Mike Phillips asked me to join him on his podcast, “Just End The Suffering” to talk Avengers: Endgame.

Phillips talks the movie with Sam De Rosa before welcoming myself and Will Schneiderhan. As in the descriptions of the episode on the podcast’s official Soundcloud page:

SPOILER ALERT-It’s time for a very special Avengers: Endgame edition of the Just End The Suffering podcast! Host Mike Phillips takes a deep dive into the the Avengers phenomenon with a special bonus episode of the podcast. The show starts with a time capsule segment (2:54), featuring pop culture correspondent Sam DeRosa, to reset the MCU entering Endgame and offering predictions about the coming movie. Starting at 21:18, Mike is joined by Will Schneiderhan and Jonathan Stanko for a spoiler-filled recap of all the action in Endgame. Last but not least, Mike and Jon break down the future of the MCU (45:08) and offer some guesses as to where the movie franchise goes after Endgame.

Be sure to give Mike Phillips a follow on Soundcloud and at his blog as well!

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