What a horrendous movie. Holmes & Watson is the worst movie I have seen since this year’s Hellboy. And let’s not talk about the independent movie that’s on Netflix, Only Mine. Though…Holmes & Watson has a worst IMDB rating than the drama thriller released in early January.

Back to the super messy, dreadfully unfunny and waste of rental detective comedy. How did Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly think that this was a good idea?? The script written by Etan Cohen is cringe worthy, and not in the awkward humor type of way. None of the jokes land. The set pieces of comedy are appalling. The characters, even Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson, are one-dimensional and atrocious.

Folks, Holmes & Watson is a very bad movie. There is a set piece, a pivotal joke, about the Queen of England taking a selfie with the detective duo with an old fashioned camera. Then after they knock her out being clumsy (hilarious, right?), Holmes and Watson think she is dead and then try to stuff her in a trunk for an insanely boring amount of time.

What is even more of a blasphemy is the waste of immense talent. There is no denying that Ferrell and Reilly are comedic geniuses when working right. There is also Ralph Fiennes, Rebecca Hall and Kelly Macdonald. They were all subjected to this. I think Holmes & Watson is a great test to, if I had the guts to do it, to ask the actresses or actors if they knew this particular project wasn’t going to end up great.

This review is short because it’s message is concise. Skip Holmes & Watson. At all costs.


Holmes & Watson IMDB
Holmes & Watson Rotten Tomatoes

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