Notable Week 6 Nuggets

  • I like to get a head start on writing this on Monday if I can, but three matchups this week came down to Monday night football. No such preparation for me this week.
    • Three games came down to Monday night. It was an ugly football game, but still had lots of implications.
  • Ritz gets off the mat with his first win! Don’t let him get hot!
    • The quarterback curse is broken…with his own quarterback. Daniel Jones gets it done for Dirty Mike And The boys
  • Just an observation, but ESPN really likes to be optimistic with its projections, huh? Why is it almost every week, everyone is upset with their projected total? It seems like they should take down 10/15 points from every team projection. Would rather assume the worst than be surprised.
  • The Buffalo Bills, Los Angeles Rams, Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles are on byes this upcoming week. This may be a brutal weak for fantasy.
  • Tom McLaughlin has won three games in a row, while myself and McGinnity have won two in a row.
    • This upcoming week, Matt and I face off against one-another.
  • Tom has only had 575.7 points against him. The next fewest is Lobo who has 651.88. This is a 76.18 difference.
    • The 76.18 difference brackets the second fewest points against, and the eight most points scored against them. The only people who are outside of that bracket are Steve (731.64) and Ritz (739.08).
  • It doesn’t matter, but McLaughlin has a perfect 3-0 home record.
    • Why does home and away even exist?
  • Biggest movers in terms of draft day expectations to week seven expectations are Lobo moving down eight spots, and then Ronan and Tom moving up six spots.
  • Lobo is the new loser in terms of fewest points scored compared to ESPN projected totals
  • Average Team Totals Per Week
    • Week One: 113.47
    • Week Two: 121.29
    • Week Three: 103.11
    • Week Four: 123.08
    • Week Five: 121.19
    • Week Six: 103.326 (First Week Of Byes)
Points Scored Compared To Projected Through Week Six
  1. Ek’s Gonna Give It To Ya (+39.54)
  2. My Glockz Out (+12.24)
  3. Lights, Kamara, Jackson (-7.34)
  4. Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (-11.1)
  5. Hotel, Motel, Golladay Inn (-24.9)
  6. Country Roads Take Mahomes (-36.06)
  7. My Own Worst Etiennemy (-48.74)
  8. The Bourne Supremacy (-52.126)
  9. Dirty Mike And The Boys (-81.72)
  10. Keke, Coutee Luv Me (-82.8)

Week Six Matchup Recap

Keke, Coutee Luv Me (91.2) defeats Country Roads Take Mahomes (86.02)

This is an ugly matchup. We are getting it out of the way first.

Mr. Christopher Lobo needs to get on his knees and show some love to Josh Allen because without him he would have on shot in this game. 26.36 points for a quarterback that really did nothing in the first half against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Buffalo Bills are really good, like really, really good.

Lobo and Jimmy may have had a phone call to mutually agree to play absolutely shitty wide receivers. Lobo’s WR1 Mike Evans scored 6.2 points, and but Chris Godwin picked up the pace with 12.5 points. I would have wished for more points from them because then Tom Brady would have had a better game and I would have been more competitive against Ronan. But I digress.

Jakobi Myers had single digit points, as did Michael Gallup, for Lobo. But it didn’t matter. Tee Higgins worked his way back a little bit with 7.7 point and that wasn’t enough to get off the mat after Terry McLaurin’s sub par 6.7 on Thursday night. Tyler Lockett had only 2.7 points…and Jimmy. Oh Jimmy. Jimmy, Jimmy Jimmy.

Pat Freiermuth was inactive for this game, but Jimmy still had it in. If he had picked up a different tight end, there is a high probability that he would have won. The top tight ends on the market as of when I am writing this were Irv Smith Jr (8.7 points), Hunter Henry (14.1), Noah Fant (7.5) and Evan Engram (6.5). All of whom would have gotten him the win over Lobo.

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy. Really tough.

Now perhaps I could make Jimmy’s negligence as the MVP for Lobo, but instead I am going to go to his own tight end position. Kyle Pitts scored his first TD of the season, and it ended up being the difference between losing and winning. The agreed-upon TE3 at the start of the season was averaging less than five points per game heading into this past Sunday. Perhaps the week off with injury is what he needed.

Also randomly Lobo and Jimmy had defenses that were going against one another. The Saints, despite losing the game and allowing 30 points, had four points as a defense while the Bengals in victory had zero points.

Both Lobo and Jimmy are now .500. The REEEEEEM is all about the parity.

ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (105.64) defeats Ek’s Gonna Give It To Ya (101.02)

It all came down to Monday night…and what a shitty game to watch.

Both the Los Angeles Chargers and the Denver Broncos are really, really poorly coached teams. For Buzzi’s sake, it doesn’t help that Brandon Staley doesn’t like taking shots on the offense end, nor does it help that quarterback Justin Herbert is seemingly running for his life every single god damn play.

Now I think that if penalty yards from pass interference went towards the quarterback, then Buzzi would have won the game. That one defensive back on Denver had three pass interference’s called on him, alone. Just him.

Herbert had his lowest point total of the season with 8.42 points. He only had 38 yards passing, which marks the second straight week he had less than 250 yards passing. Over the pass two weeks Herbert has just one touchdown pass. He had only 4.2 yards per attempt despite throwing the ball 57 times. That is terrible. Austin Ekeler benefited from the absurd amount of dump offs with 10 catches, but he averaged only 4.7 yards per catch. Denver did not allow for any YAC.

McGinnity is counting his lucky stars in his third win of the season. While Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers are constantly underperforming, the emergence of deep threat Gabe Davis as a steady option has lifted his spirits. Over the last two weeks he has three touchdowns on six catches. He is averaging 24.7 yards per catch. Davis is a flex position wet dream with his massive potential.

George Kittle also showed signs of fantasy life with a season-best 12.3 points. It helped that San Francisco was trailing for the majority of the game so they had to toss the pigskin around. Kittle is still looking for his first TD of the season though. His battery made Deebo Samuel had a season-high seven catches to help him to 12.5 points. He has double-digit points in every match this season.

Buzzi was led down by the lack of scoring in the Arizona and Seattle game. DK Metcalf only had 4.4 points and Rondale Moore netted just 7.9 points. Moore was looking primed for more attention with Hollywood Brown getting hurt, but the trade for Robbie Anderson and activation of DeAndre Hopkins dampens the new middling optimism.

The MVP of this matchup is McGinnity’s top scorer 19.1 points. He had 21 points for 63 yards, but his six catches, 38 yards and a touchdown catapulted him past a purely boring weak. Tom Brady is not having the success he came back for, but Fournette is happy because his success is linked to the dump-off prowess of TB12.

One last thing. McGinnity won this game with his hero, Justin Tucker, missing a field goal. Miracles do happen.

Buzzi’s two-game win stream comes to an end as he falls to 4-2 while Matt gets back up to .500 with his second straight win.

Dirty Mike And The Boys (125.42) defeats Hotel, motel, Golladay Inn (100.0)

It all came down to Monday night…again…

And Mike Ritz gets the win! Cue the fireworks! Cue the sparklers! There will be no winless season!

How sweet it is for Mike Ritz to get this win with Daniel Jones at quarterback. His fantasy team gets the win. His Giants get the win. Daniel Jones helps give him his fantasy win. All things coming up MIke Ritz on Sunday.

Ritz loves to see his roster preform to its full potential. This is the first time this year that Mike Ritz has passed his projected total.

Breece Hall is a burgeoning star, so Steve and Ritz are probably equally ecstatic about that. He booms past his projection. He has done that four times this season. Stefon Diggs had his fourth 20+ scoring week this season so he heads into the bye week as the number one wide receiver in fantasy. DeVonta Smith is competing with A.,J. Brown in terms of being Philly’s number one target. Robert Tonyan was the lone benefit of the Packers piss poor performance against the Jets.

It could have been even better for Mike. Matt Ryan was on his bench and he had 27.16 points. Mike Gesicki had his Griddy touchdown day and he was the number one tight end in fantasy for the week with 21.9 points. Gesicki has three games with one reception…but then a pair of games with 12.1 points or 21.9 points.

Tommy’s wide receivers…did not have the best day. CeeDee Lamb did fine for Cooper Rush not remembering how to play quarterback. Courtland Sutton is stuck in “I am terrible” land because Denver’s offense is completely broken. I mean Russell Wilson opened the game throwing to eight different receivers. Then in the second half he forget how to cook and burnt everyone’s fantasy hopes. Romeo Doubs is a good young receiver for Green Bay, I will give Tommt that, but is is painful to see him in the lineup over JuJu Smith-Schuster who had 19.8 points on his bench.

To be fair, JuJu had not had a great game till last week.

The MVP of this matchup has to go to the New York football teams. Daniel Jones carries Ritz quarterback curse on his back and tosses it into the bay. The Jets hold Doubs to just 4.1 points. Breece Hall scores 19.1 points and Stefon Diggs scores 25.8 points. New York football is back, and Ritz reaped the benefits this week.

Tommy has the infamous distinction of giving Ritz his first win. Good for Mike. Now is the time for the comeback trail.

My Glockz Out (114.98) defeats My Own Worst Etiennemy (90.3)

Let’s take a break from Monday night.

There is not much that Steve could have done this week. Steve had Derrick Henry on a bye, as well as Brandin Cooks and Hunter Renfrow. Henry and Cooks are both starters for Steve on a weekly basis so that is brutal. This is added onto the pile of sorrow with Keenan Allen still being out with an injury.

If I told you that Steve had to play Travis Etienne Jr., Deon Jackson, Garrett Wilson, Curtis Samuel, Alex Pierce and Elijah Moore in one week, I think you would say he is in line for a loss. That is exactly what happened. Have to chalk this one up to schedule and injury.

Tom McLaughlin improves his top record in the league on the strength of his receiving corps. Justin Jefferson had a calm 13.7 points, but Michael Pittman Jr. erupted for 19.9 points against Jacksonville. Matt Ryan had a Colts team-best EVER with 42 completions and he threw for over 400 yards. Pittman Jr. had 13 of this 42 receptions for 19.9 fantasy points. ESPN said Pittman was only a 9% chance of boom, so suck it ESPN. Tyreek hill had 23.7 points but that is kinda normal for him.

I want to give the MVP of this contest to Darrell Henderson Jr., running back for the Los Angeles Rams. It is only his second double-digit scoring output of the season, and this is a trend that may be going forward because Cam Akers may never see the field never again. He is just a statue in the backfield so the Rams decided no more.

Things could have gotten worse for Steve because Tom had Brandon Aiyuk on the bench and he had two touchdowns.

Tom continues his top of the table trend improving to 5-1 while Steve falls to 2-4.

The Bourne Supremacy (110.52) defeats Lights, Kamara, Jackson (107.4)

And we are back to Monday night…

I have a horseshoe stuck up my ass when it comes to Monday night. I think this is my third game that has come down to the final game and I have been fortunate on the fantasy football front. The next Monday Night Football game is the New England Patriots vs. Chicago Bears. Just some extra added pressure.

Both quarterbacks in this matchup disappointed in terms of their projected total. If you told me that Tom Brady would only score 13.72 points against a depleted Pittsburgh Steelers secondary, I would have for sure thought I’d be lost. For Ronan, Lamar Jackson had only 16.1 points, his third lowest point total of the season…and his third straight week with less than 20 fantasy points. Is the league starting to figure out Jackson and the Ravens?

Ronan played mental warfare with me (unintentionally, probably) with the New England Patriots defense that scored 13.0 points. Meanwhile Jacksonville had negative four points because Matt Ryan decided to turn back the clock.

Jeff Wilson fumbled for San Francisco and he never ever got going finishing the day with 0.5 points. He was bailed out by Mark Andrews with his third 20+ scoring output, and Ja’Marr Chase had his best game of the season with 132 yards receiving and a touchdown for 28.7 points.

If I am Ronan, I am upset that I lost, but players that were dying in obscurity showed signs of life. Joe Mixon finally scored a touchdown, and Alvin Kamara scored 15.4 points with a solid overall game. His team is good, and he had bad luck this week.

I would have been very angry if I did lose because I chose to play Tyler Higbee for my flex spot. I wanted to go with the high target rate…but he only had one catch for seven yards. Meanwhile I had Ezekiel Elliot, Allen Lazard and Brian Robinson Jr. on my bench who all had a touchdown on my bench. Whoof. Would have been really bad.

The MVP of this matchup is Patrick Surtain II, cornerback for the Denver Broncos. He shut down Mike Williams for the entirety of the game, even if that sideline catch was really, really close to being caught. Williams needed only like six points and he ends up with just 2.7 points. It was his second lowest point total of the season. It is his third game with two or less receptions. Mike Williams is feast of famie, and Surtain sent him, and Ronan, home starving.

I improve to 4-2 on the season by the skin of my teeth (why is that a phrase?) while Ronan falls to 2-4.

Week Seven Matchups

Country Roads Take Mahomes (3-3) vs. My Own Worst Etiennemy (2-4)
Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (3-3) vs. The Bourne Supremacy (4-2)
Lights, Kamara, Jackson (2-4) vs. Keke, Coutee Luv Me (3-3)
My Glockz Out (5-1) vs. Hotel, Motel, Golladay In (3-3)
Dirty Mike And The Boys (1-5) s. Ek’s Gonna Give It To Ya (4-2)

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