We are beginning to finally wind this puppy down.

Love Is Blind Episode Eight

  • Lauren is leaving?? Leaving Cameron on his own??
  • Room full of black people question is very direct
  • Cameron being in an interracial relationship is very good plus on his side in this battle with the dad
  • That was not nearly as contrarian as I thought
  • Do guys think about the suit they pick out for their weddings a lot? I would think that is the wife’s final call
  • The last time we saw Barnett it was him talking to his brother and now he is in this shop so we don’t know how them leaving the family was
  • Kelly is the most naturally pretty and cute of the bunch
  • Jessica loves Giannani’s dress so much. She had jealous hand over the mouth
  • This has to be a favorite episode for the females who are watching this show
  • Well Amber’s talking about being denied made this happy time take dark and somber turn
  • Mark’s best friend is really talking some reality right now
  • “Do you want to be in that dress?”
    • That’s a great way to phrase a complicated question. Well done.
  • Gosh darnit. Jessica is back talking to Barnett. Again. I thought we were past this.
  • Are you saying you didn’t have regrets regarding Barnett? You are lying so badly through your teeth. Jessica is major revisionist history.
  • Giannani is crazy. Literally ZERO WAY either one of them says yes.
  • Amber is just not secure enough financially enough to get married
    • Barnett doesn’t deserve all the pressure to handle everything
  • Lauren with the pressure aspect knowing her family hasn’t had success is a real thought
    • Also LOVE the “I don’t wanna explain myself and just do me” vibe
  • This background story on Jessica and her parents is actually really said and makes a ton of sense in the way she acts
    • That was a really good shot of Mark and Jessica with a wall between them during their picnic
  • The one thing importantly from this experiment is a way to reconnect and reconcile is to go back to how things started. Got back to comfort space
  • Becoming submissive to not hurt someone – I CONNECT WITH THAT ON 1000 levels
  • Excited to talk to a “real” friend….that’s a diss on everyone else
    • Swerve with the Cameron being white and the friend being like “Uhhhhhhh”
    • Will you be in my bridal party: “Sure.” (not great Bob)
  • Cameron with the major bump because he is well endowed
  • Amber asking how Barnett would do if family didn’t say yes
    • Barnett, this is a trap


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