So this had to be the “fullest” episode of the season right?

  • Two one-on-one dates
  • A group date
  • Hunter being possessed by villainy drama
  • Michael A. spewing loving lessons
  • Andrew S. bringing up real conversation about mixed couples
  • Blake handling Katie talking about her past sexual experiences well

Episode five had literally everything that an episode could ask for. That is not even mentioning that hot tub dates are back!

Other things of note:

  • Andrew M. did not have a drink at the final cocktail party and he was toasting with an empty hand. I am all about being the sober one but it was a funny look.
  • Connor B. has to learn what buttons are. Just simply must.
  • Blake did the best he could moving into the house. He tried to stay away from everything as much as possible.
  • An absolutely diabolical move by the producers to give Blake the first one-on-one after entering the house.
  • I am going to miss Quartney asking good questions and being a good narrator.
  • Blake asking if he had been in love before was unintentionally very funny.
  • Katie’s eyebrows were not at their best on the group date.
  • Michael A. had a great line “We are going to die.” right before the Slamball.
    • The fact that Michael A. was the one who got hit in the back is worst case scenario. Katie stopped that game right away when that happened.
    • Michael A. referenced his dad bod as well and Katie had a great tweet showing support for him.
  • Connor B. is resorting too much too music.
  • Hunter getting the rose as a horrendous shocker. He doesn’t need his ego boosted anymore!
  • Katie’s outfit with Andrew S. solo date is a mood and I like it.


(Last Week #13)

There has been a new villain for the past three of four weeks and now Hunter is taking up the roll. He was competitive in the Slamball game but worst part of the group date is when he pulled out the pictures of his kids. He played the game and it worked, but its a short-term solution.

11. TRE

(Last Week #10)

Ever since Thomas left the show, Tre has had nothing to talk about.


(Last Week #15)

What has he done behind the scenes or not shown on TV? Would have guessed he’d be long gone by now.


(Last Week #14)

Katie loved the aggression that James showed at the cocktail party asking for her time from Hunter.


(Last Week #5)

Not sure what is more open…the shirts Connor B. wears or the door he will be walking out of shortly.


(Last Week #8)

Aaron will complain about anyone at anytime. He is also stuck in the friendzone, however he is very attractive and that is why Katie is keeping him around.


(Last Week #4)

A very, very, very quiet episode from Mike. He was in a lot of the previews for the remainder of the season…wearing white. Because you know, he is pure. Also not the best way to get his first kiss with Katie but happy for it to finally happen!


(Last Week #12)

Blake took a step up in terms of his representation amongst the men and there is no denying that he and Katie have a sexual chemistry. I did not think that their one-on-one date was a smooth as others, but he is here to stay.


(Last Week #6)

Justin is the opposite of Connor B. He has steadily risen while Connor B. steadily falls. His facial reactions are great, but he has a deeper sense than that. I want to see more of his art and that side of his outpouring.


(Last Week #3)

Katie knows that Greg is struggling in the group dates. Greg has been on a steady decline since his opening one-on-one date. He was incredibly moved by Michael A. finally telling his story to the group. There is a top tier of two men…then Greg is in a second tier behind himself in terms of people who can actually win.


(Last Week #2)

The campaign to get Michael A. the bachelor will be FIERCE. He has the highest universal approval rating of anyone on the show. I think it’s devastating that his kid is going to say something hurtful (not knowing it is) and I think as a result Michael is going to be leaving on his own accord.


(Last Week #1)

Andrew S. would have dominated the football group date, but he still shined in his one-on-one date. He was flirty yet smart with Katie. Also most importantly he asked real questions of Katie. It seemed the least forced of real conversations in quite some time.

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