Here is the premise for this absolutely INSANE show: The show takes 10 hot singles who are notorious commitment-phobes when it comes to relationships, and it puts them in an island villa together for what they think is going to be a four week sexcation. But when they get there, they’re told there’s prize money involved, and it depends on all of them remaining abstinent for the four week retreat.

This show is on Netflix. That’s if you want to dive into the smut. It’s exactly that, for better or for worse.

  • $100,000 dollars on the line, yes please just let it happen
  • This show has a narration style like it’s a 1980’s American Gladiator cheesiness. It is either going to be really good or really bad.
  • The microphones with the swimsuits may take an episode to adjust to

  • Chloe
    • Phone on during the get-to-know interview
    • She is not the smartest girl
  • Sharron
    • Studied women and gender studies in college
    • Most proud of his penis
    • Producers had an air freshener on deck for his comparison
  • Haley
    • Doesn’t know the language of her tattoo
    • She is still in college
    • She goes to both sides of the batters box
  • Harry
    • Accent lover and dirty talk lover
  • David
    • Pulls out the suntan lotion move right away
    • Try to be the nice guy but #lovesasexparty
    • Doesn’t want to share his number but he 100%%%% wants to
  • Francesca
    • Okay, what an entrance; literally EVERYONE just turned their attention
    • UGH. I hate she counts followers
    • I hate everything about her as a person (as of right now)
  • • Matthew
    • Okay the “do well on Christian Mingle” was a good line
    • But the “conceived just watching” is terrible
  • • Nicole
    • Ireland. I love it. Amazing. BUT WHY IS SHE WEARING A BLUE DRESS? GET HER IN GREEN
  • • Rhonda
    • 10 out of 10 rating is a wee bit too much confidence
    • She tries hard everywhere she goes? I mean really?
    • o No… like to be spoiled? No way
  • • Kelz
    • David is the first to introduce himself to everyone
    • King of the jungle
    • Lion King as favorite movie is nice

  • EVERY single person in this resort are FAR too confident
  • I mean I get it, but this is just insane
  • Kelz has his own gravitational force…the opposite of THIS GUY
  • Matthew as Jesus is the only guy I think I can see myself being friends with right now
  • “The beds don’t make much sound.” Ugh.
  • Rhonda likes Cheetahs. A lot.
  • Okay, the sun tan lotion only on the ass…I hate everything about this
  • Rhonda has finger nails that’d probably kill me
  • Sharoon’s games not working with Rhonda. Don’t think that is coming across at all.
      • Here is the thing…WAS THE CONVERSATION EVEN FLUID??
  • Blindfold game with zero rules…this is going to backfire immensely
  • The nervous laughter from everyone is their way of coping with uncertainty.
  • Francesca just pouncing on her man Harry
  • I wonder what the insignia mean on Lana’s little stanchions
  • The guitar riffing, on the background is hilarious
      • This is a twist I didn’t see coming
  • This show is the most in-step-with-itself self realizing reality show I have ever seen. I’ll admit that this premise has me hooked more than most.

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