Tom is only one seemingly shoed into a playoff spit. McGinnity joins Ritz at a below 10% chance.

Notable Week 8 Nuggets

  • I will say it. Speaking strictly for myself. I am nervous about my playoff chances. My two best players are hurt (Ja’Marr Chase and Mark Andrews) and the trade I made to get Michael Pittman Jr. took an immediate hit when the colts named Sam Ehlinger the starter for the rest of the season. I am hovering over the panic button.
  • What a week for running backs. Holy lord. Derrick Henry (35.3), Alvin Kamara (38.3), Christian McCaffrey (36.26), and Tony Pollard (33.2) all put out monster games. Dalvin Cook also with 110+ yards. Aaron Jones over 100 yards. And many many more.
  • This is the highest scoring week of the season by 3.42 points. Week eight bested week four.
  • Ronan scored 174.12 points this week. That is the most points scored in a single game this season. Below are all games with 150 points or more. It is no coincidence that these three teams are most likely to make the post season according to ESPN.
    • Ronan McClorey (Week 8)
    • Matthew Buzzi 173.52 (Week 5)
    • Tom McLaughlin 173.22 (Week 1)
    • Matthew Buzzi 172.7 Week 4)
    • Tom McLaughlin 162.74 (Week 8)
    • Tom McLaughlin 158.18 (Week 2)
    • Matthew McGinnity 152.28 (Week 5)
  • Easiest Schedule Remaining:
    • Based On Record:
      • Stanko: 23-17
      • Steve: 22-18
      • Tommy: 21-19
      • Buzzi: 20-20
      • Lobo: 20-20
      • Jimmy: 20-20
      • Ritz: 20-20
      • Ronan: 19-21
      • McGinnity: 18-22
      • Tom: 17-23
    • Based On Opponents Points Scored
      • Stanko: 4710.76 points
      • Jimmy: 4685.12 points
      • Tommy: 4680.34 points
      • Ritz: 4644.72 poiints
      • McGinnity: 4608.5 points
      • Steve: 4562.9 points
      • Lobo: 4529.84 points
      • Ronan: 4521.78 points
      • Tom: 4463.8 points
      • Buzzi: 4517.0 points
  • The teams on a bye this week are Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, New York Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers and San Francisco 49ers.
    • Key players: Nick Chubb (CLE), Christian McCaffrey (SF), Saquon Barkley (NYG), Amari Cooper (CLE), CeeDee Lamb (DAL), David Njoku (CLE), Pat Preiermuth (PIT), Cowboys D/ST, San Fransisco 49ers D/ST, Denver Broncos D/ST
McGinnity biggest faller since day one, and Tom and Ronan are still rising.
Average Team Totals Per Week
  • Week One: 113.47
  • Week Two: 121.29
  • Week Three: 103.11
  • Week Four: 123.08
  • Week Five: 121.19
  • Week Six: 103.326 (First Week Of Byes)
  • Week Seven: 110.51
  • Week Eight: 126.35
Points Scored Compared To Projected Through Week Eight
  1. Lights, Kamara, Jackson (+53.58)
  2. Hotel, Motel, Golladay Inn (+29.28)
  3. My Glockz Out (+21.56)
  4. Ek’s Gonna Give It To Ya (-1.14)
  5. My Own Worst Etiennemy (-16.62)
  6. The Bourne Supremacy (-45.73)
  7. Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (-46.3)
  8. Country Roads Take Mahomes (-59.46)
  9. Dirty Mike And The Boys (-78.34)
  10. Keke, Coutee Luv Me (-110.16)

Week Eight Matchup Recaps

Keke Coutee Luv Me (111.22) defeats Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (80.54)

Consistency across the board. That is what Lobo had. No player of his had a stellar oh-my-god week, but the only plater that totally shat the bed was kicker Evan McPherson who forgot what his job was Monday night.

Aaron Jones carried the ball a season-high 20 times for 143 yards. No touchdowns, but quantity is king. Mike Evans had his second 100+ yard game of the season and Chris Godwin put together his second double-digit scoring game of the season Jakobi Myers continues to show why he is Nee England’s No. 1 option with nine receptions. Even on Lobo’s bench he had Jerry Jeudy who had a standard 15.3 points, which would have been a better option in his flex spot than Eric Benjamin and his 6.5 points.

Lobo does have to be worried about Jonathan Taylor. He hurt his ankle against Washington and wasn’t able to return, so his status for New England this upcoming Sunday is up in the air. You know where I stand on the status…selfishly….

Let’s be real here. Matt doesn’t have much to write home about. Derek Carr had his worst game of the season by far as Las Vegas drops an entire tier as a team. Leonard Fournette had 13.3 points, but the Bucs are last in the league by a mile averaging less than 70 yards per game as a team. Hoping for a Monday night miracle, Matt say Tyler Boyd do barely nothing. Sure he had a a touchdown, but just three catches without Ja’Marr Chase.

Also doesn’t help at all Rashod Bateman left the game for the Baltimore Ravens and is not going to miss some time with a foot injury.

Dare I mention that Cooper Kupp got hurt in the waning moments of the Rams game against the 49ers, so now McGinnity might be without him as well? Sea McVay says he will play, but I am just trying to be an April shower right now.

MVP of this matchup is stat padding. What do I mean by that? I think that I mean that the teams your players are on don’t need to win in order for them to be good at fantasy. There are seven L’s next to his teams’ scoreboard; Indianapolis Colts, Green bay Packers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Arizona Cardinals, Jacksonville Jaguars and Cincinnati Bengals. Lobo won this game despite many things, but a win is a win.

Lobo gets back to .500 and Matthew McGinnity suffers down to 3-5.

MY GLOCKZ OUT (162.74) defeats Ek’s Gonna GIve It To Ya (82.8)

This matchup is the equivalent to the Fox game next week. Fox cleared out the 4 PM slate to have the Los Angeles Rams versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the game of the week…but now that game stinks and everyone has to suffer.

This matchup between the two top teams in the Reeeeeem league could not live up to the hype because Buzzi’s top three scoring players were all on a bye. With no Los Angeles Chargers or Kansas City Chiefs playing, Buzzi was without Austin Ekeler, Justin Herbert and Travis Kelce. 82.8 points is the fewest points scored by Buzzi this season.

Is Buzzi worried about David Montgomery no longer the number one running back in Chicago? Buzzi’s number two running backi is now number two on his own team. He also has Antonio Gibson and Kareem hunt on his roster…both are back up running backs as well.

The LVP for Buzzi is Davante Adams. Only 0.7 points. I mean, why suit up? Adams wasn’t 100% coming into the game (I think it was sickness?), and turns out he also has an allergy….he is allergic to pigskin because he never touches the ball. (LAUGH GOD DAMNIT, THAT IS FUNNY).

Is it too early to say that Tom McLaughlin won the trade with me? Yes. Is it plausible that it’s already true? Also yes.

Let’s get the MVP out of the way. Tony Pollard takes the most advantage of Ezekiel Elliot being out scoring 33.2 points in Dallas’s big win against Chicago. I for one hope that Jerry Jones’s statements are true regarding it still being Zeke’s job when he gets back, but I doubt it personally. Pollard had three touchdowns, and his day could have been even crazier because he only had one reception.

Pollard set the tone and the rest of Tom’s team responded. Kyler Murray couldn’t the come-from-behind win but he did score 26.84 points. Saquon Barkley struggled with his second lowest scoring output of the season with 13.7 points, but Tyreek Hill had his second highest scoring output of the season with 25.5 points. Also I don’t think that Tom had Brandon Ayuik receiving a touchdown from Christian McCaffrey on his Bingo card.

If I want to rain on Tom’s parade, do I need to raise concerns about Justin Jefferson? Only three games with 20+ points. he is averaging 17.5 points per game, and that is inflated by his 34.9 points in Week one against Green Bay. The Minnesota Vikings at 6-1, and that is wish Justin Jefferson struggling. Maybe people would be more confident if Jefferson was playing at a higher level.

Tom takes sole possession of first place with a 6-2 record. Buzzi falls to second with 5-3 mark.

Dirty Mike And The Boys (131.4) defeats The Bourne Supremacy (123.5)

So I made the trade with Tom. I got Michael Pittman Jr. for Tony Pollard. I was thinking I was solid on the depth card.

THE VERY NEXT DAY: Ja’Marr Chase hip injury comes out. Allen Lazard named doubtful for his matchup. Ezekiel Elliot ruled out (so very good for Tom with the newly acquired Pollard). Not a good start. We get to Thursday night and Mark Andrews leaves the game in the first quarter.

I angered the fantasy and injury gods.

Perhaps I shouldn’t complain too much because my team outscored my projection by 16.9 points. However, Ritz’s team stepped up even more. Ritz outscored his projection by 20.1 points. Dak Prescott had 20 points in the first 20 minutes of the game but only ended up with 25.4 points. Dalvin Cook had his best rushing game of the season with 111 yards. Stefon Diggs stuck the nail in my coffin with 19.8 points on Sunday night.

And there there is the this guy….

The MVP os this game has to be DJ Moore of the Carolina Panthers. That 62 yards pass at the end of regulation is (6.2+0.5+6) 12.7 points. Ritz won this matchup by 7.9 points. That Hail Mary pass and horrendous Atlanta secondary effort pushed Ritz over the top. That one play swayed the entire matchup, It has to be Moore. Must be. OH! And it took down my Atlanta Falcons defensive score.

To quote the annoying Jon Rothstein, it is the “epitome of brutality”.

Also, I am putting Tyler Higbee in timeout. I played him in the flex and this is the second time this season he has burned me in that spot. I just need 40 yards and four catches and I’d be happy. But 2.5 points is dreadful. 3.7 points over the last two games is no bueno.

Also my team scored the second most points in any game this season, but Ritz scored the most points he has scored all season. Just the way the cookie crumbles.

Ritz’s spoiler role off to good start taking down me. I fall to 5-3 and Ritz gets his second win of the season.

Lights, Kamara, Jackson (174.12) defeats MY OWN WORST ETIENNEMY (136.6)

Ronan put on a fucking clinic this week. Good lord what a week for Ronan. Steve stood absolutely no shot what so ever., even will a stellar week.

Lamar Jackson got Ronan started well on Thursday with 21.82 points. Next down on his roster is a player that finally awoke from the coma he was in for seemingly the entire season.

Alvin Kamara scored 38.3 points and scored his first three touchdowns…of the entire season! THE ENTIRE SEASON. Kamara had over 150 all purpose yards, the three touchdowns, and caught a season-high nine receptions. He has six or more receptions in his last four games. if Kamara comes alive to go along with the rest of the roster that Ronan has, the league might be in big, big trouble.

Ronan had a lot riding in this New Orleans/Las Vegas game because he had Josh Jacobs as well. Luckily Kamara carried the torch for both.

A.J. Brown scored three touchdowns for the Eagles and it may have been the same route every single time. His scores helped out Steve to an extent, but when the receiver goes off for 156 yards on six receptions with three toudies, the advantage is going to the wide receiver every time.

Steve’s lineup was very top heavy. Jalen Hurts scored 28.4 points, Derrick Henry scored 35.3 points (his best week of the season) and Travis Etienne Jr. (23.7 points) is becoming a PPR machine, even across the pond. Where Steve was let down was his wide receivers. Hunter Renfrow was part of Las Vegas’s inept offensive effort against New Orleans. He scored just 1.1 points. Curtis Samuel outscored his projected with 9.4 points, but still single digits. Steve had Brandin Cooks and Garrett Wilson on his desk, both of whom scored 14.5 and 15,9 points, respectively.

Also the gamble on the flex spot didn’t work out for Steve. Damien Harris had 6.2 points and played less than 20 snaps. Khalil Herbert scored 15,9 points, and he appears to be the new number on in the Chicago offense.

Side note. Has Chicago suddenly found something offensively? I know that they are still losing most of their games (I know they beat the Pats), but Justin Fields seems to be finding something.

I think I am going to five the MVP to DeAndre Hopkins for Ronan. Holding him till the end of his suspension was a smart move, but there is no way that Ronan could have predicted this. Since coming back he has a league-leading 22 (yea he is felling….22) receptions and 262 yards. (I mistyped 2062 yards, and I thought about leaving it for comedic effect and also it works for how well he has played).

In a massive playoff battle, Ronan gets to .500 while Steve falls to 3-5.

Hotel, Motel, Golladay Inn (146.14) defeats Country Roads Take Mahomes (114.38)

A brothers battle. I wish there was more drama to be had.

Tommy checked in with this win before Monday Night Football even started. All he needed were Joe Burrow and Nick Chubb to not get hurt on their first plays and he’d be fine. Neither thing happened, so it all turned out alright. Burrow underperformed with 13.48 points, but Nick Chubb’s 24.9 points was past his projection. No harm, no foul.

The terrible performance by Courtland Sutton in the London game was quickly overcome by his other wide receivers. CeeDee Lamb had 16.3 points and Romeo Doubs had his first double-digit scoring game since week four against the Patriots. It was a good bounce back for Tommy’s boy after getting zero points last week against Washington.

Looking at Tommy’s team, I think the most shocking thing might be that Jamaal Williams from Detroit had 21.1 points depsite D’Andre Swift coming back. Are both running backs viable in Mo-town? if so, that would give Tommy’s so much depth in his flex spot.

To add a bit of insult to injury…see who Jimmy has in his flex spot?

Tommy, why did you throw your MVP Christian McCaffrey in the flex spot and not in a running back spot? I know there is nothing wrong with what you did…but it does look very strange. It thew me for a loop…just like how McCaffrey threw a touchdown in his game against the Rams. I hate how good McCafrrey looks in a 49ers uniform. And I say this as a man who bought Jeff Wilson Jr. with most of my FAB.

Jimmy got standard weeks from everyone. He was right within the region of his projection, so all his good and bad performances evened out. I wish I had exciting things to say. Jimmy got a very good week from a secondary quarterback option in Geno Smith. I mean Geno is the No. 7 quarterback in fantasy as of today. Not bad for your second option.

Tee Higgins had a quiet night for Cincinnati without Chase there. Amon-Ra St. Brown had 10.4 points, his best scoring game since week two against Washington when he had 34.9 points. D’Andre Swift in his return had 11.8 points. The offense is just better with him out there, but he didn’t get the numbers one would expect with his team scoring 27 points.

Tommy takes the brother battle and improves to 5-3. Jimmy takes the fall to 3-5.

Week Nine Matchups

Keke, Coutee Luv Me (4-4) vs. The Bourne Supremancy (5-3)
My Own Worst Etiennemy (3-5) vs. Ek’s Gonna Give It To Ya (5-3)
Lights, Kamara, Jackson (4-4) vs. Hotel, Motel, Golladay Inn (5-3)
Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (3-5) vs. Country Roads Take Mahomes (3-5)
Dirty Mikes And The Boys (2-6) vs. My Glockz Out (6-2)

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