Notable Week THIRTEEN & Season Nuggets
  • The playoff are set. Tom McLaughlin gets the number one seed with a 10-3 record. Buzzi takes the second seed at 9-4, and Tommy will face up against him as the third seed with an 8-5 record. Ronan takes the final playoff spot with a below .500, 6-7 record. Ronan earns the right to face Tom because he was the highest scoring team of those tied at 6-7, beating out Jiummy, Steve, myself, and Lobo.
    • It is pretty crazy that five teams tied for the last playoff spot.
  • What is also crazy is that Mike Ritz did indeed pull himself out of the gutter! He does not finish in last place! With a huge win, and his third highest scoring game of the season, Mike avoids the gutter and avoids paying double to the winner. Ritz ended up beating out McGinnity in points scored by just 11.58 points.
    • Ronan pointed out notably that I said: “McGinnity is sitting just above last place, and he is seems to be fine to avoid the utter gutter as long as he fills out a lineup. He has 33.54 points ahead of Ritz, so if Ritz wins and McGinnity loses, the Ritz has to outscore Matt by that much. Crazier things has happened, but…it is unlikely….See above. Ritz needs a bit of a miracle to avoid paying double.”
  • With winning the 2022 Back At The Reeeeeem Fantasy Regular Season title, Tom McLaughlin gets 50 bucks back. He is now playing with house money. To my recollection, the runner-up in the championship gets 100 dollars, and the remaining money goes to the overall victor. The victor also gets the Back At The Reeeeeem RJR trophy, which is obviously more important.
  • Of the four teams that made the postseason, three of the four have the three fewest points scored against them this season. Ronan has the most points scored against him, but he still makes it on. The four playoff teams are top four in points scored.
  • We really had to save the second largest average margin of victory to week 13, when the most was on the line? Just not a ton of drama. Doesn’t help with two games have a 50+ point differential.
  • Margin Of Victory By Week:
    • Week 1: 35.156
    • Week 2: 16.284
    • Week 3: 23.216
    • Week 4: 35.84
    • Week 5: 35.748
    • Week 6: 12.756
    • Week 7: 23.792
    • Week 8: 37.552
    • Week 9: 34.488
    • Week 10: 23.484
    • Week 11: 47.44
    • Week 12: 28.02
    • Week 13: 36.25
    • Average Margin Of Victory This Season Is 30.03
  • The coveted 160+ threshold does not get any new members this week.
    • Ronan has the highest scoring week of the season, but otherwise this is the Tom McLaughlin and Matthew Buzzi show as each have three games with over 160 points.
      • Ronan McClorey 174.12 (Week 8)
      • Matthew Buzzi 173.52 (Week 5)
      • Tom McLaughlin 173.22 (Week 1)
      • Tom McLaughlin 173.02 (Week 11)
      • Matthew Buzzi 172.7 Week 4)
      • Tom McLaughlin 162.74 (Week 8)
      • Matthew Buzzi 160.54 (Week 11)
  • Teams On A Bye In Week 14: Atlanta Falcons, Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Indianapolis Colts, New Orleans Saints, Washington Commanders
    • Justin Fields, Marcus Mariota, Aaron Jones, Antonio Gibson, Jonathan Taylor, Terry McLaurin, Chris Olave, Michael Pittman Jr., Curtis Samuel, Taysom Hill, Juwan Johnson, Washington Commanders D/ST, Indianapolis Colts D/ST, Younghoo Koo, Chase McLaughlin, Joey Slye, Cairo Santos
Average Team Totals Per Week
  • Week One: 113.47
  • Week Two: 121.29
  • Week Three: 103.11 (Least)
  • Week Four: 123.08
  • Week Five: 121.19
  • Week Six: 103.326 (First Week Of Byes)
  • Week Seven: 110.51
  • Week Eight: 126.35 (Most)
  • Week Nine: 120.08
  • Week Ten: 110.92
  • Week Eleven: 108.56
  • Week Twelve: 115.09
  • Week Thirteen: 113.626
Points Scored Compared To Projected Through Week Thirteen
  1. My Glockz Out (+127.76)
  2. Hotel, Motel, Golladay Inn (+58.78)
  3. Ek’s Gonna Give It To Ya (+44.23)
  4. My Own Worst Etiennemy (+34.58)
  5. Lights, Kamara, Jackson (-1.22)
  6. Country Roads Take Mahomes (-10.28)
  7. The Bourne Supremacy (-49.45)
  8. Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (-88.44)
  9. Dirty Mike And The Boys (-144.74)
  10. Keke, Coutee Luv Me (-221.82)

#1 My Glockz Out (10-3) vs. #4 Lights, Kamara, Jackson (6-7)

  • Tom McLaughlin has been the top performer in the league the entire season, but begins the playoffs following a loss to Jimmy Simon. He had won five straight before falling in week 13.
  • Tom McLaughlin has only scored less than 125 points five times this season. In each of this three loses he scored less than 125 points.
  • Ronan has lost three of four heading into the playoffs. He advanced to the playoffs out of a five person tie because he scored more points than the rest of the teams; he finished the season with the third most points in the league…and the most amount of points scored against him.
  • Ronan is going to have to rely on his backup quarterback…Deshaun Watson. Besides being not a great person to root for, he also played like garbage against the Houston Texans. Not exactly inspiring confidence.
  • Ronan has the #6 (Josh Jacobs), and #7 (Lamar Jackson) ranked fantasy players. Tom McLauglin has #12 (Justin Jefferson), #13 (Tyreek Hill), #20 (Kyler Murray), #21 (Saquon Barkley) and #24 (Tua Tagovailoa) ranked players.
  • McLaughlin and Ronan played twice this season and McLaughlin took both games.
    • In week two Tom won 158.18 to 118.22. In that game Tyreek Hill had 190 yards and two touchdowns for 30.5 points. Ronan should have stood a chance with Lamar Jackson doing for over 40 points, but Joe Mixon and A.J. Brown had single digit points and Ronan played a inactive Julio Jones.
    • In Week 10 it was a slaughter. Tom defeated Ronan 152.3 to 72.84. It was never close. Justin Jefferson had 30.3 points and had the massively crazy catch against the Buffalo Bills. Also the quartet of Tua Tagovailoa, Saquon Barkley, Tony Pollard and Justin Jefferson scored 96.5 points, which would have more than anything taken down Ronan.

#2 Ek’s Gonna Give It To Ya (9-4) vs. #3 Hotel, Motel, Golladay Inn (8-5)

  • Buzzi scored the second most points during the regular season by a fairly wide margin. He had pretty good luck having the third fewest points scored against him. Tommy scored the fourth most points in the league and had the second fewest points scored against him.
  • Both teams enter the playoffs working their rosters well. Buzzi has won four straight and has scored over 117 points per game in each of his last five games. Tommy has won three of this last four, and his lost to Buzzi during that stretch. He was 3-3 after week six after a loss to Ritz, but since then he is 5-2, though both losses are to playoff teams (Ronan).
  • Buzzi has the #8 (Davante Adams), #9 (Austin Ekeler), #15 (Justin Herbert), #16 (Travis Kelce), #19 (Daniel Jones) on his roster. Tommy Simon has #4 (Joe Burrow), #11 (Geno Smith), #17 (Nick Chubb), #18 (Christian McCaffrey) and #25 (Kirk Cousins) on his roster.
  • Buzzi and Tommy split the regular season series.
    • In week three, Tommy took home the win with a 121.3 to 95.78 decision. Jamaal Williams won the MVP outscoring his projection by 16 points and totally 23.7 in total. Tommy won despite the Los Angeles Chargers defense going for -6.0 points. The Chargers stunk overall against Jacksonville that day, so Austin Ekeler got only 9.3 points and Buzzi didn’t even play Justin Herbert. The oddity is that Buzzi didn’t play D.K. Metcalf this week and instead opted for Nelson Agholor, which was not wise.
    • In week 12 Buzzi got his revenge with a 117.76 to 108.6 victory. The Chargers duo of Herbet and Ekeler combined for nearly 40 total points and Travis Kelce and DK Metcalf came in together with 28 points. Tommy was led down by Christian McCaffrey with 6.9 points, which was his lowest game of the entire season. I donned Herbet with the MVP award for his 28.76 points effort which was his first 20+ scoring game since week four.

Week Thirteen Matchup Recaps

Country Roads Take Mahomes (127.32) defeats My Glockz Out (124.1)

Jimmy Simon ending his season with an absolute statement! Taking down the top team and showing that he indeed deserved some playoff consideration!

This box score is close, and it is the only close matchup of the entire week. For that, thank you Jimmy and Tom. Thank you for having a sense of drama in the final regular season game of the country.

Where did Tom’s roster go wrong? You have to look at the quarterback position. Tua Tagovailoa gave him only 13.8 points. It is his lowest outing of the season when he has played a full game. Could the regular season champ improve upon his quarterback position from his bench? Nope. A resounding no. Kyler Murray was on a bye so shit out of luck there, and Jimmy Garapollo got hurt and scored only 2.24 points. Nothing good. Nothing to regret either.

Where does the differentiating point in the game come in? We have to look at the wide receiver three spot. Amara Cooper had ZERO chemistry with Deshaun Watson. Tom and Amari wish that Jacoby was back behind center because four catches for 40 yards is not going to cut it. Meanwhile, Amon-Ra St. Brown took it upon himself to score 29.1 points against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Save to say the Brown is the MVP of the matchup. The Lions No. 1 target is also PFFs number one rated wide receiver of the week. He clocked in 114 yards and two touchdowns on 12 targets.

It is really nuts that the Detroit Lions are a good football team. Or at least very fun to watch.

Tom had won five in a row before losing to Jimmy. Two of Tom’s loses this year came to the Simon brothers.

Also, can we talk about how Tom’s 124.1 points scored is his lowest point total since the seventh week of the season, which capped off his lowest scoring stretch of the season. He is for sure hoping that none of that is coming to fruition again.

Tom suffers a loss to fall to 10-3, but he would rather it now than in the playoffs.

Ek’s Gonna Give It To Ya (134.8) defeats The Bourne Supremacy (111.36)

The two-time defending champion is not in the playoffs. I bow my crown. I relent my title. A new dawn has begun in the Back At the Reeeeeem Fantasy Football League.

The AFC West scored 68.1 points for Buzzi, and the hustle all falls toward the side of Davante Adams. We will get to him. Adams’ team played against Justin Herbert and Austin Ekeler, and the Raiders did their best to keep them in check. Both Chargers players were held underneath their projected point total. Travis Kelce also only had 5.6 points, which is his lowest point total of the season and only his second game with less than 10 points.

Imagine if Buzzi played the San Francisco 49ers defense? He would have buried me 10 feet under. Though it is totally understandable that you don’t play a team against the Miami Dolphins. Though he did not know that Jaylen Waddle would get hurt and Tua Tagovailoa would turn into a pumpkin.

Let’s tack on the NFC west to Buzz’s success. He scored 22.7 points. No one is happier for Geno Smith than DK Metcalf.

I would like to be angry that Jaylen Waddle got hurt. He only had one catch for nine yards. Not saying that he would have changed the entire fate, but I would have liked to make things more interesting.

The MVP of this matchup is Davante Adams. It has to be. 33.7 points, almost all of it in the second half. Absolutely torched the Chargers and myself. I am now kind of getting a perverse pleasure from watching the Chargers struggle, but at the expense of my fantasy happiness, it was hard.

I end the season losing four straight and Buzzi is primed to take home the RJR Memorial Trophy

Dirty Mike And The Boys (121.0) defeats Lights, Kamara, Jackson (82.84)

From the ashes, a phoenix rises. From the depths of despair, hope springs eternal. From the fog of discontent, comes the sunlight of promise.

Michael Ritz did not finish in last place. After being the basement dweller for the majority of the season, the oft-runner-up of the Reeeeeem Fantasy Football league comes up with a huge win in week 13 over Ronan to take ninth place from Matthew McGinnity.

How did Ritz get there?

It was not just one player. It was a team effort. Even his bench players like Cam Akers scored a great point total in rest and relaxation. Dak Prescott someone only scored 16.8 points despite the Dallas Cowboys putting up 54 points against the Indianapolis Colts. Dalvin Cook did his thing against the Jets. Dameon Pierce continued his steady rookie campaign. Stefon Diggs told the Patriots to shove it, and DeVonta Smith went off against the Tennessee Titans.

Ronan is limping into the playoff having lost three of his last four games. In those three losses, he has not scored over 100 total team points. His 82.24 points this week is his second lowest of the season, trailing only his 72.94 output against Tommy McLaughlin in week 10.

So what went wrong with Ronan this week? Having Lamar Jackson go out with injury is bad news, and him being gone for at least three games doesn’t inspire much confidence. Also Dawson Knox getting knocked out of the game due to injury is bad and Zay Jones dropped a touchdown pass for the Jaguars in their loss to Detroit.

There were only three players on Ronan’s team that scored double-digit point. Josh Jacobs kept his fantasy RB1 season rolling with 20 points. A.J. Brown torched the Titans with 27.9 points. Brown had his third 100+ yard receiving game and second multiple touchdown game. He is going to need more of those if Ronan wants a shot in the playoffs.

The only other person on Ronans team to reach double-figures wasn’t even a person. It was the Denver Broncos defense. Which is a curious play by Ronan regardless because his quarterback was going up against them. So the better Lamar did, the worst his defense, ect.

But I digress, it didn’t play a huge dividend.

The MVP of the matchup is Mike Ritz’s persistence. His team started out the season 0-5. but he never stooped setting his lineup. He kept on punching through the frustration. He finished the season going 4-4 in his last eight games, including a key spoiler win against myself and a seismic W over McGinnity in week 10.

Ritz gets to 4-9 and ends the regular season on a high-note, and Ronan limps into the playoffs losing his third of four.

MY OWN WORST ETIENNEMY (140.1) defeats Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (75.88)

It is a slaughter. A massacre. Nearly a doubling up. Steve Kultzow ends the season with two straight wins, each of which he scored over 131 points. Steve ended the season with a high note, and ends up jumping up two spots over the final weeks to end with the sixth most points.

Steve’s team really turned a switch when Keenan Allen came back. Over the last three games he came back he averaged 13.7 points and he became a very steady option with the unreliability of Brandin Cooks, Alex Pierce, Nico Collins, ect. You have the old man in Allen starting to reemerge, and the young up and comer Garrett Wilson continuing his torrid pace.

Derrick Henry and Travis Etienne Jr. combined for only 10.9 points, at the running back position…but that was more than enough.

Matt McGinnity had only two double-digit performers; Aaron Rodgers scored 13.68 points…and Leonard Fournette scored 11.1 points. After that…should we really talk about the rest? Raheem Mostert with three points. Deebo Samuel only with 9.3 points (for a team that scored 33 team points) and the next highest was Gabe Davis with 8.5 points on Thursday. Nothing went right for McGinnity. He sank faster than the Titanic.

The MVP of this matchup is going to be the effort that absolutely no body watched. The Dallas Cowboys defense scored 19.0 point against the Indianapolis Colts, and almost all of it came in the second half and the fourth quarter. This game was absolutely brutal to watch…unless you had the Cowboys defense. They literally murdered Matt Ryan. Literally killed him. Every analysts wants Ryan to retire after that game.

Steve closes the year with a monstrous effort and sends McGinnity to last place.

Hotel, Motel, Golladay Inn (135.54) defeats Keke, Coutee Luve Me (83.92)

The Simon brothers sweep the weekend. Tommy enters the postseason riding on a high. His quarterback Joe Burrow owns the Kansas City Chiefs and scored 30.04 points against the AFC heavy weight.It is the second time this season that he has scored over 30 points in a game; his other came against Atlanta in week seven.

It doesn’t matter that Nick Chubb scored only 8.0 points, or that Kenneth Walker III got hurt and ended up with only 3.6 points. He has the trusty talents of Christian Watson on his own team, the Green Bay Packers. The rookie may be the fastest person alive. He has scored a touchdown in four straight games and has seven over that stretch. He is making the most of his targets, averaging less than four per game. Watson gets the MVP because when your team has your key fantasy player, there is really no better feeling.

We can’t forget Christian McCaffrey who scored 24.6 points. McCaffrey may need to carry a bigger load for the 49ers, and for Tommy’s fantasy hopes. With Kenneth Walker gone, it looks like it’s McCaffrey and Jamaal Williams plugging the holes. Also is Walker III going to lose the Offensive Rookie of the Year battle to Garrett Wilson? I think so.

I mean what happened to Lobo? His team looked so strong at the start, but nothing came together in the end. Josh Allen ranks the third quarterback in fantasy but hasn’t been the showcase fantasy juggernaut we expected. Jonathan Taylor and Aaron ones are part of disappointing teams. Same goes for Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. Jakobi Myers was a dud this week. His stock is down, and the stock of Michael Gallup is up. The Dallas wide receiver had his first double-digit scoring game of the season with 16.3 points. It may only get better for Gallup too with Houston and Jacksonville coming up.

Too bad Lobo is not in the playoffs.

Lobo finishes just below .500 and may be lucky to be there. Tommy is in the playoffs at 8-5 and I think he has best chance of the upset.

Semifinals Playoff Matchups

  • #1 My Glockz Out (10-3) vs. #4 Lights, Kamara, Jackson (6-7)
  • #2 Ek’s Gonna Give It To Ya (9-4) vs. #3 Hotel, Motel, Golladay Inn (8-5)

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