Before the NBA season I took a stab at predicting the NBA regular season win totals and the postseason race. With the regular season in the rear view window, let’s see how I did with the wins total and the NBA seeding for the upcoming playoffs.


Atlantic Division

Boston Celtics – Under 53.5
Brooklyn Nets – Under 50.5
New York Knicks – Over 38.5
Philadelphia 76ers – Over 50.5
Toronto Raptors – Over 46.5

Central Division

Chicago Bulls – Under 41.5
Cleveland Cavaliers – Over 47.5
Detroit Pistons – Over 29.5
Indiana Pacers – Under 23.5
Milwaukee Bucks – Over 52.5

Southeast Division

Atlanta Hawks – Under 45.5
Charlotte Hornets – Under 34.5
Miami Heat – Under 49.5
Orlando Magic – Over 26.5
Washington Wizards – Under 34.5

Northwest Division

Denver Nuggets – Over 50.5
Utah Jazz – Under 23.5
Minnesota Timberwolves – Under 48.5
Oklahoma City Thunder – Under 23.5
Portland Trail Blazers – Under 38.5

Pacific Division

Golden State Warriors – Over 52.5
Los Angeles Clippers – Under 52.5
Los Angeles Lakers – Over 45.5
Phoenix Suns – Under 52.5
Sacramento Kings – Over 34.5

Southwest Division

Dallas Mavericks – Under 48.5
Houston Rockets – Under 23.5
Memphis Grizzlies – Over 48.5
New Orleans Pelicans – Over 43.5
San Antonio Spurs – Under 22.5

Overall Record: 20-10


  • MVP: Giannis Antetokunmpo, Milwaukee Bucks (+600)
    • Not looking great, but he will be top three in the voting.
  • Sixth Man Of The Year: Precious Achiuwa, Toronto Raptors (+4000)
    • YIKES. Not a good pick. But hey, Celtics own Macolm Brogden is gonna be getting it.
  • Defensive Player Of The Year: Giannis Antetokunmpo, Milwaukee Bucks (+800)
    • Again not a terrible pick, but JJJ seems to have wrapped this up?
  • Most Improved Player: Anthony Edwards, Minnesota Timberwolves (+1000)
    • Missed some time. Team a bit of a mess. Wish He took more of a leap.
  • Rookie Of The Year: Keegan Murray, Sacramento Kings (+400)
    • He isn’t going to win, but he set three-pointer rookie record. That has to account for something.




  1. Milwaukee Bucks ✅
  2. Philadelphia 76ers ⬇️(#3 Seed)
  3. Boston Celtics ⬆️(#2 Seed)
  4. Toronto Raptors ⬇️ (#9 Seed)
  5. Brooklyn Nets ⬇️ (#6 Seed)
  6. Miami Heat ⬇️ (#7 Seed)
  7. Cleveland Cavaliers ⬆️ (#4 Seed)
  8. Atlanta Hawks ✅
  9. New York Knicks ⬆️(#5 Seed)
  10. Orlando Magic ⬇️ (Miss Playoffs)

Did pretty solid here. I got nine of the 10 teams in the playoffs. Was most off with the Knicks and the Raptors. I did not have the Bulls in the playoffs. I had four teams within one seed of where they landed and two teams I got perfectly right.

  1. Golden State Warriors ⬇️(#6 Seed)
  2. Denver Nuggets ⬆️(#1 Seed)
  3. Los Angeles Clippers ⬇️ (#5 Seed)
  4. Memphis Grizzlies ⬆️(#2 Seed)
  5. Los Angeles Lakers ⬇️ (#7 Seed)
  6. New Orleans Pelicans ⬇️ (#9 Seed)
  7. Phoenix Suns ⬆️(#4 Seed)
  8. Dallas Mavericks ⬇️ (Miss Playoffs)
  9. Minnesota Timberwolves ⬆️(#8 Seed)
  10. Sacramento Kings ⬆️(#3 Seed)

All over the map in the west. I had nine of the 10 tens still, and if the Mavericks didn’t vomit all over themselves then I would have been in fine shape. Was too optimistic regarding the Warriors and Pelicans, and those down falls are direct correlation to the fucking Kings man. Love to see it.

These were my NBA Playoff predictions. We can revisit these once the playoffs are done. Obviously some teams are already out, so ignore those teams. They don’t exist.


#7 Cleveland Cavaliers beat #8 Atlanta Hawks
#9 New York Knicks beat #10 Orlando Magic
#8 Atlanta Hawks beat #9 New York Knicks

First Round
#1 Milwaukee Bucks beat #8 Atlanta Hawks
#2 Philadelphia 76ers beat #7 Cleveland Cavaliers
#3 Boston Celtics beat #6 Miami Heat
#4 Brooklyn Nets bet #4 Toronto Raptors

Second Round
#1 Milwaukee Bucks beat #5 Brooklyn Nets
#2 Philadelphia 76ers beat #3 Boston Celtics

Conference Championship
#1 Milwaukee Bucks beat #2 Philadelphia 76ers


#7 Phoenix Suns beat #8 Dallas Mavericks
#9 Minnesota Timberwolves beat #10 Sacramento Kings
#8 Dallas Mavericks vs. #9 Minnesota Timberwolves

First Round
#1 Golden State Warriors beat #8 Dallas Mavericks
#2 Denver Nuggets beat #7 Phoenix Suns
#3 Los Angeles Clippers beat #6 New Orleans Pelicans
#4 Memphis Grizzlies beat #5 Los Angeles Lakers

Second Round
#1 Golden State Warriors beat #4 Memphis Grizzlies
#2 Denver Nuggets beats #3 Los Angeles Clippers

Conference Championship
#2 Denver Nuggets beat #1 Golden State Warriors

NBA Championship
Milwaukee Bucks beat Denver Nuggets

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