• Jesse Palmer did his best to tell everyone that this is the rose ceremony from hell. As cheesy and over-the-top as the description might be…it is also not that far off.
  • We are still at this rose ceremony. We are still doing the damn thing.
    • Both Gabby and Rachel are just sobbing their eyes out and the shots of Clayton atop the stairs with all the emotions happening around him are both dreadful and hilarious.
    • Gabby looks more PISSED and Rachel looks more SAD
    • They are all raising great points when they are venting or talking to whatever producer is off camera
      • Yes, it is unfair, Yes, Clayton is stupid. Yes, it makes no sense.
    • Gabby is the first one to talk to Clayton after he just told BOTH WOMEN THAT HE LOVES THREE WOMEN AT ONCE AND HE WAS INTIMATE WITH BOTH OF THEM
      • Gabby is pissed, but she is holding herself up well.
      • Clayton makes the biggest mistake in Gabby’s eyes saying that while he loves everyone, everyone’s unique differences make the loves different…but then Clayton says he needs to figure out who he loves most
        • Gabby is like THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION CLAYTON. They are not all Sha-Nay-Nay.
        • Gabby will hold this against Clayton. Massively. And rightfully so.
    • Rachel talks with Clayton…and there is a lot more crying…
      • Rachel actually lays down on Clayton’s lap and sobs on him while he rubs her back and tries to console her. It is not an easy watch. I don’t like it.
      • Clayton is really trying to convey that his love for all three women is different, but it is hard to convince someone who you betrayed so badly of this seemingly impossible truth.
    • So now Clayton needs to ask if they want to accept the roses.
      • He asks Rachel first…and she accepts it, although not so enthusiastically
      • He asks Gabby…AND SHE SAYS NO. GABBY SAYS NO.
        • Huge. Just a huge thing. By gawd. Rachel is shooketh. Just absolutely shook.
          • Clayton has to make one last plea just to save himself from a VERY DIRE situation where Rachel is the only one left and she is going to feel like she is the “winner” by solely being the last one left in this war or romantic attrition.
          • Would Gabby change her mind?
            • Yes, obviously. We were not going to end the show this way.
              • The most interesting part of this is that Rachel gives Gabby a HUGE hug when she re-climbs up the stairs and appears.
                • Rachel has to feel so much relief.
  • So now Clayton is sitting down with his family and trying to explain this whole scenario. It is not exactly a pretty picture.
    • Clayton’s family gave it to Clayton as he should have gotten it. Clayton done fucked up.
      • Clayton’s dad is very blunt saying that Clayton created his own mess.
    • The best tweet I saw regarding the Bachelor finale was that Clayton’s dad was meant to my a father of daughters but instead ended up with three sons
    • Clayton’s parents are really emotionally intelligent. Claire would be really happy.
    • With that being said…we really did not see anything substantial from Clayton’s brothers
      • Both of them rocked the tight shirt and chain
      • Which one slid into Teddi’s DMs?
    • Clayton’s mom has great facial expressions…which will come back into the picture at the end of this episode.
  • So now Gabby is going to meet Clayton’s parents, and I am very thankful that they at least understand the situation she is in.
    • Clayton’s family is very understanding of the situation and feel a lot of sympathy for her.
    • I wish Gabby got to share her out-of-the-limo line with Clayton’s parents
    • Clayton’s dad got the best read on Gabby being that she has a unique sense of humor and is confident in herself
    • It was hard to get into these visits with the parents it feels like there is a shoe that is going to drop and
    • I just don’t understand how Gabby was so quick to flick the switch. I am not sure that she meant it when she was giving her individual
  • I do not remember much of Rachel’s one-on-one date with Clayton’s family
    • She had more a natural smile on her face
    • She was drinking a mimosa
    • That is really all I remember. I just feel bad because Rachel really does like Clayton and she wears it on her sleeve, but he is not giving anything back.
  • So both dates have happened…and Clayton is just like “NAHHHHHH, I AM GOOD!”
    • In the end, Clayton tells his family that during his two dates with Gabby and Rachel, he could not stop thinking about Susie…and that his heart is with Susie.
      • Clayton’s family is shocked, as they should be. They keep on preaching that she left him, and he is worried more about the one that got away. PREACH PAPA CLAYTON
      • Clayton just doesn’t care, and he is saying that if he has a chance with Susie still, then he has to take it.
        • IN COMES JESSE PALMER (without a tie, no less)
          • Susie is still in Iceland. And that is where we leave it…till the next night.
  • We start day two of the finale with Clayton talking to his parents about Susie and what makes her so special.
    • BAM! In walks Susie!
      • So there is a very awkward hug introducing everyone and the Susie goes and talks outside with Clayton.
        • Clayton basically pleads his case and Susie is like I am not in the mindset to make a decision right now. Susie has a good head on her shoulders. She is not rushing this decision too much.
    • This is insane, and another massive mistake by Clayton. How could he possibly think it is okay to do this?
      • I am so happy with Gabby and Rachel both calling him out for it.
      • Gabby is STRAIGHT UP PISSED, as she should be.
        • She calls him out on it, and essentially tells him to fuck off.
          • Oh, and the disdain on her face. God she was absolutely ruined and she wanted to ruin him.
      • Rachel is more upset, but she is beginning to feel that hate.
        • Rachel does let Clayton walk her out…but she is really killing him while doing so
          • Rachel is keeps saying that Clayton is making the biggest mistake, and that she never stopped fighting and he is giving up and everything is his fault.
            • Not all of this is true, not all of it is untrue.
            • I don’t empathize with Rachel and they way she pumps herself up after a break up. We will see more of this when she sits and talks down with Clayton.
        • Rachel points out that Clayton did not cry at all when breaking up with her, or either one of them
          • I think that Clayton had more relief than remorse
  • So back to the live final portion in front of the “amazing studio audience” which Jesse says all the time
    • Gabby sits down with Jesse first, and Gabby looks STUNNING.
      • Immediately we have to point out that Gabby is wearing the Bachelorette black dress…
      • Gabby is explaining her whole outlook on the situation very well
        • We knew she was well spoken, but not this well spoken
      • Gabby’s grandfather is there and he is adorable. My girlfriend loves him so much. She wants more of him in the future…which we might be getting…
      • So Clayton comes out and he sits next to her and this is wonderfully awkward.
      • I really do think that Clayton understands that he made mistakes, but he is not good at articulating his thoughts
        • Clayton needs to understand that while he is saying he made mistakes, he needs to take a bit of ownership.
    • Rachel comes out…and she comes out GUNS ABLAZING
      • Rachel is riding high in her golden dress and saying that Clayton made a massive mistake, he would be been excellent with her and that he messed up.
      • Rachel’s parents are there and Rachel’s dad looks hella uncomfy. Like, massively uncomfortable.
        • Jesse asks if they have any comments, and they basically acknowledge the golden rule that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.
          • But boy-oh-boy they have things they want to say.
      • Rachael talks to Clayton and she speaks down on him heavily.
      • Rachels asks a huge question; did he only say that he loves her to sleep with her.
        • He vehemently denies this, and I do believe him.
    • In all honesty, I think that Clayton has grown up a lot. He knows he made mistakes, and he is still learning how cope and deal with them.
  • So we are back in the show, and it is time for the big moment. Clayton has a ring…doe he plan on using it? Will Susie show up at all?
    • For the record, my girlfriend liked the ring that Clayton had because it was the most simple one she has seen on the show
    • Susie does show up…AND SHE IS WEARING WHITE
    • Clayton gives Susie a big speech and shows her that he has a ring and he is serious about fixing his wrongs
      • Susie…doesn’t give into the speech. She sticks to her guns, and that she is not ready for this right now. She knows what is right, and she knows she needs to step away.
    • Clayton walks her out, and it is a nasty rain, and honestly just great visually.
      • The lost shot of Clayton in Iceland is him standing in the rain with it whipping across his face as Susie drives away
        • It is hard not to feel bad for Clayton.
  • At the end of this journey…there is not a happy ending.
    • Clayton took a chance and it didn’t payoff.
      • Or…did it.
  • So Clayton ends up with Susie…but after the fact. After the journey is over.
    • Susie reached out to Clayton after they separated in Iceland, and they are starting off slow…just being girlfriend and boyfriend. That actually makes a ton of sense.
    • Jesse has to ask if they are in love…and they say that they are.
    • I love Susie’s confidence in saying that if they are going to get married, she is going to be the one proposing and with the ring. Clayton has burned her once already, and she won’t be having that happen again.
    • Clayton does give Susie…a final rose. I actually thought that this was very cute. It was cheesy, but in the right way.
    • In all honesty, I think that Clayton has grown up a lot. He knows he has made mistakes, though he has a hard time talking about them
      • Just needs to work on his diction a bit.
  • So who is going to be the next bachelorette?
    • WE HAVE TWO!! Gabby and Rachel are going to BOTH be bachelorettes at THE SAME TIME.
    • It was really sweet that Rachel is so happy for Gabby. That was genuine and I liked seeing that support.
    • Jesse Palmer is going to be the host again for that season, and I really love that. He was VERY GOOD at his job.
      • When he did the eye thing teasing who the bachelorette would be, that was gold.

Rumors and reports say that the next Bachelor Universe show is not premiering to July. I love this franchise, I really do for some odd reason, but I am happy for this break. Give us time to reset and remember why we like it. We will be back to over analyze situations we shouldn’t in the middle of the summer.

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