Kudos has to be given to the Bachelor producers and editors for sending everyone on the emotional roller coaster that was Sarah’s journey. Was she being selfish? Yes. Did she appear to be a sore loser amongst the framework of the show? Yes. Did she have a valid reason to leave the show and return home? You betcha.

Also…was Victoria actually okay this episode…? Dare I say, she was actually funny?

Below are MY power rankings of the remaining contestants vying for Matt James’ heart.


SHOCKED that she stayed around. Marylynn gets sent home, but Kaili stays? Would have lost money on that.


I forgot she was still on the show. Not good.


Alright. I’ll say it. She was not the worst part of this episode. Also her INCREDIBLY raunchy erotica was the first time I saw the rest of the contestants like her.

15. MAGI

She needs more screen time. I have no opinions on Magi because she hasn’t been able to shine!

14. KIT

Kit had a very firm take on the Sarah drama. Whether it was the right side or the wrong side, that’s up to the viewer.


Illeana got sent home after a few weeks of looking fabulous but not showing a lot of personality, and I think that is coming for Khaylah soon. Also she wears a ton of blush!


I can not get a read of Lauren. I can not tell if she is going to stay a while or going to be sent home. She is an amoeba to me, always changing. But this week, she hid in the shadows.


She is the narrator with Anna. They both serve the same purpose, but Anna brought more to the table this week.

10. MARI

I think Matt thinks that Mari is hella-hot. For that reason I see her staying around.




Not a lot coming out of the Chelsea camp. When people say that they aren’t about the drama, Chelsea actually means it. She is not partaking in the nastiness of bickering. I think that she is going to go home soon because she is going to be swallowed by the other girls garnering the attention.


Her erotica story was funny, but there is a more important matter. Anna has AMAZING facial expressions. Just constant resting bitch face and she doesn’t have the ability to hide anything she feels which is great.

6. MJ

Alright, MJ. Need you to hear me. See me here.

Don’t freak out about everything. Don’t get swallowed into the drama. You are as cool as a spritz of sprinkler on a side walk on a summer day…and don’t open the flood gates.


A quiet episode from Abigail, but that is alright. Her story is still great and she will be around at least three more weeks. Also my cousin knows her so that is cool.


She absolutely dominated her date with Matt. She was asking the questions. She was controlling the flow. Serena P. is cool as hell. She is normal, almost too normal for the show, but she still has my vote.


YES. Had heart eyes for Katie from the beginning, and she finally arrived at the adult table. The way she handled the Sarah situation was rational but firm. She didn’t explode in anger, but showed her frustration. It was human. Not to mention her erotica story was also hilarious.


We finally got to hear Rachael speak this week! And guess what, she was great! Again I say that she is here to stay.

1. BRI

Bri can do not wrong, can she? She looks good in everything, and she has a gravitational pull that is sucking me deep into the crush-zone.

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