This is going to be short and sweet.

Hulu’s latest horror original School Spirit is not really original in anyway. The setting, plot, characters and conclusion are all cliché and stereotypes.

Should you ever really turn on a Hulu original and expect dynamism? Maybe not. Should you expect something that’s passable…that’s a fair benchmark to set.

With the school year just starting, a series of students are put into Saturday detention. Most are of the troublesome variety, but the main character Erica, played by Annie Q, is a straight A student who’s not as wholesome as she appears. Her interactions with her other promiscuous peers revolve around sexual innuendos, drugs, alcohol and high school lust.

The air of high school truism is made crowded by a ghostly presence haunting the high school’s hallways. Explanations for the evil school spirit are told through little puffy pow-wows and scared confessions…but the ending to School Spirit can be foreseen from the first ghostly kill.

There is nothing haunting, scary or even tingly about this adventure. Much of it is hijinks that’s meant to be background noise, and for that it is accurate. If you have homework or are doing chores around the house, toss on School Spirit for some distraction.

Stanko Rating: D+

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