• Every date this week was great. The classroom date worked really well and it was great how the eactualyl spent time and did different subjects. The rock climbing with Jamie was athletic and NOT EASY! The activity continues with the basketball date which was competitive. Basketball was being played and it was easy to see that the editing crew enjoyed having players no embarrass themselves.
  • Peter is the annoying class clown who things he is funny but in reality is the most hated person in the school. Will had a great little barb on him with the narcist comment and Peter did not take it well at all. The musical chairs is probably meant to be fun but Peter made it too competitive. Guess what Peter, second place is the number one place for losers.
  • Brandon J. gets the group date rose because he was willing to make fun of himself. He was willing to be made fun of by Michelle for his cheesy as speech. Michelle likes Brandon, that is what I got from this date.
  • During Jamie’s one-on-one date…how many comments about butts do we think were made? Jamie was blatantly looking up at Michelle’s (like he had to, he was below her rock climbing).
  • That kind of rock climbing is not easy at all. Genuinely really hard to do. So major props to Michelle agreeing to do it.
  • So here is the thing with Jamie. His story is truly sad. I understand that and I do empathize with him. It is impossible for Michelle to send him home after that story. The only thing I’ll say is that what he does later in the episode makes it a truly sticky situation for Michelle.
  • We have a rising country super star. Caroline Jones. It is wrong every single time.
  • Now we have the Joe group date. He just found out his old coach died (Ken Novak Jr.) and then the show went with the classic athlete playing well for a heavy heart and someone they care about.
  • Joe is very good at basketball and he was dominating at king of the hill. He battled Michelle one-on-one and every single guy who was on the date became invisible when they were battling. Sorry folks, Joe had this one sewn up quickly.
  • Props to Joe for not taking Michelle down low. He did the respectful thing.
  • I am confused why Michelle likes Rick so much.
  • I felt bad for Pardeep playing basketball. He obviously is not the most athletic type and he tried his best but it just wasn’t enough. Michelle digs the athletic for sure.
  • Blake Arthur, the local sports announcer, gets the duty that Wells, Fred Willard and Chris Harrison would have had in past times.
  • Joe being a Mr. Basketball and Michelle knowing that and saying “C’mon, Mr. Basketball” again is proof that she really digs him.
  • The losing team of the five-on-five game has to go home…but since Joe is on that team he still gets to go to the post game party with the gang and he spends a lot of time getting to know Michelle.
  • Jamie is a lying asshole. Yes, the Internet made a lot of Karl comparisons and guess what…they are kind of applicable! HE generated a rumor that was not from anyone but his own mind. Jamie has an arrogance to him; it is his line of thinking or it is the high way. His traveling life style or no way else. IT won’t work for Michelle, you know being a teacher and all.
  • When nobody steps up and asks Michelle a question when she literally poses it to everyone…that is a failed test for all the men. One should have asked who said it for the sake of the group and to blow up Jamie’s spot.
  • Very surprised Daniel is not part of the show anymore. He was a sleeper for me and I liked him. Had him at number six last week so a big hit to my personal favorites.


21. LT

(Last Week 23)


20. ALEC

(Last Week 22)


19. Jamie

(Last Week 5)

What a cocksucker. Starting shit for no reason and with no one’s blessing or truth? THEN, HE DOESN’T EVEN OWN UP TO IT?? After a one-on-one date that was perfectly fine, the cocktail party turned into a muddy mess. Jamie needs to get off his ivory throne and go travel some place and not look back!

18. Peter

(Last Week 17)

What a whiney piece of garbage. Just don’t; like him at all. His hair is stupid too. Peter tried SO FUCKING HARD on the group date but really just embarrassed himself instead. The kids were telling him to be quiet. Peter, go home and try to create your pizza empire. Peter is ranked one better than Jamie because Jamie knows he is lying and Peter doesn’t know he is an idiot.

17. Chris S.

(Last Week 20)

He did not do as many annoying things this week. Credit to him. I feel like Chris S. is trying to be the suave captain America boy, but his ego will get in the way at some point and he’ll lose his fake calm exterior.

16. Leroy

(Last Week 21)

Okay, we got a little bit of him talking, so we know what he sounds like. Still no strong opinions but his smile is very nice and his body type is a leaner musclar compared to the rest.

15. Martin

(Last Week 13)

Really wish Martin stood up for to Jamie when he was uneducatedly bad-mouthing Jamie. It was a moment that showed me that Martin is more of a follower, which Michelle is more attracted to (according to her diagnosing her own past).

14. Romeo

(Last Week 11)

Romeo did not do much this episode. No news is often good news, but he did not make an impact.

13. PJ

(Last Week 14)

PJ has “it.” I don’t know what “it” is, but PJ has it. Maybe it is the mustache. Maybe it is his unique fashion sense. PJ has a lot of Riley energy. He has the easy confidence about them.

12. Rodney

(Last Week 12)

The teddy bear is running with the apple gimmick and the Granny Smith nickname. I also empathize with him not knowing the different types of apples. I wouldn’t know either

11. Rick

(Last Week 10)

Rick, oh Rick. Your confidence is showing. He had the homework special and Michelle liked that, but I think this chemistry they are sharing is just weird.

10. Chris G.

(Last Week 8)

I love his accent. I love his personality. I love his beard. The camera does not love him. Not a lot of screen time.

9. Spencer

(Last Week 18)

Spencer is there with Mollique in terms of not focusing on anyone else’s relationship with Michelle. Spencer was on the winning basketball team as well, but we didn’t see a lot of him there. It was more the cocktail party segment where he really raised his sock.

8. Olumide

(Last Week 15)

I said this when watching the show and I will type it here. If there is one man on this show who could become a comic book super hero, then it would be Olumide.

7. Clayton

(Last Week 7)

This man is a goliath of a man so I would have loved to have seen more of his basketball game. We haven’t seen him talk a lot with Michelle yet but we are getting him talking to the boys and reacting to the events surrounding him.

6. Will

(Last Week 2)

Will’s little comment on Pete and his narcist joke was funny. No denying that. Was it a little childish? Possibly, but Peter deserved it all. The mistake Will is making is getting as heated as Peter. He has to let his thoughts lie simmering rather than boiling. Don’t attach your camera time to Pete.

5. Casey

(Last Week 16)

36 years old. Dad energy. I want Casey to talk in the disappointed dad voice to the children of the group. AKA, tell Peter his place and maybe Will for instigating.

4. Mollique

(Last Week 19)

Mollique grew on my a shit ton. He was talking down to Jamie and telling him not to tell Michele about the rumors that only he felt. Mollique knows who told Michelle that lies at the cocktail party and that is going to come out soon.

3. Nayte

(Last Week 1)

Nayte did nothing wrong. He got the first impression rose and continued to carry himself well. He is the one of the group date who didn’t not talk about Joe and his connection with Michelle. He is focusing on himself and it is refreshing.

2. Brandon J.

(Last Week 4)

Brandon did not dominate the classroom part of the group date, but he adjusted to the light bashing very well. The best part is Michelle calling out Brandon for his super cheesy speech. He was nervous to kiss her and Michelle squashed that with brutal honesty.

1. Joe

(Last Week 3)

Joe is hot. Joe is sexy. Joe and Michelle have A TON in common. Sure he was drawn into some drama, but it was none of his doing. Joe is safe and Joe is here for the long haul.

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