Hometowns really cranked up the emotions this year! There were plenty of tears and plenty of storylines to follow. There were movie references and there were delightful bits of contestant’s families shining in the spotlight.


  • Susie’s Hometown
    • There is reason that they put Susie’s hometown date first. Nothing too exciting happened in it. That is not necessarily a bad thing but it also is not the best thing.
    • The day activity that Clayton and Susie was Jujutsu. I would not have pegged Susie as a fan of the martial arts, but the way she described her body as a weapon after discovering the activity was a welcomed bit of insight.
      • Of course the phrase “shrimping” gets brought up. It is nice that Susie and Clayton could actually laugh about it. They know it is ridiculous.
        • Do we think Susie’s coach new that shrimping would get that reaction?
      • I wish we got to see how good Susie was against her coach?
    • There is another day-time portion where Susie and Clayton have a talk by Virginia beach, and boy-oh-boy, does it look really cold.
      • They talk, and do not open the picnic basket at all.
        • Do we think that anything was in the picnic basket? I would vote, no.
      • Susie did a good job matching her eye shadow, lips and jacket all to the same pink.
    • So now Susie introduces Clayton to her family.
      • It is weird that he was the one to speak first just saying hello
      • Susie’s sister does not look like her at all, that is until they smile and you realize it is the same thing.
      • There was not a lot of exciting things to break down in this hometown family visit. It seemed like it was all good things.
      • Susie’s mom asks Clayton if he loves Susie, and he says that the does not yet but can see it getting there.
        • A very nice touch at the end of this episode links back to this. We got proof that Susie talked to her mom after Clayton left and she told her that Clayton was not in love yet. Susie doesn’t feel great about it because she is there and she has flaunted it. It is an understandable hesitation.
      • A really nice touch is when Susie’s dad says that he and his wife look up to Susie. We do not hear parents talking about their kids being their idols, so it was a great switcheroo. And it is very true, Susie is so fucking nice and she does set an example of it.
  • Gabby’s Hometown
    • Alright, let’s just get to it. Gabby’s grandfather is the best.
      • The relationship that Gabby and he share is remarkable. When they were talking about his dead wife, it was cry inducing. He was smiling through the heartbreak they were talking about and him being proud to wear the ring was just the icing on the cake.
        • Is it a surprise that elderly remove their rings when their significant others pass? I thought it would be the norm to keep it on.
    • Let’s rewind to the hike. A wonderful little activity. Just a stroll. Pretty stuff.
      • Gabby taking Clayton to the proposal spot was funny and the way she acknowledged the big hint she was dropping was great. Also the size 22 ring joke to go over the gloves was great.
      • Gabby also referenced the hot tub in the woods with a comedic twist.
        • The poor producers or set props who have to build it in the middle of the wilderness
      • Arguably the best part of the hike, where we learn the most about everyone , was in the post credit scene.
        • Gabby just saying that Clayton’s toenails are gross and he needs to shave his toes was so wonderfully Gabby.
        • Clayton, at one point on the date, says to the camera that you can never predict what Gabby is going to say. That is 100% true. It reminds me a lot of my girlfriend and the random sound effects that echo in my life.
        • Gabby is eccentric, and she is great.
      • Now we get to the home portion…and the part that everyone is going to remember.
        • Gabby had told Clayton that her dad was diagnosed with cancer so he could not come with COVID. A sad thing.
          • Gabby’s dad goes full Love Actually with the cue cards and tears fall from everywhere.
            • It is a little weird that there were no words spoken, but it was not as strange Clayton just having to wait on the porch while the dad drives away.
        • The second best portion of the home visit was Gabby telling the story of her first line to Clayton about sitting on his face.
          • The family reaction, and especially the grandfather’s was great.
          • The fact that Clayton was the one who brought up the idea of telling this tale makes me confident with how comfortable he was with her and her family.
            • It reminds me of my relationship with my girlfriend’s mom. We can share crude jokes and be flippant with our comedy.
  • Serene’s Hometown
    • In Oklahoma City Serene took Clayton to this heights obstacle course…and Clayton was terrified.
      • There was this moment when they had to walk on some lily pad like blocks, and Clayton thought that it was like transversing to the moon.
        • Serene passed it with ease, and it was honestly very funny how much Serene kind of mocked him.
        • Clayton said on social media that he was extra terrified because he is 260 pounds being held by a single metal metal pulley, which is a very fair fear.
    • Right from the get-go of the family portion of this date, the vibes did not seem all there
      • Clayton seemed to be forcing this a bit more than with Susie and Gabby, and we finally had some negative drama. Well, not really negative, but some tension.
      • Serene’s older brother really took the “older brother” mantra to heart and wanted to be the hard-loving and touch character
        • His conversation with Clayton was a bit more questioning that in past couple dates.
        • I didn’t love how he kept on saying it was his older brother duty to do so. I think that you can do what he did just be being a caring brother and not just an older one.
          • I am very opposite as the older brother type. I do not wish to tread too much on my sister’s relationship. They find happiness wherever they may and that is all that matters.
        • Serene’s brother does make the fair point that the higher Serene feels, the more laugh she carries, then the harder she will fall if it does not end well.
    • Serene’s mom is not buying any of this Bachelor dating world. She had a worry on her face the entire time. She also showed really no emotion toward the firefly mason jar gift.
      • Are we really going to believe that this jar made its way overseas when it can all be purchased on Amazon.
    • The bombshell of this date is Serene telling Clayton that she was in love with him. She was the first one to do so…but it did not end up being the secret ingredient.
  • Rachel’s Hometown
    • This is the hometown date that everything was being building towards. How is Rachel’s dad going to talk with Clayton?
      • So many people warned Clayton about Rachel’s dad that he ended up getting very worried. I do love how he said that if he gets an at least average reaction, then it is a victory. He knows he can not win over in one meeting.
    • Before we get to the family portion we must get to the date portion where Rachel took Clayton kayaking.
      • So Clayton is a little scaredy-cat, huh? He does not like any of the bugs and he was legit scared of the wild life.
      • Clayton seemed to get over his fears when he and Rachel jumped into the stream they were boating on. Then they make out a lot. Like a lot lot.
        • There is a ZERO percent chance that these two do not have sex. It is inevitable.
    • I don’t know if there can be any better example of opposites attract that Rachel’s parents
      • Rachel’s dad simply does not react to anything or anything, meanwhile the mom is jumping up and down like she is a bouncy house.
        • It is honestly hilarious to watch.
      • I also find it very funny how Rachel and her mom openly acknowledged how father does not like anyone or anything.
    • So Clayton and the dad talk…and guess what…it went pretty darn well.
      • I really do think Clayton’s nervous “fuck it” attitude helped him. He took all questions and made the best of his answers.
      • I think Rachel’s dad was nervous to be on camera which is totally understandable. But he stayed fairly true to himself.
      • Rachels’ dad said that he could not give his blessing until he talked with his daughter and her talk and he heard her emotion.
        • This is a fair and honest answer by the dad, but the best thing was when he said he would pat Clayton on the shoulder if his talk with Rachel went well.
          • He actually did pat him on the shoulder! He actually did it!
    • There was a flashback in this very date to a prior conversation…which proves that the editors can do it, and they should do it more! Why do they not do that?
    • Rachel went back to Clayton in the care to make out with him more, and these two want to have sex so bad. How have they not already.
  • Rose Ceremony
    • Gabby’s dress did not look great. Susie, Rachel and Serene all had very nice dresses.
    • Was surprised that Susie got the first rose from a drama perspective, but it had to calm some of her nerves, no?
    • We knew that Gabby was not going home after her emotional roller coaster of the episode. It would be cruel and unusual punishment.
    • So not a lot of drama when Serene and Rachel were the last two left.
      • We know that Clayton and Rachel really, really want to sleep with one another. Like, they have immense physical connection.
      • Also Rachel’s date, with it being the hardest in terms of expectations, must have given him confidence when it was over. It is hard to send home that soup that elicits a steam of esteem.
    • Serene did not waste any tears on Clayton. She simply asked what it was that happened between them and cited how Clayton said that he did not have any reservations about them.
      • She follows it up with a question about Clayton not being at the same level as love as she confessed to him…and Clayton said…no, that was not the issue.
        • Clayton! That was an easy out! If you wanted to take it.
      • Serene was the most normal of the four women left in this episode. Sure, she was quick to affection, but she kept it all composed.


3. Susie

(Last Week 1)

Susie is starting to worry a lot. There were absolutely zero red flags when Clayton was meeting her family; but there was also zero bits of excitement.

2. Rachel

(Last Week 2)

There is zero doubt that Rachel and Clayton are going to have sex in the Fantasy Suite. I would be willing to be an egregious amount of money on it.

1. Gabby

(Last Week 3)

Gabby’s hometown date was the standout not only because of her grandfather, but also because we learned the most about her. We got a true sense of her and the way she naturally interacts.

The next episode of The Bachelor airs on Monday, March 7th at 8 PM ET on ABC. It is the first of two episodes this week. The finale week will be two episodes as well. They are going to really milk all of Clayton’s mistakes huh.

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