Director: Michael bay
Staring: Ryan Reynolds, Mélanie Laurent, Lior Raz
Release Date: December 13, 2019

There is not a whole lot to say about this movie. It just is not very good.

6 Underground is the latest Michael Bay action porn extravaganza, and it’s as over-the-top as you could imagine. It’s like Bay took the Netlfix release as permission to forget all reason…and coherent plot…and a followable timeline.

To try and sum it up: One (Ryan Reynolds) is the billionaire organizer of a ghost group of ex-convicts and shady individuals. Together they have the mission of trying to save some of humanities misgivings under the guise of being invisible and outside the law. Donning the anonymity of taking numbers instead of names, their moral mission brings them with a face-to-face with a ruthless dictator. The plan to overthrow him involves kidnapping and convincing his brother to do the proper thing.

Putting it in even simpler terms, good guys overthrowing bad guys with a strong lack of subtlety.

6 Underground is Bay’s first film since Transformers: The Last Knight in thin those two years…nothing has changed for the CGI-explosion loving director. There just as many, if not more absurd crazy stunts and overacted bad guy deaths compared to his other adventures. One thing that is different about 6 Underground is that it is fore gorier than anything Bay’s done. There is literally a torn-out eyeball in the first set piece of the movie.

The opening 20 minutes is the best part of the movie. It has Dave Franco being the perfect comedic character all while just sitting behind the wheel and Ryan Reynolds’s character “One” establishing himself as the quippy billionaire leader of clan. Every character is introduced with a style like Suicide Squad (2016), and it regretfully shares an uninspiring result. Literally not character in the movie has the chance to show some muscle and character besides One.

What really spins 6 Underground into the bottom of the pile in recent action movies are the constant time jumps. The audience is transported years in the past as a means for exposition, and it takes away from the main story. It only adds a layer of confusion to plot, which is already hard to follow despite being super simplistic.

6 Underground can be broken down this way: if you like Michael Bay, then you’ll find this movie tolerable, and if you don’t, then skip it entirely.


“6 Underground” IMDB
“6 Underground” Rotten Tomatoes

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