Christopher Robin is an absolute delight. It has no right being as charming, heart-warming and relevant as it is, but credit to director Marc Forster and an amazing cast for pulling off a down-to-reality story that touches home for people of all ages on multiple levels.

A.A. Milne and Earnest Shepard created the original characters back in 1926. Now in 2018, Forster, along with a series of writers, bring it to modern audiences with the main character being a grown up Christopher Robin.

Working to the bone for an unappreciative boss, Robin is forgetting the wonders of joys and sources of happiness around him. His wife Evelyn and daughter Madeline understand the stress he is under, but their patience is waning. Enter in Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet and the whole gang. Between the setting of the Hundred-Acre Wood and post World War II England, Robin is slowly reminded about the essential, more personal aspects of life.

Christopher Robin is beautifully shot and all credit to the visual effects team for seamlessly blending the animation of the animals with the various England settings. The movie was nominated for Best Visual Effects at the 2019 Oscars. You can tell that the makers of Christopher Robin didn’t approach this child’s story with a child’s eye.


The performance of Christopher Robin by Ewan McGregor is genuine. He blends the bustle and impatience of a working man with the earnestness and care of a family man. There are many scenes in which Robin has to treat Pooh like a young pup; educating and appeasing while teaching.

The voice performances are perfectly cast as well. Jim Cummings voices both Pooh and Tigger, two characters he has tons of experience performing over the past decade in various TV Shorts and video games. The home run casting in the movie was Brad Garrett as Eeyore. The funniest character in the movie has the PERFECT depressed monotone. His “oh brother”-esq one-liners have the uncanny way of creating a creaked smile on your face while dealing with the heavier lessons in Christopher Robin.

There are heavier tones in Christopher Robin that tug at the adults and fly over the kids watching. Notably, the moments we see in the relationship between the Christopher Robin and his wife, played by Hayley Atwell. The undertone of disappointment but regretful understanding played by Atwell is something everyone can relate to if someone in your relationship puts works in front of everything else a little too often.

Christopher Robin surprises in the best way, blowing away expectations. It is busting with warmth and the brings old characters and life-lessons to modern audiences in an ultimate crowd-pleaser. No Heffalumps or Woozles, just tons of sweet honey for all viewers to love.

Stanko Rating: A

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