“A young boy learns that a superhero who was thought to have gone missing after an epic battle twenty years ago may in fact still be around.

Director: Julis Avery
Writer: Bragi F. Schut
Staring: Sylvester Stallone, Javon ‘Wanna’ Walton, Pilou Asbæk
Release Date: August 26, 2022

Let me get this out of the way first. Samaritan (2022) is not going to be a good movie. I would be shocked if it had positive reviews and I would be floored tenfold if it makes a cultural impact.

WIth that being said, Samaritan is a perfect streaming movie for myself. It is an action movie staring Sylvester Stallone. I am in just with that. I don’t even need to know the plot. I am a man who watched Bullet To The Head (2012). I will watch anything with Stallone in it.

The Samaritan is the story of a young boy Sam (Javon ‘Wanna’ Walton) discovering that an old garbage man by the name of Joe Smith (Sylvester Stallone) is actually an aged super hero know as the Samaritan. The masked beckon of hope in Granite City was reported dead after a fight to the death with his arch rival, Nemesis. With crime on the rise and the city crumbling under the pressure, did Sam discover his home’s last chance of hope?

The city is named ‘Granite City’. The arch villain of the superhero is ‘Nemesis’. The hero is called ‘Samaritan’. This movie is really punch the audience in the face with the obvious.

The young boy of Sam is played by Javon ‘Wanna’ Walton. His nickname is ‘Wanna’. This kid may be a good kid, but good lord that is so pretentious. I want to know how he got that nickname. Did someone give it to him? Or did he give it to himself? If you gave yourself that nickname then you really need to look yourself in the mirror.

It is obvious that Samaritan got a lot of inspiration from Unbreakable (2000). A man with super human strength is hiding amongst the public and only emerges when he can get over his own doubts and demons.

A glimmer of hope for Samaritan is that it is being directed by Julius Avery, and the last movie I saw of his I actually enjoyed quite a bit. Overlord (2018) had a ridiculous premise of Nazis doing wacky ass science experiments. A bit more off the wall than what Stallone will be acting out on screen.

Random side note. Avery is also helming an announced project called The Pope’s Exorcist (2023). This upcoming movie stars Russell Crowe as Father Gabrielle Amorth, a priest that acted as the head exorcist at the Vatican and is said to have performed over 100,000 exorcisms. This movie sounds bonkers. I am intrigued by this. Has anyone done any activity over 100,000 times?

Bragi F. Schut wrote Samaritan. The most recent feature length movie he wrote was Escape Room (2019), which was not nearly as bad as it could have been. In fact, I forgot to check out the sequel Escape Room: Tournament Of Championships (2021). Schut has had a crazy writing career; wrote for TV shows and movies till 2012, then stepped away from seven years before Escape Room, but has been crazy busy since then.

Following Avery’s path, Schut’s next movie is also a fascinating story. He is writing a movie called Last Voyage Of The Demeter (2023), which is the story of a single chapter in Bram Stoker’s classic Dracula story about a ship that is hounded by an evil spirit while transporting eerie cargo. A contained story that can flush out a major story while also having a sense of independence has to be a fun project to watch.

But before we get The Pope’s Exorcist or Last Voyage Of The Demeter, we will have to tune into Samaritan.

Samaritan arrives to exclusively Amazon Prime on August 26th.

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