• My bottom four from my rankings last week are all eliminated. Michelle cleaning out the garbage. I love it.
  • Soooo looking back at my rankings last week…I must have been zoning out and super tired on the train because I had people on there that were sent home. I’ll raise my hand and saw whoops. That is my bad.
  • The motif this season is communication. Michelle loves it. Martin benefited from it. Jamie got crushed by it. Murdered.
  • We have Peter and Will arguing again, and Peter being a sore loser in every which way. On this Top Gun centric group date we had Peter claim Will was taking his lines and repeating them in Spanish. Then we had them pair off with one another for a comfy jousting match and Will just DEMORALIZED Peter.
  • Glen Powell is an attractive man. Jay Ellis is an attractive man. Michelle was sitting next to two very attractive men she would probably love to get in.
  • Will wins the first portion of the group date and gets a sweet ass bomber jacket. Peter takes offense. Peter throws it into the pool during the dinner portion of the date and he proves himself to be a certified asshole.
  • The best part of Peter’s annoying behavior is the rest of the group, in particular Nayte, calling Peter out and being totally honest with Will.
  • LOVEEEEEDDDD hearing the Top Gun music intertwined. I am VERY UPSET that none of the Cuttin’ Stems and CITO crew recognized it while watching and didn’t mention it on their show I was working.
  • What are your all thoughts on Will going out to fetch his jacket from the pool? Redeeming or petty?
  • The winners of the cocktail party after the Top Gun were Martin and Clayton. Good conversations. Made Michelle smile a ton.
  • The love orchestra is just so extra.
  • Rodney gets the one-on-one date and it was VERY much more low key than the one Jamie had the week prior. All set locally in the resort and not at a rock wall outside. With that being said, this date was still a blast. Rodney was a good sport and he broke out of the friend zone.
  • Can we talk about how Jamie said Rodney was zero competition? Well how the tables have turned…
  • Now we get to the second group date with the poet. Chris G. is adorable in his true admiration of the surprise guest, but the story of the date was Jamie being a douche. Jamie just didn’t treat anything seriously and just made up a fable and was rambling. Just really bad.
  • Jamie pulled a producer aside and was venting to her after he didn’t get the date rose. I mean are you kidding me? He was saying how no other man was competition and how he is the only one who matters. I mean good sir, are you blind? Do you not know that Joe exists?
  • Brendan is an adorable awkward man. I would pin him as one of, if not the youngest, person in the group of 14 left and I think that Michelle likes it.
  • We need to praise Michelle’s dress at the cocktail party. I mean my goodness. My girlfriend was gobsmacked. I was ogling. The backless dress. My goodness gracious.
  • Michelle took out the trash at the cocktail party. Jamie, sent home after waffling through words and excuses. Peter, didn’t get a rose after being a bitch on the group date. Just bad things all around are gone.


14. Chris S.

(Last Week 17)

Still don’t like Chris S. He is coiling up for something evil. He had too much cockiness at the start possibly fly under the radar. This is a hedge on my part.

13. Leroy

(Last Week 16)

Leroy is just chilling. He has done nothing to earn any ill will, but has done nothing that extraordinary either.

12. Chris G.

(Last Week 10)

It was so fucking cute when Chris G. freaked out about the poet Rudy Francisco. Thought with that knowledge, it is really a tough look for him not to win the rose on the group date. Chris G. went all out in his performance. He is here for a good time and not a long time.

11. Rick

(Last Week 11)

Rick still gives me the heebee jeebies. He deserves credit for talking with Michelle and getting the tea that Jamie spilled the beans on the lie to Michelle last week. But something about him is not connecting with me.

10. Romeo

(Last Week 14)

Romeo looks SOOOO much better with glasses. He is only this high on the rankings because of that stunning revelation.

9. Olumide

(Last Week 8)

Not much to talk on with Olu this week. Just a strong dude who is carrying himself well underneath the radar.

8. Clayton

(Last Week 7)

Just a big cuddly muscular man. Clayton has the goofy smile that everyone loves and remembers from someone in high school or college. I get his appeal to being the next bachelor now.

7. Casey

(Last Week 5)

36 years old going on 55 years old. The salt and petter in the beard. Casey is not going to be here for the long time but he is going to be here for the drama and the short term. If Michelle likes confident, “disappointed in you” energy, then Casey may have a shot.

6. Martin

(Last Week 15)

Martin, you sly dawg. Martin getting the group date rose for pulling Michelle aside and just talking to her. I think that Martin gets a one-on-one next week.

5. Rodney

(Last Week 12)

BREAKING OUT OF THE FRIEND ZONE! LET’S GO RODNEY! I prided myself on doing this exact thing back in high school and college, and to see a fellow underdog come through is a delight.

4. Will

(Last Week 6)

When you have a childish pickup line and it gets the cheesy “OMG” reaction from the guests on the show, the bachelorette herself and the guys, then you know you have really done well. Was surprised he didn’t get a group date rose, but come the rose ceremony it was not surprise to see him survive.

3. Joe

(Last Week 1)

We did not get a lot from Joe himself this episode. It was a lot of talking about Joe, but he did not get a chance to show himself. Joe is still handsome as all hell and remains one of the front runners.

2. Brandon J.

(Last Week 2)

This dude is cheesy as all hell but Michelle is buying into it. He is young (has to be one of the youngest) and his ignorance and innocence on the situation is honestly endearing. Brandon is killing it with the classic one-on-one opportunities.

1. Nayte

(Last Week 3)

Nayte is strong man. Don’t care if he got shoved around on the Top Gun date by Clayton, Nayte is strong. He is here to stay and as for this moment he may be the leader in the clubhouse. Now, can Nayte get himself into some trouble maybe sticking his head into places it shouldn’t go? Yes, absolutely. But as of now.

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