The “hometowns” episode. Also the most CRINGE filled episode of the season for one reason, and one reason only.

Love Is Blind | Episode 7

  • Mark; do you think that the struggles you have shown maybe emulate how Jessica is not the one for you? And that it’s not just the external variables?
  • Giannani NOT SAYING it’s the best sex of her life?? Like where does this come from??
    • It is not mind-blowing
  • Butterflies is a weird term
    • Butterflies = Love? That seems like a leap maybe a little?
  • Barnett sitting up on the truck for his interview is a solid set up; much better than the laying on the bed
  • So Barnett is his last name? So Barnett goes the same way I go using my last name? Is this a reason for me to introduce myself as “Stanko” going forward? Is this permission?
  • “Why are you marrying my daughter?”
  • Damien parents cancelling last minute – I respect that so much because that’s exactly what my parents would do
  • I also get Damien not being a yeller in arguments is resonating with me
  • Giannani; you literally said in the morning you weren’t sure if you were in love any more and then in a later interview (in the same outfit) you say that you are.
  • Okay so Kelly’s family is buying into this quick engagement
    • Well the mother is in for it, the dad isn’t as much
    • Well Kenny’s family as the same thing then
  • Kelly and Kenny’s parents are all-in, for better or for worse
  • Jessica is in her own head about the age thing AGAIN
    • Has to sit next to the mom of the house
  • Mark’s dad has permanent sad/angry face
  • Jess is super Christian – another XXX in my book
  • GG’s family coming all the way from Florida
  • Oh snap Lauren is back in the game
  • Is it okay to admit to parents that you are nervous to meet them or is it better to feel just very confident about it?
  • Why are the editors focusing on Amber’s laugh??
  • Barnett’s parents don’t like Amber at all
  • I disagree with Barnett’s brother; you don’t need to GIVE UP EVERYTHING for something. You need to COMPROMISE with many things
  • Lauren’s dad vs. Cameron is going to so cringe worthy
    • A “HMMM” is first reaction…

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