It is time for Bachelor In Paradise! Contestants from numerous different seasons of the Bachelorette and Bachelor now will tackle the beach in the most chaotic version of the show. After Paradise was not a thing last summer due to COVID-19, it is coming back in full force with plenty of personalities and hosts.

Did you know that Tituss Burgess, Lance Bass and Lil John are going to be guests hosts on Bachelor In Paradise? I surely did not till reading Entertainment weekly. The only pair of hosts I knew about were Wells Adams and David Spade.

With the initial list of attendees to the island, let’s just dive into the players who will be navigating the sands of the beach and the drama that lies around every corner.


She is back! The Michael A. of Matt James’ Bachelor season is going to make the people on the island swoon and the make the audience’s hearts melt as well.

Also have to say that she looks GREAT in that green top.


It is very funny how people were shipping Brendan and Abigail during and after Clare and Tayshia’s season came to an end…and now they are going to be sharing the same beach. Will the romance come true? It’s possible, but again everyone is going to be rooting for Brendan.

I need shorts the size that Brendan is wearing.


Going to be honest here…I don’t remember Deandra. She is from Peter’s season…so that doesn’t help seeing how it was the most forgettable one I have watched since becoming a fan of the show.

Have no idea what to expect from her.


Had ZERO doubt that Ivan was going to appear on Bachelor in Paradise. I would have bet a ton of money on it. Ivan is confident as hell and it’ll be curious to see how he’ll act once he is the person being pursued.


Okay, Jessenia looks fantastic in that photo. She looks fucking great. Will her one-arm/shoulder style dresses (I don’t know the real name…) make an appearance?

Also Jessenia was a gossip on Matt’s show so this fast pace environment with people shifting in an out will suite her well.


Grocery Joe! He still lives! Becca’s season was a long time ago but everyone will remember this man. Kelly and Joe were together and I love them both so this should be a like a welcomed warm blanket.


Fuck Karl.


I vaguely remember Kelsey from Peter’s season and she did go fairly far. She is by definition gorgeous. Can her blond hair get any brighter in the Mexico sun?


Why do I feel like Kenny fits the beach vibe so well? The tattoos, the hair, the short shorts…everything about Kenny screams beach. I think Kenny is going to be incredibly popular on Bachelor in Paradise.


Hand up. When Mari was on Matt’s season I did not think she was very pretty. I was mistaken. She grew on me as the season went on but I was never entranced, but I am okay for her to lay on the charm in Paradise.


I do not know who you are Maurissa. Your dress is very pretty in your photo, so you have that going for you.


Yes! She is back! Natasha did not take any shit on Peter’s season and I can not wait for her to simply roast everyone on the beach. I want her and Jessenia to get into a battle and I want Natasha to walk out on top. Very happy to see that she is returning to the fold.


As much as I loved Bennett when he got into the spotlight during Tayshia’s season, there is no denying his persona overtook Noah. I am looking forward to seeing what a fresh start will mean for Noah and what it will mean to not have a stigma of “newcomer” added onto him. We want good things for Noah.

Serena C.

Why. Why oh why oh why. I can tolerate Jessenia because I think she is very cute and she is clever with her quips. Serena C. is just abrasive and tries to scream louder than everyone else. We don’t need that.

Serena P.

The fan favorite returns! Serena P. was the most normal and down to earth on Matt’s season. I am not sure who I could see her pairing up with on the show, but between her and Abigail, I am demanding the men step up.


I do not remember Tahzjuan at all from Colton’s season. She looks stunning in the photograph but I do not know what to expect from her as a person.


Okay so the list of people I don’t remember at all is growing. Add Tammy to the list. She has the exotic look for her and my gut reaction is that Kenny and Tammy are going to hit it off.

Victoria L.

Who are you??? I do not recognize Victoria L. at all from Matt’s season. It is not surprising that in the most “toxic” season of women on the Bachelor, Victoria L. caps off the list participants who were polarizing for the fans.

Also it has to be said that her appearance is oh so incredibly different.

Victoria P.

It seems fitting that the last person of the initial contestants revealed on Twitter is someone I do not remember.

Just looking at this list, I am going to just tier rank the initial contests as to who I am invested in, and who I am not caring at all for.


  • Abigail
  • Brendan
  • Serena P.

TEIR 2: Your Happiness would be nice

  • Ivan
  • Jessenia
  • Joe
  • Mari

TEIR 3: I know you exist but have no opinions

  • Kelsey
  • Kenny
  • Noah

TEIR 4: We are in the getting to know you stage

  • Deandra
  • Maurissa
  • Natasha
  • Tahzjuan
  • Tammy
  • Victoria P.

TEIR 5: We need to rebuild some trust

  • Serena C.
  • Victoria L.

TEIR 6: Karl

  • Karl.

Season seven of Bachelor In Paradise returns to ABC on Monday, August 16 at 8 p.m.

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