If I hear the word shrimp one more time I am going to die.


  • Emma and I are a week late so we are just going to breeze through these power rankings and get fully caught up by the end of the week.


12. Shanae (Sha-Nay-Nay)

(Last Week 15)

In all honesty, it is impressive how much I hate her. She is a Disney villain brought to life.

11. Teddi

(Last Week 14)

Teddi has just been….there? Haven’t gotten much time with her. At least here there was no “I need attention” moments with her talking with Clayton.

10. Mara

(Last Week 11)

Mara maybe took a little bit too much pleasure in the roasting, but she is an honest women and she says what is on her mind. What is this and the beef she has with Sarah?

9. Hunter

(Last Week 8)

Slightly surprised she is still around…but she is petite and she is blond. She fits the type that is most left.

8. Serene

(Last Week 12)

Serene started the episode with her date with Clayton and it was all good. It was far too positive of a start to the episode, so we know the shit was going to spill.

7. Marlena

(Last Week 6)

Shocked that she got to stay but we are all happy for it! We need someone with the energy with Sierra gone now. Let us have more athletic competitions so we can see her shine!

6. Eliza

(Last Week 4)

She didn’t do anything wrong again…but against she seemed to just coast through the episode. I forgot she was on the show till she got a rose.

5. Sarah

(Last Week 2)

Just so young. She went after Mara hard in the roasts and has created a new little rivalry with Mara. Clayton still finds her incredibly popular and pretty.

4. Genevieve

(Last Week 10)

1.) Had no idea that Genevieve had such large boobs.
2.) She is about to go toe-to-toe with Sha-Nay-Nay and she is going to win. I have confidence.

3. Susie

(Last Week 1)

Susie is losing patience with this process. She peaked a little too early for this show and now she is struggling to grasp onto the time she has. Still a big fan personally, but objectively she has shrunk

2. Gabby

(Last Week 5)

Gabby had a one-on-one date ad it was really darn cute. When she got on the ground with the dog that is Gabby’s entire personality in a nutshell.

1. Rachel

(Last Week 3)

Rachel is going to be around for a long time. She has been steadily climbing and she got the group date rose. I was on her from the get-go!

The next episode of The Bachelor airs on Monday, February 21st at 8 PM ET on ABC….because yes I know I am a week behind.

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