quarterback. Cooper scored 24.0 points; his first 20+ points game since week 11 when he had 27.3 points against the Buffalo Bills.

The position where Buzzi had the biggest on paper advantage was tight end, yet in week 17 the margin was not as large as he would have liked. Tom played Tyler Higbee and we know his team only scored 10 total points so he had just 2.6 points. Tom would have been better playing Taysom Hill against the Philadelphia Eagles…but no one could have seen that coming. On the losing side, Kelce had an incredibly pedestrian game. 7.8 points is about average for a fantasy tight end now a days, but when Kelce averages over 15 points per game…getting less than that in the biggest moment is painful to see (if you are Buzzi).

The flex spot…is this the pivot point? If you are following along in this recap, Buzzi has about a forty point advantage heading into this flex spot. It is crazy to say that it was not enough to bring home the title.

Brandon Aiyuk for the San Francisco 49ers put forth 22.2 points…his second best game of the season and only his second 20+ point game. What a time for the Aiyuk to come up huge. A season-best 12 targets, one touchdown and a season-best 101 yards receiving. If Buzzi is having nightmares about losing this matchup, he is either seeing either Aiyuk running free or Metcalf being caged. Buzzi had David Montgomery in the flex spot, which did not pan out. The Bears running back had just 4.6 fantasy points, meaning he scored 13.0 points in the fight for the RJR Memorial trophy.

Buzzi…do you want to feel worse? In the four weeks prior to these two dud weeks, Montgomery was averaging 17.425 points per game. He was huge getting you to the title matchup, but he soared to close to the sun too soon.

You remember when I mentioned how Davante Adams going off actually hurt Buzzi? This is where we get to it. Buzzi had the San Francisco 49ers defense in his lineup. An objectively smart move. 49ers were playing Jarrett Stidham. No way he would light up one of the best defenses in football…right?

Well, everyone…it is time to go eat some shit. It was a shootout between the 49ers and the Raiders, and San Francisco’s defense scored -3.0 points. Just the second time this season the 49ers defense scored negative points…and the last time was against the Kansas City Chiefs…who Tom had in his defensive team slot this week. Somehow it all comes full circle. Always does.

Now what is the perfect balance between Adams and the 49ers defense? Was there a way where Adams scores 25 points and the 49ers score four? That would have given Buzzi a super slim shot come Monday Night Football. This is the joy and pain of fantasy football. The strategy of your lineup versus the has-to-be-in-your roster player. All you can do is shake your head.

Heading into Monday night, Mr. McLaughlin was up by less than three points and only had Buffalo Bills kick Tyler Bass left. It didn’t matter with the game getting suspended. Also, in the grand scheme of things, right decision by the NFL and to all the Internet people venting about now being about to finish their leagues…boo-hoo!

Tom McLaughlin is a champion.

Notable Season Nuggets
  • Regular Season Average Scoring Per Week
    • Week One: 113.47
    • Week Two: 121.29
    • Week Three: 103.11 (Least)
    • Week Four: 123.08
    • Week Five: 121.19
    • Week Six: 103.326 (First Week Of Byes)
    • Week Seven: 110.51
    • Week Eight: 126.35 (Most)
    • Week Nine: 120.08
    • Week Ten: 110.92
    • Week Eleven: 108.56
    • Week Twelve: 115.09
    • Week Thirteen: 113.626
    • Average Scoring Per Week Is 116.66
  • Regular Season Margin Of Victory By Week:
    • Week 1: 35.156
    • Week 2: 16.284
    • Week 3: 23.216
    • Week 4: 35.84
    • Week 5: 35.748
    • Week 6: 12.756
    • Week 7: 23.792
    • Week 8: 37.552
    • Week 9: 34.488
    • Week 10: 23.484
    • Week 11: 47.44
    • Week 12: 28.02
    • Week 13: 36.25
    • Average Margin Of Victory This Season Is 30.03
  • The coveted 160+ threshold does not get any new members this week.
    • Ronan has the highest scoring week of the season, but otherwise this is the Tom McLaughlin and Matthew Buzzi show as each have three games with over 160 points.
      • Ronan McClorey 174.12 (Week 8)
      • Matthew Buzzi 173.52 (Week 5)
      • Tom McLaughlin 173.22 (Week 1)
      • Tom McLaughlin 173.02 (Week 11)
      • Matthew Buzzi 172.7 Week 4)
      • Tom McLaughlin 162.74 (Week 8)
      • Matthew Buzzi 160.54 (Week 11)
  • Points Scored Compared To Projected Through Week Thirteen
    • My Glockz Out (+127.76)
    • Hotel, Motel, Golladay Inn (+58.78)
    • Ek’s Gonna Give It To Ya (+44.23)
    • My Own Worst Etiennemy (+34.58)
    • Lights, Kamara, Jackson (-1.22)
    • Country Roads Take Mahomes (-10.28)
    • The Bourne Supremacy (-49.45)
    • Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (-88.44)
    • Dirty Mike And The Boys (-144.74)
    • Keke, Coutee Luv Me (-221.82)
  • No more byes for the remainder of the season.

Matchups That Didn’t Matter

  • Hotel, Motel, Gollday Inn (250.84) beats Lights, Kamara, Jackson (198.5)
  • The Bourne Supremacy (183.16) beats My Own Worst Etiennemy (163.7)
  • Country Roads Take Mahomes (272.08) beats Dirty Mike And The Boys (245.36)
  • Keke, Coutee Luve Me (196.0) beats Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (184.28)

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