Notable Week 11 Nuggets
  • Three games this week had impactful players playing on Monday night. I am a little late with the recap because that, and because I was writing about the medical shit I had this past week. I am currently writing this portion of the recap late Monday night as the Celtics are getting blasted by the Bulls. Sadness.
  • Tom McLaughlin has officially clinched his playoff spot. He will be competing in the playoffs. Buzzi and Tommy are in very good shape and would need massive collapses to have that not happen.
  • If Ritz wanted too, he could wreak having in spoiler mode with his FAB, just taking up all the free agents anyone would want.
    • Ritz is back in the basement of the league after beating McGinnity last week. McGinnity gets the win and is now tied with Steve…who has suddenly found himself in danger of the double-pay
  • The final playoff spot is coming down to four people: Myself, Ronan, Jimmy and Lobo.
    • I will admit, I kinda had Lobo and Jimmy left for dead, but with the duds that Ronan and I put up this week, things are opened back up for him.
  • Massive discrepancies in scores this week. The average margin of victory was 47.428 points. I repeat. 47.428 points.
    • Tom McLaughlin beat me by 91 points, and this comes after he beat Ronan by 79.46 points last week. Tom McLaughlin has four games this year where he has beaten his opponents by over 60 points. Utter domination from Mr. McLaughlin.
    • Margin Of Victory By Week:
      • Week 1: 35.156
      • Week 2: 16.284
      • Week 3: 23.216
      • Week 4: 35.84
      • Week 5: 35.748
      • Week 6: 12.756
      • Week 7: 23.792
      • Week 8: 37.552
      • Week 9: 34.488
      • Week 10: 23.484
      • Week 11: 47.44
      • Average Margin Of Victory This Season Is 29.61
  • This was. the lowest scoring week in the league since the start of byes in week six. Our third time this season that as a collective we all averaged under 110 points.
  • We had to adjust the bench mark of 150 points because two teams murdered that total. The new line of measurement is 160 points, and frankly, that might be too generous as well.
    • Ronan has the highest scoring week of the season, but otherwise this is the Tom McLaughlin and Matthew Buzzi show as each have three games with over 160 points.
      • Ronan McClorey 174.12 (Week 8)
      • Matthew Buzzi 173.52 (Week 5)
      • Tom McLaughlin 173.22 (Week 1)
      • Tom McLaughlin 173.02 (Week 11)
      • Matthew Buzzi 172.7 Week 4)
      • Tom McLaughlin 162.74 (Week 8)
      • Matthew Buzzi (160.54) (Week 11)
  • Budget summary for those curious.
    • Ritz: $100 FAB left
    • McGinnity: $96 FAB left
    • Ronan: $90 FAB left
    • Steve: $75 FAB lef
    • Jimmy: $69 FAB left
    • Tommy: $68 FAB left
    • Tom: $68 FAB left
    • Lobo: $54 FAB lef
    • Buzzi: $42 FAB left
    • Stanko: $13 FAB left
  • No teams on a bye this week!
  • Crucial playoff matchups this week and Week 13
    • Ronan needs me to lose one, and he needs to win out. Or to put it even more plainly, Ronan needs to at least tie with record for me (or anyone) and he is in the playoffs because his team has the third most points in the league and no one is really close to it.
      • Ronan plays Jimmy this week. Both teams at 5-6…the winner still has a chance to make the playoffs…and the loser is going home.
        • Jimmy really needs the win because he is playing Tom next week in the regular season finale
    • This week Buzzi and Tommy battle for the drivers seat of second place.
      • In the final week of the regular season, Buzzi plays me (who needs to win and will be doing anything to try to) and Tommy has Lobo…who if wins this week against Ritz could possibly play himself into the playoffs if…if he can gain about 200 more points (so not really)
Hardest Schedule Remaining:
  • Based On Record:
    • Jimmy: 14-8 (Ronan, Tom)
    • Buzzi: 13-9 (Tommy, Stanko)
    • Tommy: 12-10 (Buzzi, Lobo)
    • McGinnity: 11-11 (Tom, Steve)
    • Stanko: 11-11 (Steve, Buzzi)
    • Lobo: 10-12 (Ritz, Tommy)
    • Ritz: 10-12 (Lobo, Ronan)
    • Steve: 10-12 (Stanko, McGinnity)
    • Ronan: 8-14 ( Jimmy, Ritz)
    • Tom: 9-13 (McGinnity, Jimmy)
  • Based On Opponents Points Scored
    • Jimmy: 2817.7 (Ronan, Tom)
    • McGinnity: 2733.22 (Tom, Steve)
    • Stanko: 2659.74 (Steve, Buzzi)
    • Buzzi: 2583 (Tommy, Stanko)
    • Tommy: 2543.98 (Buzzi, Lobo)
    • Ritz: 2482.14 (Lobo, Ronan)
    • Tom: 2432.68 (McGinnity, Jimmy)
    • Lobo: 2428.86 (Ritz, Tommy)
    • Steve: 2424.26 (Stanko, McGinnity)
    • Ronan: 2369.8 (Jimmy, Ritz)
Average Team Totals Per Week
  • Week One: 113.47
  • Week Two: 121.29
  • Week Three: 103.11 (Least)
  • Week Four: 123.08
  • Week Five: 121.19
  • Week Six: 103.326 (First Week Of Byes)
  • Week Seven: 110.51
  • Week Eight: 126.35 (Most)
  • Week Nine: 120.08
  • Week Ten: 110.92
  • Week Eleven: 108.56
Points Scored Compared To Projected Through Week Eleven
  1. My Glockz Out (+118.98)
  2. Ek’s Gonna Give It To Ya (+57.67)
  3. Hotel, Motel, Golladay Inn (+50.2)
  4. My Own Worst Etiennemy (+2.46)
  5. Lights, Kamara, Jackson (+1.98)
  6. Country Roads Take Mahomes (-36.2)
  7. The Bourne Supremacy (-38.61)
  8. Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (-42.72)
  9. Dirty Mike And The Boys (-137.38)
  10. Keke, Coutee Luv Me (-167.98)

Week Eleven Matchup Recaps

Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (115.08) defeats Lights, Kamara, Jackson (95.36)

An utterly disastrous event for Ronan. Collimates.

If Ronan won this match then he would have been in great position to make the playoffs, but alas his players did not get the memo. Lamar Jackson had only 15.46 points and his team only put up 13 total points against the Panthers. Is there reason to worry for Lamar Jackson? He has not had an outstanding game since week three against the Patriots. Since then he has only had one game of over 20 points.

Like if I told you that Aaron Rodgers outscored Lamar Jackson this week, that would seem ludicrous with how poorly Rodgers played on Thursday night. But them are the rules. Them are the breaks.

Both Ronan and McGinnity got huge scoring outputs from their defenses. New England scored 17 points for Ronan against his Jets, and the Ravens tallied 16 points against the Panthers.

It makes sense that so many defenses scored well this week with how low-scoring and rather dismal the offense was over the entire week.

Looking at Ronan’s best, it makes me ask this question to the group. And also will be a checkpoint to see if anyone reads this recap.

Cordarelle Patterson had kickoff return for a touchdown, and he did get credit for it in our league for points. I think that is fair because he literally crossed the goal line and scored. Some leagues don’t have that. I think we are right, but what do you think?

The MVP of this matchup is George Kittle. The disappointing (in a fantasy sense) tight end had his best game of the season with 22.4 points. Two touchdowns and 84 yards receiving helped the San Francisco 49ers get the win in Mexico on Monday Night. The Cardinals have a putrid defense against tight ends, so it might be worth streaming whomever is playing against them.

Why is Ronan’s avatar Mickey Mouse?

Hotel, Motel, Golladay Inn (130.8) Defeats My Own Worst Etiennemy (122.66)

Absolutely nobody preformed badly for Tommy. Everyone had a great stay at the Hotel, Motel, Gollday Inn because everyone preformed up to their expectations. Joe Burrow does his thing, and Jamaal Williams came through with three touchdowns in a win against the New York Giants.

Part of me wants to give Jamaal the MVP for his performance because it was comical at my house watching the game with Ritz and Emily. Ritz had told Emily before the game that the Giants were going to lose and Jamaal Williams was going to score three touchdows. Turns out, he was absolutely right.

Sure you can point to how Chubb went below projections, as did Christian McCaffrey and CeeDee Lamb, but absolutely none of them tanked the bed so bad that Tommy had to change the sheets. You want to know who cleaned up all the mess for Tommy?

The fucking Washington Commanders defense and special teams. 21 points for the Commanders against the Houston Texans. The red hot Virginia Commonwealth team has back-to-back games with 17 or more points. Defense wins you championships, and that is why I am giving the MVP to the Commanders defense. They were that extra oomph to help him get over a strong Steve Kultzow performance .

This is a tough loss to muster for Steve., He got strong outings from Jalen Hurts and Derrick Henry, and more than worthy efforts from Donovan Peoples-Jones and his kicker Daniel Carlson.

The sinking decision from Steve was playing Garrett Wilson instead of Damien Harris or Wan’Dale Robinson. Both would have been enough of a difference to get him the win.Garrett Wilson had only 2.2 points against the Patriots, but 10.3 from Damien Harris and 14.9 from Robinson would have cleared the bar.

He also had the Dallas Cowboys defense on his bench and they scored 16.0 points, but you understand the hesitancy going up against a team with only one loss at the time.

Tommy sets himself up well for the playoffs improving to 7-4 while Steve needs to win out and needs help standing at 4-7.

Country Roads Take Mahomes (142.36) defeats DIrty Mike And The Boys (96.64)

The Simon brothers, making a push. Tommy is all but in the playoffs, and now Jimmy has decided to knock on people’s doors. Don’t look now but Jimmy has the fifth most points in the league and he has a chance to play his way in with big games against Ronan and his brother (in the season-finale) coming up.

But before we can look ahead, we have to look at the present.

Jimmy dismantled Ritz with a superbly excellent performance from Patrick Mahomes and…Najee Harris? Say what?? The Pittsburgh Steelers running back, who was rumored to be on way to split system, had by far his best game of the season. 25.6 points for Harris with 90 yards rushing, 26 yards receiving and two touchdowns on the ground.

Sure, let’s give Harris the MVP. The previous season high for him was 11.9 points. He more than doubled that, and against a good defense too. Harris’s success did come at the expense of the Cincinnati Bengals defense that Jimmy played, but it doesn’t matter. Now he has to hope that Harris’s success continues next Monday night against the Indianapolis Colts.

Other things to look at for Jimmy. Tee Higgins with over 19 points. Will that continue with the more likely return of Ja’Marr Chase this week?

Also credit to Jimmy for sitting D’Andrew Swift. He is the starter, or is thought of as one, but Jamaal Williams is stealing the limelight.

Ritz’s path out of the cellar took a hit and has the ineptitude of possibly the two worst offenses in the NFL to blame. Dameon Pierce of the Houston Texans scored just 2.7 points. It’s only his third single-digit scoring game of the season and first since week two. DJ Moore had only 3.9 points, and that makes three straight game of less than five points for the Panthers number one wide receiver. Not much to write home about no matter who is at quarterback.

Ritz not dropping Breece Hall and keeping him on the IR is a touching tribute to what could have been.

Ek’s Gonna Give It To Ya (160.54) Defeats Keke, Coutee Luv Me (87.98)

The AFC West comes to the rescue again for Mr. Matthew Buzzi. Austin Ekeler is the number one running back in fantasy and he scored 17 points on the nose. Davante Adams pants the Denver Broncos defense for 141 receiving yards and two touchdowns, one of which was the game winning in overtime. Then there is Travis Kelce who tormented the Los Angeles Chargers with 32.5 points. It does not matter if they are beating up on each other, only that beatings are taking place.

Hey Lobo, speaking from the same point of view, isn’t it nice to sometimes not have to worry about fantasy because you are just getting killed so bad? You can just sit back and not stress on it?

That is a silver lining, right?

The Buffalo Bills had a crazy week but they still got the win playing in Detroit…but the Bills had a balanced offense and that hurt Allen’s fantasy production. It is probably better for his long term health, but bad for Mr. Lobo. Josh Allen scored just about 12.5 points when he averages over 24 per season.

The disappointing seasons of Aaron Jones and Jonathan Taylor continue, but none more so disappointing Michael Gallup scoring only 5.6 points for Lobo when the Dallas Cowboys put up 40 points as a time. A rising tide is supposed to lift all boats!

If Lobo does want a silver lining, it is that he has Latavius Murray, who is now the clear number one running back for the Denver Broncos after they waived Melvin Gordon Jr.

You know what, I am going to give the MVP to Buzzi himself because he had the balls to sit Justin Herbert and play Daniel Jones. Not something most would do, but it paid off. It didn’t really matter for the score because it was so lopsided, but it takes big brass balls to sit one of the most talented quarterbacks in football.

Also if I have-assed this recap, it’s because it is Wednesday morning and I am trying to finish this recap before heading to the doctor’s office, so I apologize.

Buzzi is cruising towards the playoffs after a rough spell, and he is much happier at 7-4 than Lobo is at 5-6.

My Glockz Out (173.02) defeats The Bourne Supremacy (82.02)

Put this matchup last because it is barely worth talking about.

Tom McLaughlin beat me by 91 points this week. 9. 1. Nine. One. Ninety-One. However you want to type it out, this is an absolute shellacking. A clowning. A baboonery display of ineptitude on my team’s part.

Tom’s 91-point margin of victory is his second largest of the season. In week one he beat Ritz by 92.06 points. As I said earlier, he has four games with an 60+ point margin of victory.

So how did we get here? Well, Tom McLaughlin decided punish me with ruthless aggression on Monday night. Alright with a victory in hand, Tom had his quarterback Jimmy Garappolo score a season high 25.42 points…his first game over 18.02 points this season. It helped that Tom partnered Jimmy G with Brandon Aiyuk and they combined for a touchdown. Aiyuk is just a steady eddy type of player. Ranked 15th in the wide receiver position for the year and averaging 11.6 points her game, he has been an easy plug-and-play guy.

If Tom does win the league, I think I should get part of the winnings because I traded him Tony Pollard and that looks to be a trade that I have lost…big time. Pollard is by far a more dynamic player than Ezekiel Elliot, and this week in a dominating and demonstrative victory, Pollard had 33.9 points. I need Jerry Jones to come out and say that Zeke is still RB1 because that is the only way I stand a chance of even winning 20% of that trade.

Oh, let’s add in Amari Cooper scoring 27.3 points….and Tyler Bass putting up 23.0 points as a kicker.

Between Garoppolo, Pollard and Joshua Palmer (who I can’t be upset about because he helped me win in a different league), Tom would have beat me 86.62 to 82.02. it was never close.

It is so much harder to pick out a MVP of a matchup in a blowout, but with Tom and I’s managerial history, the MVP has to go to Tony Pollard. Highest scorer on the team and a former member of The Bourne Supremacy….Pollard had a revenge game, and them some.

Tom McLaughlin is officially in the playoffs with a 9-2 record while I am somehow still clinging onto 6-5.

Week Twelve Matchups

The Bourne Supremacy (6-5) vs. My Own Worst Etiennemy (4-7)
Dirty Mike And The Boys (3-8) vs. Keke, Coutee Luv Me (5-6)
Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (4-7) vs. My Glockz Out (9-2)
Ek’s Gonna Give It To Ya (7-4) vs. Hotel, Motel Golladay Inn (7-4)
Lights, Kamara, Jackson (5-6) vs. Country Roads Take Mahomes (5-6)

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