“Prequel to the Netflix series ‘The Witcher’, set in an elven world 1,200 years before the show, centering on the origins of the very first Witcher.”

Creator: Declain De Barra
Staring: Michelle Yeoh, Lenny Henry, Jacob Collins-Levy, Dylan Moran
Release Date: December 25, 2022

This show is coming out on Christmas? Had no idea it was coming out that soon.

We get clarification that The Witcher: Blood Origin is a four part original event and it will not only tell the tale of how the first Witcher was made, but it will also illuminate the events that led to the universe-altering Conjunction Of The Spheres.

For those that need a refresher, The Conjunction Of The Spheres was a forever-alternating event on The Continent that brought the worlds of monsters, men and elves together as one.

Stay with me, oh lover

My heart’s filled with worry

Stay with me, oh lover

The borders are burning

Stay with me, oh lover

My heart is still burning

War is yearning

To take you away from me

As the rumble of war sweeps down through the valley

Words sung by the character Éile (Sophia Brown))

Above are the lyrics to the song that is song throughout the The Witcher: Blood Origin trailer. To me, a non-musically inclined soul, the lyrics of the song are from the point of view of a wife who is seeing her husband or partner being pulled toward the fighting. The borders between the words are becoming brittle like twigs at the bottom of a bon fire, making it easy for beings on either side to cross.

I ask you, does this setting in the photo below look familiar?


We are going to be visiting the world of The Wild Hunt (Wraiths of Mörhogg in Skellige lands). The origin of those devilish elves starts with the Conjunction Of The Spheres, where part of the race of elves left their kin and travelled to a new world. These elves entered this new land that was already inhabited by humans and unicorns, but these violence-hungry elves wiped out those races with ease.

In case you are curious about Witcher lore, it is these Unicorns that had their land invaded that allow the Wild Hunt to travel between worlds. Under pressures of violence and persecution, the unicorns opened “the Gate of the Worlds” known as Ard Gaeth. After a time, the unicorns restricted the elves travelling abilities to portal anywhere, but the elves did have special mages known as navigators that could mange a fraction of the world-travelling. It is only in spurts, and must be strategic. They need a purpose to travel from world to world.

Adding to the stress, the Aen Elle elves (the ones that left for a new world with the Conjunction Of The Spheres) find themselves on a time crunch. The White Frost, a monstrous meteorological event, begins freezing their world and an alarming rate. These isolated elves need the Elder Blood that Ciri has in her because it is the only way for their navigators to have enough power to open portals to more inhabitable worlds.

So we are getting a precursor to all of this in The Witcher: Blood Origin. I think we will see the first Aen Elle elves break free from the majority of their race. We will see them enter a new world and establish a dominating residence, not knowing what is going to take place 1,200 years from their first flag-placing.

Alright, back to the trailer for The Witcher: Blood Origin.

The only words spoken in the trailer are spoken by Scian (Michelle Yeoh) when she says “All beginnings. All Ends”. We do see a lot of violence, and there is a fair amount of magic being thrown about. Fjall (Laurnce O’Fuarain) is seen throwing his axe around and dismantling foes with brute ease. A mage with two half-moons as his staff (the same symbols that are in the title card for the show) is going to be a major character, but to what ends, I do not know.

Serious question. Are fans as excited for The Witcher: Blood Origin now that Henry Cavill is going to be replaced by Liam Hemsworth following season three of The Witcher?

I think this show is either going to re-invigorate the ire of The Witcher fans, or remind the audience that it is the world and not the actor. Unfortunately, I lean toward the former. But come Christmas, , a month from today, we will find out with The Witcher: Blood Origin comes out on Netflix.

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