Round Two.

Alyssa vs. Stanko.

I felt this coming. Alyssa’s dad (legend) raised some concerns about how my cup was wobbling at the end of Wednesday’s KFC Radio Game Show. Barstool slowed down the tape, only through the lens of Adobe Premiere time remapping was it revealed that by the SLIGHTEST of margins, my cup was still teetering Inception style when Alyssa’s landed firm.

Those who know me know I never back down from competition, no matter what the environment. Speaking strictly to the KFC Radio Game Show, Alyssa is more than worthy as a competitor. She has that Barstool intensity and thirst for entertaining content. Let alone the fact she can probably bench me and put me into both a physical and mental pretzel.

Now, the honest man I am, I did raise a slight concern quickly that her cup may have landed first. However, I respect the judges. The honorable Kevin Clancy and John Feitelberg recognized myself as the champion. I am not going to turn down a W. Who would?!

Finessing one’s way to victory is a more than okay win to get a notch in the win column. As a New England Patriots fan, I KNOW that the tuck rule was fortunate, and the Pats and The Almighty (Tom Brady, obviously) took advantage of the opportunity. It’s like a catcher framing a called third strike to end the game, or selling a play on the base paths to the umpires. Sometimes showmanship is necessary.

Let’s get to Friday night. I’ll admit to some nerves. Alyssa felt she was robbed and if I was in her shoes I’d be thirsty to get the sweet taste of victory. Wondering how possibly try and match her, I brought in some backup. Papa Stanko made his way to New Rochelle for moral support AND just in case Alyssa’s dad wanted to do battle (maybe time for that at a later date?)

The show opens up…Alyssa isn’t to be seen…UNTIL SHE ENTERS WITH A WWE WRESTLING BELT WITH MUSIC!? Okay. I see how this is going to be. (This was no-doubt amazing, but the Cruiser Weight title? Need to at least strive for the Intercontinental!)

Civil War Beer Pong is the game of choice this Friday night. Both Alyssa and I were foreign to the rules, but learned quickly. Then the chaos ensued.

I will say this right now. WE STINK at beer pong.

Alyssa, if you are reading this, we have to be honest with ourselves. We opened this competition tossing the ping pong balls like we were spreading bread crumbs at a petting zoo. Just spraying miscues everywhere.

Eventually things slowed down, and finally, I began to find my stride. Slowing things down was KEY, so thank you KFC for sharing that wisdom.

In the end, #ThePingPongBalls did not lie.

Two-time KFC Radio Social Distancing Game Show champion. How? I have no idea. But to quote myself, W-I-N, WIN, WIN, WIN.

Touching back on the sentimentality, seriously special thanks to KFC, Feits, Nick and Brendan for allowing my to take part. Shouts to Alyssa for pushing the mark and having an AWESOME backyard set up.

In case you missed it, the show is available on twitter still at @KFCRadio, on and on KFC Radio’s YouTube Channel.

To have the opportunity to be a part of the Social Distancing Game Show, well it is really simple. Donate at least one dollar! That’s all! Donations go to Direct Relief. Direct Relief works in the U.S. and internationally to equip doctors and nurses with life-saving medical resources to care for the world’s most vulnerable people. Learn more at

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