No more undefeated teams. We going to have a string of parity again this season?

Notable Week 3 Nuggets

  • For the second straight year, it looks like we have parity coming to the for front. There are no more undefeated teams. There is only one team to not be averaging over 100 points per week.
  • Tommy Simon has had the best luck in terms of points against him with 281.76. Tommy has a 2-1 record, but he ranks sixth in terms of points scored. He may be a little lucky to start out the year, but that is part of fantasy football.
  • Tom McLaughlin has the most points in the league by far with 403.96, which is 38.38 more than Jimmy Simon.
  • In terms of movement on the waiver wire, Tommy has the most with eight moves. I have the second most with seven, and Buzzi has six.
  • Steve was able to survive a Sunday night and Monday night scare and pick up his first win of the season.
  • There were six teams this week that did not score over 100 points. Some quick math…
    • This week the average score was 103.11
    • Week two averaged 121.286 per team
      • Only one teams scored less than 100 points
    • Week one averaged 113.47 per team
      • Four teams scored less than 100 points
  • Only three teams this week outscored their projections: Ronan, Tommy and Steve…and all of them won
  • Next week we have some very important early season matchups.
    • Myself vs. Buzzi…next to each other in the standings
    • T-Si and Lobo both at 2-1 looking to be firming in playoff picture
Points Scored Compared To Projected Through Week Three
  1. My Glockz Out (+25.46)
  2. Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (+4.94)
  3. Country Roads Take Mahomes (-2.52)
  4. Hotel, Motel, Golladay Inn (-10.92)
  5. Lights, Kamara, Jackson (-11.84)
  6. The Bourne Supremacy (-11.92)
  7. Team Lobo (-29.24)
  8. My Own Worst Etiennemy (-31.26)
  9. Ek’s Gonna Give It To Ya (-33.1)
  10. Dirty Mike And The Boys (-58.5)

Week 3 Matchup Recap

Lights, Kamara, Jackson (130.02) defeats Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (85.3)

Rona gets off the winless side of the street and crosses over with a resounding nearly 45 point win over McGinnity. Ronan got a crazy-ass game from Lamar Jackson to carry himself, but even with a normal game, Ronan would have been okay. The Denver Broncos came out with 17.0 points after a truly ugly Sunday Night Football game. I am not upset about falling asleep and missing that one.

It could have been even better for Ronan if he played Cordarrelle Patterson instead of any of his other running backs. Patterson with 21.8 points non his bench while his three starting RBs combined for 24 points.

Adam Thielen also woke up for this first time this season and scored 15.1 points. All in all, a very good week for Ronan.

For McGinnity, disappointment spring abound as he puts up his lowest scoring week of the season thus far in the only week where he had all of his rostered players playing.

The only two players that surpassed their expected points totals on Matt’s team were the Bills defense with six points instead of four, and Justin Tucker had nine points instead of eight. I know Matt loves Tucker, but if he is one of the two over-performers in your lineup, then you are in big trouble.

It is good for McGinnity that J.K. Dobbins saw the field this week. He only played a very limited amount of snaps, but he is on his way back.

McGinnity also has to be a wee-bit peeved that Rashod Batemen only scored 4.9 points in a game where the Ravens scored 37 points.

As a first-hand witness to the Baltimore Ravens this weekend…Lamar Jackson is very good at football. He gets the MVP of the week for Ronan. If you drop nearly 40 points in a single game then you deserve some praise. Lamar Jackson over the last two weeks has combined for over 82 points. He is averaging 34.1 fantasy points per game over three weeks.

Right now, he would be in the running for MVP of the fantasy football world as a whole.

Ronan gets his first victory and McGinnity drops below .500.

Country Roads Take Mahomes (99.08) defeats Dirty Mike And THe Boys (84.94)

Patrick Mahomes vs. Justin Fields is an unfair matchup in real football, and it turns out the same in fantasy land too. Mahomes outscores Fields 17.08 to 4.94…but how about in the real world the Chicago Bears winning and the Kansas City Chiefs losing. How does that happen?

Ritz may be kicking himself looking and how his bench did. Matt Ryan scored 15.28 points, double-digit better than Fields. Also…Chris Olave of New Orleans dropped 19.2 points and Davonta Smith had 26.9 points for the Eagles against the Commanders. You sub in an of those into his lineup and the whole complexion of this matchup changes.

Ritz has a tough balancing act with QB (with the injury to Dak Prescott) and at the tight end position. It seems like Ritz has been bouncing back and forth between Mike Gesicki of the Dolphins and Albert Okwuegbunam of Denver, and thus far it has been a battle to be on the right side.

For Jimmy, he is able to get the win despite none of this players having a monster game. Amon-Ra St. Brown of Detroit had his lowest week yet, and none of this players really boomed. He may consider himself lucky that Terry McLaurin got 13.2 points despite the Commanders looking remarkably inept. He balanced out Miles Sanders of Philly getting only 4.9 points. Jimmy would have had zero worries on Sunday if he put James Robinson in his lineup with 19.1 points.

Is Jacksonville good?

The MVP of this matchup is…Mike’s flip-of-a-coin regarding which wide receivers to play. Ritz went with the young guns in the NFL in the draft, but this week he put the veterans DJ Moore and Diontae Johnson in his starting 10. Does Ritz just have to put faith in his youth movement going forward? Does he have to get off the Tom Thibodeau mindset?

Ritz is still looking for his first win, dropping this third straight to open the season. Jimmy picks up the win even in a sub-par scoring effort to improve to 2-1.

Team Lobo (97.7) defeats My Glockz Out (72.56)

I mean, gross. Lobo, Tom…what are we doing here?

Josh Allen is old reliable for Lobo and he manages to get 26.7 points despite his team under performing on the real field. Lobo is going to be fortunate that the whole entire team revolves around him. It was also good for Lobo that Kyle Pitts finally reached something of relevancy with 11.2 points. His first double-digit point total of the season.

Both Packers running backs in this game really stunk up the joint for both teams. AJ Dillion had only 4.8 yards yards for McLaughlin and Jones had just 4.2 for Lobo. The defensive struggle in humid and soon-to-be underwater Tampa Bay did not bode well for them.

The nice thing for Tom is that Saquon Barkley is still a monster and he had 20.6 points in a rather underwhelming Monday night football game.

Tom McLaughlin had outscored his projected scores by over 80 points over the first two weeks. This week he fell 55.34 points short of his predicted.

Lobo had just enough scattered support from Jonathan Taylor, Joshua Palmer, Pitts and Antonio Gibson to eke out victory. This is not a win that he is going to be writing home about.

The MVP os this low-scoring matchup is Lobo’s bench deciding to all get hurt and make the decisions easy for him. Chris Godwin = out. Mike Evans = suspended. Michael Gallup = hurt. Jakobi Myers = hurt. There is was a lot of thinking for Lobo. He went with what he had. He was like the team playing with a backup quarterback who just runs the plays and it got him the win.

Not a pretty game here as Tommy drops his first game of the season and Lobo gets above .500

Hotel, motel, Golladay Inn (121.3) defeats Ek’s Gonna Give it To Ya (95.78)

If we asked Tommy before we started the week if he thought he would win his matchup against Buzzi with the Los Angeles Chargers getting -6.0 points, he would have called you crazy. But alas, we are here.

If I could give some advice to Buzzi, don’t play any Patriots wide receivers. It is not worth the risk at all. You are better off playing nearly anyone. The juice is not worth the squeeze. Also, I am a bit angry with Nelson Agholor because his fumble late in the Patriots game really hurt me personally.

Credit to Buzzi though, he made the right call with Goff instead of Herbert. Herbert looked like a shell of himself. He looked hurt…almost like he should not have been playing.

Tommy ay have to consider himself a bit lucky that D’Andre Swift got hurt and Jamal Williams was on his squad. Perhaps it is good drafting, or lucky that he was in. Regardless it would have been alright if he had any of his other bench players, but credit to T-Si. In fact he should have scored higher because CeeDee Lamb dropped a sure fire touchdown.

And hey, Cole Kmet caught some passes!

I am not entirely sure whom should be the MVP of this matchup. As I am typing this out, I really have to go back to Jamal Williams. When you outscore your projected score by 16 points then you are doing something right.

Buzzi falls to 2-1 while Tommy improves to 2-1. Buzzi stays one notch above T-Si in the standings

My Own Worst Etiennemy (125.5) defeats The Bourne Supremacy (118.94)

It all came down to the late games. Steve had a pretty hefty margin, but I had Javonte Williams, Jeff Wilson Jr. and Ezekiel Elliot still to go. These are all running backs who have a high boom or bust quality about them. I never would have though that Elliott would be the one to surpass his projected. Wilson Jr. fell just short and Williams is being suffocated by Denver’s terrible play.

Jalen Hurts was on track for a massive fucking day but then turned things off in the second half. He still finished with 27.6 points and has scored over 24 points in each game. Derrick Henry woke up for the first time and had a double-digit scoring day…I mean a pretty quality day with 22.8 points. He did not get over 100 yards, but Henry had five catches. He did not have any catches in the first two games.

Looking at the box score now…I really regret playing Carson Wentz because it was a lose-lose for me. When he committed a turnover or played like shit, the Eagles defense on Steve’s roster scored points. They had 17 points on the day.

They Trey Lance injury really put a damper on what was already going to be an inconsistent team with me. It is the second straight week they have 13+ fantasy points.

Also extra rude of Steve’s Jets to bottle up Ja’Marr Chase and keep him under 10 points. I was helped in my chances by Marquis Brown of Arizona waking up with a massive day, but it wasn’t enough.

This MVP of this matchup is my overthinking brain. Steve , you are welcome. I just can’t sit still. I was debating between Tom Brady and Marcus Mariota. I went with Carson Wentz because of what some rankings said and not what my gut told me. If I had played Tom Brady I still would have lost by .46 points, so maybe it would have hurt more. But if I played Mariota, who I had in my lineup until Sunday morning at nine AM when I went to the game. Mariota had 15.56 points, which would have been just enough for the win.

Steve gets the W and bragging rights at work. His first win of the season means I suffer my first.

Week 4 Matchups

Lights, Kamara, Jackson (1-2) vs. Country Toads Take Mahomes (2-1)
My Glockz Out (2-1) vs. Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (1-2)
Team Lobo (2-1) vs. Hotel, Motel, Golladay Inn (2-1)
Dirty Mike And The Boys (0-3) vs. My Own Worst Etiennemy (1-2)
The Bourne Supremacy (2-1) vs. Ek’s Gonna Give It To Ya (2-1)

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