• Bryce is not the typical good-looking dude that is on the show
  • Is everyone there for a personal development? Really?
  • Francesca looked like her skin was 1000 different tones when they had her first cut away
  • Bryce plays some keyboard? This is going to be dreadful. I hate him so much
    • ANDDD I just fast-forwarded him singing. That’s too much cringe
  • Chloe asking who drew Bryce’s attention most…that seems like it’s massively begging for attention
  • Bryce reminds me or Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct from the male side. The smirk, asking the right questions, ect.
  • David and Sharron developing a bromance more so than anyone is developing romantic relationship on this show
  • I do agree with the body language being a key aspect of understanding someone. That makes sense.
  • Chloe is ALWAYS matching lipstick at outfit. EVERY SINGLE TIME.
  • Alright, the workshop
    • Did we need the close up of Rhonda’s but fluttering when hugging David? I don’t think so. That’s egregious.
    • Harry is a super jealous dude
    • Eye contact is actually hard to keep so that is a challenge
      • Would it turn into a staring contest? Maybe and probably.
    • Only two activities in the workshop? That is a short workshop.
  • All of the guys are super jealous type. More so than the girls I feel.
  • How does one get rewards?
  • Alright, they have some fancy watches now which will allow for some personal connection
    • This seems like a real cop out if I am being honest. Not a fan of this twist
  • How many push-ups are done in this place?
  • Francesca is tempting Kelz very badly. She is going to hold it over his head if he doesn’t do it.
  • Rhonda: “I had a Chloe moment.”
  • Kelz and Francesca showering together. God. She is pulling all the strings.
  • I would like to be isolated on this island because I’d be able to work out all the time
    • At least she knows herself well enough to know she was being a massive tease
  • Sharron and David talking about this.
    • Sharron is resting on what he has done rather than what he could be doing.
    • David is actually a good dude? Maybe? Kind of?
  • Is Desiree the name of the person doing the voice-over? That’s breaking news!
  • First green watch goes to Sharron and Rhonda. Going to be honest, didn’t expect that.
  • Late night Lana twist?
    • Night alone in the private suite…but no green lights guaranteed

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