In case you missed it, Emm and I got engaged! Whoops Whoop! October 21st was a good day.

While we are very happy with each other, there are inevitably times when she wants to kill me. It would not be a healthy relationship without some evil glares and side glances.

These are the things that I think Emma finds most annoying about me, in no particular order. Emma, if you are reading this, I love you, and I promise I don’t do these things on purpose…well expect one of them.

Leaving The Sponge In The Sink

This is easily number one. Without a doubt. The way our relationship works is that Emma does most of the cooking (well, all of it), and I do the dishes. I think that I clean the dishes okay, but I have the tendency to leave the cleaning implement in the sink after using. I do the little baseball underhand toss, or I do the fancy corn hole UFO flick. I then hear both in the back of my head, and in my actual ear drums, “Did you forget something?”

Almost all the time, yes I did forget something. Without fail I take two steps back and I squeeze it out and put it in its proper place above the sink.

The worst case of this is whenI clean her eggs pan in the morning, but then I leave the sponge in the sink all day. I will get snapchats of it in the sink with special emojis and filters to let me know that bacteria is growing on it.

I would be wiling to lay an egregious amount of money that this would be her number one pet peeve that I do.

Folding Towels The Wrong Way

We are just chilling on a Sunday. I have the Patriots game on and we are folding laundry. Things are calm. We are just talking. I get to the load of towels and I begin folding what I believe is the correct way. The way that Emma likes.

The pile of towels is near Emma. I finish folding my towel and I handed it to Emma to put in the pile.

Without blinking, Emma takes the towel from my hand, unfurls it, and just starts folding the towel herself.

It was instinctive. No reaction. No words. No change of emotion. It was as if she was a computer computing that whatever formula I just completed would not result in a properly folded towel. I stared at her while she was re-folding the towel I just folded, and then she looked at me and just said “What?”.

I don’t think I will ever fold towel properly.

I Have A Lead Foot

One of the most unique things about everyone is the way they drive. We all obey the same general rules, but the way we go about it is very different. Some enjoy going a little faster. Some have the tendency to drive with one hand. Others prefer cruise control while others won’t ever touch it.

For myself, I tend to be a little heavy on the brakes at times. I am used to it.

Emma is not.

Emma HATES it when I have to drive in traffic. I will offer, and she will decline. The most stressful part of this is when we are in a city which I am okay driving in and she doesn’t love it…but city driving involves some braking and Emma does not like that at all.

Emma gets a little car sick if she stares at her phone too much or if she is reading something for too long. For me, I can do a crossword, write a blog, watch a movie, do whatever. That is what years and years of writing on a coach bus or in the trunk of cars gets me.

So my heavy foot (which me dad would agree with) drives Emma insane. I can feel her ire when it is happening too. I don’t even need to look. I can just feel it.

Set Too Many Alarms

I am a sound sleeper. I grew up in a large family and with a mom that loved to clean at the crack of dawn. I can sleep through pretty much anything.

Emma on the other hand…she can not. She can wake up at the sound of our cat walking across the floor.

So in order for me to wake up, I need to set a couple of alarms. You know, the backups. Everyone sets the backups.

Well, everyone but Emma. On the weekend when I need to get up to work…those may be the least favorite days in Emma’s life. She is awoken by my triggers and she does not get back to sleep easily. I think her favorite days are when I don’t get up and she still has to wake me up. For sure her favorite days. Absolutely, 100%.

Let The Cat In To Cuddle

I am a sound sleeper, not much bothers me. I already addressed how multiple alarms are necessary for me to feel comfortable with the prospects of me getting up.

We do have a living alarm clock. It is our cat, Bogey.

Bogey is adorable because he knows when we are going to bed. He waits by the bedroom door and only jumps on the bed when one of us enters the room. He also meows as well when he gets on the bed like its a little victory roar.

Our routine at the end of the night is to leave the door ajar so that when the kitty is done, it can walk out on its own. Once it has walked out, one of us closes the door.

There are some nights where I stay up later than Emma, so it is on my to ensure that the cat doesn’t get back in once its left the den.

But here is the think. I can fall asleep during anything and once i am asleep, I am out. Again, the need of many alarms. Emma on the other hand….she is the princess and the pea story. Love her to death, but she might very well be the lightest sleeper in the world.

When I go to bed later than Emma…I have the tendency to let the cat in when I have to open the door. I mean the cat is right there. How am I going to say no to the little Bogey looking up at me?

So I let the cat in with me. I try and protect Emma and all coasts. I keep the cat on my side of the bed. I put a wall up so he doesn’t make muffins on her. I tell the cat to be quiet. I do everything that I can.

But I guess the cat has a tendency to meow very loudly at 2 AM every morning. His circadian rhythm wakes him up at that time, and supposedly, he meows very loudly. Right in our faces. And I just don’t hear it. Emma does though. Emma makes sure to let me know as well the next morning.

This might be number one on the list; but she has a really hard time getting angry at a cat.

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  1. Hi! My partner is the same, he has a very special way of folding his clothes, and I try my best to learn his way, but I notice he re folds them without saying anything haha. I sit there like watching and thinking, “why he has to re fold my work of art” . I never used to fold clothes at all until we began living together. In many ways, he has helped me to become a better person around the house too lol.


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