Standings at the end of week two.

  • Ronan is the only undefeated team; we love the competitiveness early on.
  • Buzzi is still looking for his first win, but he has the second most points scored. He has just been super unlucky with the most points scored against him…he has over 24 more points scored against him than anyone else.
  • In terms of the final season projections, Steve had the furthest fall going from predicted seventh to tenth. Tom dropped from sixth to eighth. Mike Ritz jumped from fourth to first and Jimmy Simon jumped from eighth to fifth. Credit to Buzzi for still being projected second despite being 0-2.

Week 2 Matchup Recap

Team lobo (145.76) defeats Get McCaffreinated (139.72)

A very very high scoring affair between Lobo (CHANGE YOUR TEAM NAME) and Buzzi. Lobo only put up a measly 66.8 points last week, Lobo answered with a great bounce back win. Buzzi on the other hand is getting fucked by the fantasy gods. Put up 142.28 points last week and 139.72 this week but still is 0-2.

What really hurt Buzzi was Darnell Henderson getting hurt in the middle of the game for the Rams. Mahomes put up 24.02 points, which for a normal quarterback is fine, but for the reigning MVP it can be considered on the low side. Lobo on the other side of the street got a MAHUSIVE 32.26 points from Lamar Jackson. His running game was the key factor. Then Courtland Sutton slipped in easily to the WR1 spot in Denver. Let’s not mention the 19.0 bucks from the team defense…two defensive TDs will do that.

The MVP of this match has to be Lamar Jackson. Not only did he get this win for Lobo, but also the win for the Ravens in real life. Just a monster day.

Now You CeeDee Now You Don’t (116.94) defeats My Glockz Out (92.08)

Ronan improves to 2-0 with a dominant with over Mr. McLaughlin’s team. For a team titled “My Glockz Out,” it would appear that Tom’s team blew their load to early in week one. The amount of players selected with single digit point totals is tough to look at. He is going to need to solve the John Connor problem as his RB2.

For Ronan, Tyler Locket was the MVP with 27.8 points. His deep connection (I mean as a receiver and not emotionally) with Russell Wilson is something that may last the entire season. When your QB scores only 8.34 points and you still win by 20+ points, that is what I consider dominant.

Here is the thing with Tommy’s team; can he rely on Gronk to be good this year round. 1.) My Patriots fandom makes it hurt, and 2.) if so then T.J. Hockenson becomes super valuable as a flex option; the two solid TE approach. That may be able to make up for the fact that James Connor is seemingly option number three in the Cardinals backfield.

Ronan is 2-0 putting up respectable scores. He has put up the third most points of any competitors and has seen the second fewest points scored against.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Brady (149.24) Defeats Deux ex mac (122.82)

Well I was holding on for dear life heading into Monday Night Football but then Jimmy and Aaron Jones both took their respective hands and knocked me out within the first quarter. At least I got to go to bed earlier? Jones put it 38.5 points with four touchdowns. Some of the extra touchdown Steve needed went to Jones. Just a dominant closing statement by Jimmy.

The other player who gobsmacked me was Tom Brady. The 44 year old tossed five touchdowns in a ridiculously nonchalant type of way. Whoof, two monster monster performances.

Looking to Jimmy’s roster, I think that him snagging J.D. McKissic is going to be sneaky huge. McKissic already vultured one touchdown from Antonio Gibson in week two; there may be more coming.

The MVP of this matchup is the Dallas defense. No, they were not on Jimmy’s team, but they limited Justin Herbert to 14.72 points and had two big interceptions.

Ja’Marr The Merrier (129.92) Defeats ESPNFan 12319776 (113.9)

A lot of this came down to Monday night; Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams and Robert Tonyan for Steve and the Packers defense and kicker for Tommy. Just absolutely no love for the Detroit Lions, huh?

Tommy Simon rebounded from his week one loss with a fairly easy win over Steve. Kultzow tried to make things interesting with Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams and Robert Tonyan all going over their projected totals for the week, but in the end it was not enough.

I think the MVP for this matchup has to be efficiency. Tommy had Henry Ruggs get one massive deep throw to help elevate him to 20.0 points for the week. Najee Harris only had 38 yards receiving but had a touchdown to salvage the day; the same type of day for Ezekiel Elliot. You have to make the most of what you have and that is what Tommy managed to do.

The Least Valuable Player may be Corey Davis; speaking personally to Steve, Davis killed him in multiple leagues.

Dirty Mike And THe Boys (166.9) defeats O0000 Jeudy James Jeudy (88.26)

Michael Ritz, despite working 10 straight days, managed to muster up enough gusto to steal the soul of Matthew McGinnity. Kyler Murray (33.1 points) is the highest scoring quarterback this week and Derrick Henry (44.7 points) is the highest scoring running back this week; together the put together 77.8 points which was less than 10 points of all of Oooo Jeudy James Jeudy.

The highest scoring player for McGinnity was 22 points…from his kicker…Graham Gano of the New York Giants. Besides that he had only Adam Theilin with 12.9 points and Josh Allen with (16.6). Just a tough day for M^2. McGinnity needs Josh Allen to get out of his funk to start this year; he needs the Allen of last year if his team is going to reach high potential.

After going up against the highest scorer last week, Ritz did not waste any time getting back on the winning track.

It is a cop-out to do two MVP’s, so the selection of must go to Tennessee’s running back, the one and only Derrick Henry. He was asleep for the first six quarters of the season but woke up in the second half and carried the weight of the Titans and Ritz on his broad shoulders.

Week Two Matchups

ESPNFAN 12319776 (1-1) vs. Deus Ex Mac (1-1)
My Glockz Out (1-1) vs. Team Lobo (1-1)
Dirty Mike And The Boys (1-1) vs. Jonathan Taylor Thomas Brady (1-1)
Ja’Marr The Merries (1-1) vs. Get McCaffreinated (0-2)
Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (1-1) vs. Now You CeeDee Now You Don’t (1-1)

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