Parody is the name of the game. Only two teams officially eliminated from playoff contention.

Notable Nuggets

  • We are headed to the final week of the regular season with a lot of things still left to be decided. According to the ESPN predictions, Ritz is the only one has a 100% chance of making it because even if he loses this upcoming week the Ronan, he would still have the most points scored.
  • Ronan has vaulted his way up to second place with five straight wins. He has a chance to win the regular season if he beats Buzzi and I do not surpass him in cumulative point total while also defeating Buzzi.
  • If Ritz wins, he wins the regular season title. That is plain as day.
  • Steve has given himself a chance to make the playoffs winning four in a row. He needs a win, plus a Lobo loss, plus needing to outscore Lobo’s total in week 13 by a total of 21 points.
  • Truthfully, everyone in the 6-6 camp is rooting for a Lobo loss because that is their best chance at getting into the playoffs surpassing the point total of Lobo. I (Stanko) am 19 points ahead of Lobo; I miss the playoffs of I lose this week, and Lobo wins, and Lobo outscores my team total by 19 and then everyone jumps when I have. If I put up another stinker this week like it did in week 12, then maybe three is a chance.
  • People may gripe and be all “you got into the playoffs because not a lot of points were scored against you. Well, to the contrary sir. The two teams that have the least amount of points scored against them are Steve and Jimmy, who are both currently on the outside looking in.
  • As of now, the four teams that are in playoffs are the four highest scoring teams in the league.
  • I ask that everyone please fill their lineups and do everything they can to still try and win this final week. We don’t have any advantages to tanking in this league so try and win every game you can.

Week 13 Matchups

Last Week of the regular season

My Glockz Out (6-6) vs. Jonathan Taylor Thomas Brady (6-6)
Dirty Mike And The Boys (7-5) vs. Now You CeeDee Now You Don’t (7-5)
Ja’Marr The Merrier (4-8) vs. Team Lobo (7-5)
Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (6-6) vs. ESPNFAN 12319776 (6-6)
Get McCaffreinated (4-8) vs. Deus Ex Mac (7-5)

  • The loser of My Glockz Out and Jonathan Taylor Thomas Brady is out of the playoffs.
  • The loser of Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy and ESPNFAN 12319776 is out of the playoffs.
  • The winner of Dirty Mike And The Boys and Now You CeeDee Now You Don’t gets the first seed in all likelihood unless Lobo and Stanko win and also score a fuck ton of points.
  • The loser of Dirty Mike And The Boys and Now You CeeDee Now You Don’t can get as high as the second seed or drop down to the fourth in all likelihood unless a 6-6 team scores a fuck ton of points.
  • Both Lobo and I are striving to secure a playoff spot via record going against the two teams that are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs (Tommy and Buzzi).

Week 12 Matchup Recap

ESPNFAN 12319776 (119.58) defeats Deus Ex Mac (73.86)

Not a good week for myself to put up the lowest scoring week of my season, but it benefits Steve and keeps his postseason hopes alive. Steve has scored at least 111 points in his four straight wins, but he has a large hill to climb come week 13 with Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams on a bye.

Focusing back on week 12, I would like to knock on Jalen Hurts’ door and ask he, as the second ranked QB fantasy QB this season and a consensus top-five projected quarterback for week 12 decided to score 6.86 points. His Philly running back cohort Miles Sanders also only had 6.9 points, but I can never expect a lot from him. In total, eight of my players went under projected point total. Tough to win that way any week.

Steve has been fortunate with two straight weeks going up against opponents who put up team totals in the 70s region. He is merely taking advantage of the situation. Antonio Gibson and Aaron Rodgers had the two monster days for Steve, and it should have been an even larger margin of victory for him if Mac Jones connected with Hunter Henry on a wide open touchdown pass.

The MVP of this matchup has to be Aaron Rodgers. The Green Bay quarterback went up against what was considered (and very well still maybe) a good defense in the Los Angeles Rams and put up 26.28 points effortlessly. He surpassed his projected point total by nearly a full 13 points.

Question is, who will Steve pick up on the waiver wire to play QB for him in his week 13 contest?

Team Lobo (126.6) defeats Dirty Mike And The Boys (119.82)

Ritz may be in the small minority of fantasy players who lost their fantasy matchup while playing Leonard Fournette. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back had a week high 40.6 points.

Lobo got into great position to make the playoffs with breakout weeks from Miami’s Jaylen Waddle (24.2 points) and San Francisco’s Elijah Mitchell (25.3). While we never want to root for injuries, the Deebo Samuel injury for the 49ers frees up more opportunities for Mitchell in Kyle Shannan’s office and that means Lobo will get a RB1 quality player for at least his first playoff matchup against whomever it may be. For that reason, Mitchell is the MVP this week and he has to chance to be the unsung hero for Lobo’s postseason drive.

Ritz secures himself the regular season crown next week with a win. By the looks of it, he is going to get Kyler Murray back and have Tyreek Hill back in his lineup coming off the bye. Also, how often is George Kittle going to have only 1.8 points when his team scores 34? Ritz is in okay shape come the postseason, but it’s Lobo who may have stumbled into the best scenario.

Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (133.3) defeats My Glockz Out (101.36)

Josh Allen came to life and Joe Mixon erupted to help Matthew McGinnity get the win over Tom McLaughlin. The win by Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy all by knocked My Glockz Out out of playoff contention. He needs to vault a TON of teams and therefore need to score like 200 points and have every team he needs to lose get crushed. A tall task. McGinnity played spoiler well.

I think the MVP of the matchup is the horrendous offensive play-calling and just offensive play in the Monday night football game. Tom could have made it interesting if Joey Slye wasn’t a poopy kicker and if DK Metcalf actually had passes to catch to perform like a number one wide receiver.

Looking at Matt’s roster, his season really could have been different if Alvin Kamara wasn’t hurt for the past couple weeks. You put him in the flex spot or RB2 and it is an immediate higher upside.

We won’t mention how A.J. Brown was in McGinnity’s roster despite being hurt and still Tom could not win.

Get McCaffreinated (114.9) defeats Ja’Marr The Merrier (71.08)

The result of this matchup may put Thomas Simon in last place in the standings come the end of the regular season next week. His team put up a week-low 71.08 points and the only player to score double-figures for him came on Monday Night via Seattle’s Russell Wilson.

Buzzi was able to win the game despite Christian McCaffrey getting hurt against and Chris Godwin scoring only 2.7 points. Selfishly speaking as the man who owns Chubba Hubbard and who plays Buzzi next week with my playoff hopes on the line…it would have been real nice if Carolina wasn’t on a bye in week 13.

Tee Higgins of Cincinnati and Deebo Samuel are the CO-MVPs for Buzzi because they each scored over 20 points. Deebo may by Buzzi’s MVP for the season because before he got hurt late in the game against Minnesota, he was the main catalyst for Buzzi pulling out of the gutter in the league. He was averaging over 21 points per game over his last three games and has double digit scoring in all but two games.

Interesting that Tommy did not play the big games of Odell Beckham Jr. and Matthew Stafford against Green Bay. He must of known he was out of contention and he didn’t wanna play anyone against him team.

Now You CeeDee Now You Don’t (114.22) Defeats Jonathan Taylor Thomas Brady (100.94)

The hottest team heading into the post season is under the ownership of Ronan McClorey. With a 114.22 to 100.94 win over Jimmy Simon, Ronan’s team is certainly seen as they have a chance to win the regular season title with a win over Michael Ritz in week 13. For Jimmy, his team name of Jonathan Taylor Thomas Brady is proof that the name itself is not enough for success.

Credit to Jimmy for not playing Aaron Jones. That proved to be a very fruitful move as he scored only 2.3 points. Also, what a call to play Kendrick Bourne in the flex as he scored a season-high 20.6 points. I think Jimmy is going to be cursing up to the sky the name of Brady himself, who scored only 11.24 points. He has three games with less than 15 fantasy points this season, two of which have come in the last three weeks and in both games he lost.

The MVP of the contest is Nick Folk, the kicker for the New England Patriots. He scored 20 points this week and 16 points last week. He has six games with double-digit points this season. ESPN has considered his performances “boomed” in seven of his 12 weeks. Folk’s success is all reality and no sense of folklore. (I know it’s bad. Deal with it.)

Week Thirteen Matchups

Last Week of the regular season

My Glockz Out (6-6) vs. Jonathan Taylor Thomas Brady (6-6)
Dirty Mike And The Boys (7-5) vs. Now You CeeDee Now You Don’t (7-5)
Ja’Marr The Merrier (4-8) vs. Team Lobo (4-8)
Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (6-6) vs. ESPNFAN 12319776 (6-6)
Get McCaffreinated (4-8) vs. Deus Ex Mac (7-5)

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