Alright, so I started with the 2010 recap because that as the first one that the crew did. I was going to go in order of the drafts, but now I am literally going to just be random here and pick the years with my eyes clothes from my drafts folder.

So here we go, this is going to be the reflection on The Big Picture‘s 2018 movie draft.

  • In the drama category, it is really a really hard pick. I remember Claire Foy was remarkable in First Man (2018). Widows (2018) probably had the most entertainment value. But in terms of just the pure drama scenario, I have to go with Roma (2018) because it was the most beautiful of the bunch and man-oh-man I cry. So drama category goes to Amanda Dobbins.
  • Comedy, in its own category, is also filled with some juggernauts. The Favourite (2018) is a dark comedy riot, the Death Of Stalin (2018) is the cult comedy of the year, and Game Night (2018) was the last great blockbuster comedy? I am going to have to go with Game Night because it is the most quotable, and it introduced me to Jesse Plemons. So Amanda gets the nod and is ahead 2-0.
  • In Oscar nominee, I can tell you that I am not picking Black Panther (2018) because I think that is drastically overrated. While Avengers: Infinity War (2018) is better than a lot of other Marvel movie, it is NOTHING compared to A Star Is Born (2018), which is one of my favorite movies of the decade. Amanda is up on Sean and Chris, 2-1-0.
  • In Action/Horror category, which is combined…there is only one answer but all deserve a shot out. Hereditary (2018) is the best horror movie of the decade, so it has to get the win here. With that being said, Annihilation (2018) is very very good, and A Quiet Place (2018) was a cultural impact. We are tied, 2-2-0 now. Sorry Chris Ryan, being shut out thus far.
  • Blockbuster category is again filled with good movies, however none are better than Mission Impossible: Fallout (2018). Chris gets his first win.
  • CHRIS GETS HIS SECOND WIN! WE ARE ALL KNOTTED UP 2-2-2! Den Of Thieves (2018) is everything I want in a Netflix action movie. First Reformed (2018) is a higher quality movie for sure, but this isn’t about the best movie…this is just about what we like! For the record, I have not seen Wildlife (2018).

So we are tied 2-2-2, this is amazing stuff. Who will I select? It is all probably based off preference now. Looking at these lists, I again have to give a win to Sean Fennessey. Amanda can’t win for me because I have not seen Wildlife and I am not a big fan of Black Panther. So it comes down to Chris and Sean…and it come down to the Oscar nominee category and I would rather watch A Star Is Born than Avengers: Infinity War.

Now I have Sean Fennessey up two wins on everyone. I am going out of order, but Sean is up on the group.

Damn, A Very Close Result!!

STANKO PICKS (All Movies Eligible)STANKO PICKS (No TBP Movies)
DRAMACall Me By Your NameCall Me By Your Name
COMEDYGame NightBlackkklansman
OSCAR NOMINEEA Star Is BornFree Solo
WILD CARDHalloweenHalloween
BLOCKBUSTERMission Impossible: FalloutMamma Mia! Here We Go Again
  • Drama
    • Call Me By Your Name – Just a beautiful movie. I laughed, I cried. Best father figure in a movie of recent years? Best credits in recent years? Also it just makes the cut. It was released in January 19, 2018.
  • Comedy
    • Game Night – Listen, I suggest this movie to people for a reason if they have not seen it.
    • Blackkklansman – Introduced me to John David Washington and I really enjoyed it…until the last one minute. But cut that out and it is great.
  • Oscar Nominee
    • A Star Is Born – I can’t not pick this movie which I love and cried watching Shallow performed on a Tic Tok earlier this week.
    • Free Solo – I think I could have gotten away with putting this movie in the horror category.
  • Action/Horror
    • Hereditary – Is it the closet thing to The Exorcist (1973) in terms of a beautifully crafted BOO-fest? I think so.
    • Upgrade – If you haven’t seen this movie, check it out. Bonkers action and truly original.
  • Wild Card
    • Halloween– Did I like it the first time I watched it? No. Did I love it the second time I watched it? No. Do I still remember a lot of it and have fond memories of talking about it with people…yes.
  • Blockbuster
    • Mission Impossible: Fallout – Action movie porn.
    • Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again – Laugh all you want, this movie rules. It is so much fun, and you will be crying of laughter, happiness and sadness. Just a delight.

Reflection On “The Big Picture” 2010 Movie Draft – Sean Fennessey Victory

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