It’s Friday the 13th, or at least it is when I am writing this. So why not review a horror movie trailer?

Well, it appears I have chosen the worst trailer in the history of all-time? Possibly?

Countdown takes the idea of beating death, combines it with teenage angst, and also throws in supernatural tendencies? WHAT THE HELL IS THIS MOVIE?

Director and writer Justin Dec have to going along the “it’s so bad it’s good” routine right? Is Countdown trying to capitalize on the surprising success of Happy Death Day? Dec is going out on a limb in his first feature motion picture as a director and writer.

What makes me even more upset with this trailer is seeing Tom Segura, a stand-up comedian I love, in this movie. He is obviously going to die in a terrible way saying a witty one-liner. Booooo.

I’ll tell you what…I will not be counting down the days till Countdown comes out. (da-dum-dum-tskkkk). But I will be counting down the minutes till its over once I eventually stream it (double da dum-dum-tskkkk).

Countdown comes out in theaters on Friday, Oct. 25, and I’ll take guesses as the over-under of how long it lasts in theaters and its total box office gross.

“Countdown” IMDB
“Countdown” Rotten Tomatoes (Does it even exist on there??)