Standings at the end of week six.

  • Mike continues to have the best team and his playoff prognostication is nearly 100%.
  • Ronan is free falling. Four straight losses now. He ranks middle of the pack in terms of scoring and points against. His 22 roster moves are not paining out for him.
  • Buzzi still with the most points scored against but and he currently sits at the fourth most points scored. Now he has Kareem Hunt on the IR as well, so his top two RBs are down for the count as of now.
  • Listen, we are just being honest here. Steve’s team is not very good. Neither is Lobos and McGinnity. They are all below 700 total points thus far this season. Steve went from having the seventh best roster according to ESPN to start the season, to now the worst.
  • The biggest jump in the season standing projections is Ja’Marr The Merrier. He was 10th after the draft but has vaulted up to fourth.
  • Maybe we shouldn’t pay heed to the ESPN projections because the top three after the draft have all dropped positions.

Week 5 Matchup Recap

Deux Ex Mac (140.5) Defeats Now You CeeDee Now You Don’t (115.58)

I think Ronan may be in the minority of fantasy football teams that lost with CeeDee Lamb on his team. The Cowboys second year wide receiver had 33.6 points, anchored by a game-winning touchdown that killed the Patriots and murdered my soul. Luckily for your boy, I have arguably the two best wide receivers in the NFL.

Cooper Kupp had 29.5 points against the New York Giants and DeAndre Hopkins scored 19.0 points. It is Kupp’s first stellar game since week three and now Hopkins has back-to-back weeks with 15.0+ points.

Both Ronan and I really struggled at the QB position. Justin Herbert scored his lowest of the season with 11.0 points and Taylor Heinicke was held more than 11 points below his projected. It may be a cruel twist of fate for Ronan because throughout the week I was messaging Ronan about a potential trade that would have given him both Travis Kelce and Jalen Hurts. Maybe would have made a difference!

The MVP of this matchup is Kupp. Just have to go with the player who ensured that Lamb’s massive day didn’t shadow over an overall strong outing from my team.

Team Lobo (117.27) Defeats JOnathan Taylor Thomas Brady (114.18)

The closest matchup of the week came down to Monday night! Buffalo wide receiver Stefon Diggs picked a great time to have his highest scoring week thus far this season. 19.4 points was enough.

It should be said that Diggs and his credit in the victory doesn’t happen unless the Buffalo Bills defense shits the bed. Zero points…literally 0.0. Anything more than 3.1 points and Jimmy Simon takes home the win.

Monday night was the deciding night, but the deciding waiver wire mood was Lobo picking up Khalil Herbert for his flex position. 18.2 points for a waver wire pickup and a back up running back is just good fantasy football managing. That pick up made up for Lobo picking the wrong Miami Dolphin to play: Myles Gaskin had only 2.4 points while Jaylen Waddle scored 24.0 points on his bench.

This is where I have to admit I love Jonathan Taylor as a running back. I had him last year and Jimmy saw what he can do this week with his 28.3 points. It unfortunately was just not enough because again, the Buffalo defense got zero points. That is why the MVP of this matchup is just the Monday night game as a whole. For a game that neither Jimmy or Lobo had a vested rooting interest in, the inclusion of Diggs and Buffalo’s defense kept these two engaged.

My Glockz Out (128.0) defeats ESPNFan 12319776 (87.9)

Brandon Bolden. That is what Steve had to resort too with half of his team on a bye. For those curious…Steve was without Corey Davis, Trey Sermon, Elijah Moore, Michael Carter, Trey Lance and Cordarelle Patterson.

McLaughlin took advantage of his opponent’s depleted roster. With only a flex player option on bye (Marquis Callaway), Tom put up 128.0 points and got 20+ scoring efforts from Dak Prescott and Dalvin Cook. Antonio Brown was nearly at that tier with 19.8 points.

The MVP of this matchup is the NFL scheduling gods whose pens of fate inked Steve’s defeat before any kickoff took place on week six. It is hard to win with so many options gone. Tom has to admit he is lucky, and let me tell you, Tommy is going to be happy to play My Glockz Out next week. Tom is going to be without Dak Prescott, Dalvin Cook, Zack Moss, Justin Jefferson and Amari Cooper.

Dirty Mike And The Boys (149.26) Defeats Ja’Marr The Merrier (128.24)

Two of the top scoring teams in the league…but only one truly reigns supreme. Ritz was in good shape heading into Monday night but 34.6 points from Tennessee’s Derrick Henry made it a far less stressful night.

There may have been a bit of sweat during the day for Mike when Terry McLaurin and Mike Williams combined for just 8.5 points, his tractor plowing running back took care of the deficit.

Tommy’s team nearly matched its projected score; he finished with 128.24 and ESPN said he would tally 128.8 One could have thought that Michael Pittman would have more than 4.8 points with the Colts scoring 31 points, but when a game was in hand, there was no need to attack.

Henry is the MVP of the matchup. He scored the second most fantasy points of any NFL player, trailing only the Cowboys’ CeeDee Lamb.

Ritz has scored over 125 or more points in five of six games. The only one he didn’t, he still won by 15 points over Jimmy SImon.

Ooooo Jeudy James Jeduy (129.92) Defeats Get McCaffreinated (117.78)

In a battle between the two top-ranked quarterbacks heading into the 2021 season, It was Josh Allen and Matthew McGinnity taking home the win. Mahomes, while still having a great season, is not having the HOF-esq season as the past two years., His lack of ability to carry a team thus far has hindered any team to own him thus far this year.

Credit has to be given to Matt for working around the bye of his top running back, Alvin Kamara. With byes becomes more and more frequent, this luck of the draw is going to be a motif going forward. Buzzi was without Calvin Ridley and Deebo Samuel, both of whom he would have played.

You look at the two box scores, the differentiating variables stand at the defense and kicker teams. The Ravens got 10 points while the Panthers scored just a pair. Graham Gano had three points for McGInnity, but it was still more than Cleveland’s Chase McLaughlin’s two points.

The MVP of this matchup is Josh Allen because without him on Monday night, there would be no victory shuffle for McGinnity. Meanwhile Buzzi is going to go on a hunt for the god of fantasy for fucking over his running backs.

Week Seven Matchups

DIrty Mike And The Boys (5-1) vs. Get McCaffrienated (1-5)
My Glockz Out (4-2) vs. Ja’Marr The Merrier (3-3)
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Brady (3-3) vs. ESPNFAN 12319776 (2-4)
Now You CeeDee Now You Don’t (2-4) vs. Team Lobo (3-3)
Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (3-3) vs. Deux Ex Mac (4-2)

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