So here’s the thing. Do we expect The Tomorrow War to be good?

This Amazon Prime original starring the now strictly action-comedy star Chris Pratt looks like a B-movie version of Edge Of Tomorrow (2014).

Both The Tomorrow War and Edge Of Tomorrow have a leading man that is charismatic and looks good holding a gun. Both movies have a bad-ass female lead characters with Emily Blunt being super cool in and Yvonne Strahovski going back to her bad-assery of Chuck (RIP a great TV show). Both The Tomorrow War and Edge Of Tomorrow have aliens that are looking to take over the world.

With this final trailer we get some final talking points.

  • J.K. Simmons is jacked. Also his name is “Slade.” Cool name. Also there is a shot with him around the 1:40 mark with a sniper in the snow. Sweet.
  • Smart the future crashes a soccer match which is the sport of the world since the globe is in trouble.
  • Do we think that Romeo Command (Yvonne Strahovski) is Dan’s (Chris Pratt) daughter in the future?
  • Is The Tomorrow War supposed to be like Independence Day (1996) with it coming out the week of July 4th?
  • Will give credit where credit is due; the aliens do like kinda badass.
  • The amount of aliens and the jumping and hording around reminds me a bit of World War Z (2013). Like them climbing up the walls or at the sea port, climbing up the barricades.
  • There seem to be mounds where the Aliens burrow? Reminds me of a Witcher nest and having to blow it up.

Basically, I am excited to be disappointed by this movie when it comes out.

The Tomorrow War releases on July 2, 2021 on Amazon Prime.

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