• We are going to get fantasy suite talk. Bachelor nation special
  • We have flashbacks now to them first meeting
    • Beginning with Bri and Chris – they are a real couple
    • We have Matt and Rudi – Rudi is VERY intense and Matt seems to be catching up
    • Nothing for Jamie and Trevor…?
      • Okay, here we go. Didn’t really show Jamie starting to flourish
      • Okay, going to say it, Jamie’s boobs look incredible in that black shirt getting off the plane
  • The venue they are performing in looks incredible. Very modern.
  • Hermitage Hotel looks like a bread and breakfast place
  • They are each performing two songs it appears
  • I think Matt got his hair done on the way to Nashville
  • Matt and Rudi are on the rocks again. Rinse, wash and repeat.
  • Okay, I am STOKED for the Bachelor GOAT show
  • Jamie is going to be extra confident now with her new found confidence and being in her home town
    • Okay…but this singing she is doing is ehhhh
  • Rudi really loves that leather jacket
  • Matt and Rudi are sitting on the couch. Not the bed. Red couch means passion.
    • He is going to say he loves her. 100%.
      • Well….looks like I was wrong. Very wrong.
    • We know that they advance past this stage because they are singing at the end.
    • Still wearing that leather jacket. She must be freezing.
    • That is a legit question from Rudi; why did Matt wait. Why did Matt waste the trip for them.
    • So did I just totally mishear or see them singing together?
    • The profile camera shot of them on the couch and shifting focus is actually really nice.
    • That was not the dramatic door closing that she wanted.
    • So this has actually been really real and I respect Matt for being honest. I don’t know how he is going to be able to help her.
    • This is like a real breakup sort of thing. Hurt feelings but cordial (kinda)
  • Well. Matt and Rudi are actually leaving. Did not expect that. I will be 100% real.
  • Are they playing their “Tennessee Whiskey” song in the background? That is nice producing. Well done.
  • Okay, is this me watching too much reality TV or is this Matt and Rudi thing very real? WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME
  • Trevor is not romantically engaged with Jamie. I am sorry. I just don’t buy it
  • I love the green on Trevor’s shirt. I want that shirt. I’ll take that shirt.
  • Jamie you are so full of shit! You definitely looked at the judges!! You were ogling at Jojo and Rachel!
  • Trevor’s and was DEEP in that thigh when saying he cared for her.
  • Bri…you are worried about things being solid? That is confusing.
  • Scale of 1-10 on strangerish…and Chris said a ZERO???
    • That is just not true. It’s been weeks. YOU DON’T KNOW HER FAVORITE TYPE OF TOOTHPASTE!
  • Just say sex Bri. You don’t want to have sex yet. And Chris is okay with that.
    • Can you go into the fantasy suite and just not have sex…?
  • This date with Bri and Chris has made me so frustrated. That was a tip-tapping around serious convos disaster.
    • Like it is natural to be awkward and have some questions after you put off physical stuff. It’s literally natural to be a little weird. Not saying it is the wrong decision at all, but know with what comes with it.
  • Jamie. You are 21 years old. You should be waking up next to the sense of freedom rather than some man!
  • Okay, we got Chris and Bri singing.
    • I do like how there are now music pages digitally. Really random but different from my time in band haha
    • Bri is having a bad day. She is struggling. She is overthinking things.
  • The dichotomy between the two car rides is something. Again really well done producing here.
  • I am still so confused and irritated at the way Bri and Chris handled their date.
  • Jamie and Bri wearing a very similar dress for their performances
  • Stakes are working with a producer, creating music and traveling together
  • Alright, who are these celebrity judges
    • Taye Diggs
    • Jewel
    • Jason Tartick &Kaitlyn Bristowe
    • Rita Wilson
  • I am genuinely happy that Jamie has grown in confidence
  • Jamie and Trevor performances
    • This first song (Unchained Melody – Righteous Brothers) is going okay…
    • Trevor tried to hit that note and he just could not do it
    • I really just don’t like this song
    • Second song is “Speechless” by Dan & Shay
    • Jamie’s voice sounds MUCH better on this second song
    • Jamie definitely wins the most improved award
    • This second song is going much better
    • Just unearthing the fantasy suite truth on the show
      • “My dad is watching” – Jamie
  • Jewel’s hat was stolen out of Sheridan’s trunk. You can’t convince me otherwise.
  • What if Rudi just ran down the aisle and started singing Whitney Houston, and then Sheridan came out with his guitar and sang a tear inducing ballad. I’d get up do a lap around my apartment.
  • Shout out to the final rose band. I want to know what the auditions were like for that spot!
  • Alright….Bri and Chris
    • Chris is still super talented.
    • “Too Make You Feel My Love” – Adele
      • Yea they just nailed that song. So much.
      • I have nothing else ot say. It is just really good
    • “Give Me Love” – Ed Sheeran
      • This is such a good good song
      • I am going to listen to Ed Sheeran after this show is over
      • The build up in the end…to the climax. I mean. Good god.
    • All of this drama was worth NOTHING AT ALL
  • All of the judges love everything about all the performances
    • As I saw this….Jewel says something kinda bad about Bri
  • Okay. I am not sure who is going to win, but I hope it is Bri and Chris
  • I wish we could see the judges deliberate
  • Do we think Chris Harrison reached out to Ryan Seacrest for tips on how to host the music portion?
  • And he winning couple of “Listen To Your Heart” is…CHRIS AND BRI!!!!
    • Okay but seriously, did they tour with the Corona? Are they still together?
    • Chris with a great line about them making babies tonight
    • I like the behind the scenes of weeks later in the studio
  • Overall I really enjoyed the show. More than I thought I would. Not sure I need a second season, but I wouldn’t complain. Also very happy the right couple won.

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