Straight Up: 7-7 (50.0%)
Against The Spread: 5-9 (35.7%)
Over/Under: 6-8 (42.9%)
Mortal Locks: 1-0 (100%) | Tennessee Titans (-2.5) vs. Indianapolis Colts


Thursday, October 27th

Baltimore Ravens (-1.5) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Straight Up: Baltimore Ravens
Against The Spread: Baltimore Ravens (-1.5)
Over/Under: Under 45.0

Sunday, October 30th

Denver Broncos vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (-2.5)

Straight Up: Jacksonville Jaguars
Against The Spread: Jacksonville Jaguars (-2.5)
Over/Under: Under 39.0

Arizona Cardinals vs. Minneosta Vikings (-3.5)

Straight Up: Minnesota Vikings
Against The Spread: Arizona Cardinals (+3.5)
Over/Under: Over 49.0

Carolina Panthers vs. Atlanta Falcons (-4.5)

Straight Up: Atlanta Falcons
Against The Spread: Atlanta Falcons (-4.5)
Over/Under: Over 42.0

Chicago Bears vs. Dallas Cowboys (-9.5)

Straight Up: Dallas Cowboys
Against The Spread: Dallas Cowboys (-9.5)
Over/Under: Under 42.5

Las Vegas Raiders (-2.0) vs. New Orleans Saints

Straight Up: Las Vegas Raiders
*Against The Spread: Las Vegas Raiders (-2.0)*
Over/Under: Over 49.5

*Mortal Lock*

Miami Dolphins (-3.5) vs. Detroit Lions

Straight Up: Miami Dolphins
Against The Spread: Miami Dolphins (-3.5)
Over/Under: Under 51.5

new England Patriots (-1.5) vs. New York Jets

Straight Up: New England Patriots
Against The Spread: New England Patriots (-1.5)
Over/Under: Under 40.5

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Philadelphia Eagles (-10.5)

Straight Up: Philadelphia Eagles
Against The Spread: Pittsburgh Steelers (+10.5)
Over/Under: Over 43.0

Tennessee Titans (-2.0) vs. Houston texans

Straight Up: Tennessee Titans
Against The Spread: Tennessee Titans (-2.0)
Over/Under: Under 40.5

New York Giants vs. Seattle Seahawks (-3.0)

Straight Up: Seattle Seahawks
Against The Spread: Seattle Seahawks (-3.0)
Over/Under: Over 45.0

San Francisco 49ers (-1.5) vs. Los Angeles Rams

Straight Up: Los Angeles Rams
Against The Spread: Los Angeles Rams (+1.5)
Over/Under: Under 43.5

Washington Commanders vs. Indianapolis Colts (-2.5)

Straight Up: Washington Commanders
Against The Spread: Washington Commanders (+2.5)
Over/Under: Under 40.0

Green bay Packers vs. Buffalo Bills (-10.5)

Straight Up: Buffalo Bills
Against The Spread: Green Bay Packers (+10.5)
Over/Under: Under 47.5

Monday, October 31st

Cincinnati Bengals (-3.5) vs. Cleveland Browns

Straight Up: Cincinnati Bengals
Against The Spread: Cincinnati Bengals (-3.5)
Over/Under: Under 47.0

TEAMS ON A BYE: Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Chargers

Last Week

Straight Up: 7-7 (50.0%)
Against The Spread: 5-9 (35.7%)
Over/Under: 6-8 (42.9%)
Mortal Locks: 1-0 (100%) | Tennessee Titans (-2.5) vs. Indianapolis Colts

2022-23 Regular Season Recap

Straight Up: 56-51-1 (52.31%)
Against The Spread: 50-56-2 (47.22%)
Over/Under: 51-55-2 (48.15%)
Mortal Locks: 4-3 (57.1%)

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