Championship Matchup – Week 16

Dirty Mike And The Boys (95.4) leads Deus Ex Mac (93.64)

For the first week of a championship matchup, neither Mike Ritz and I put up numbers indicative of what our teams are capable of doing. There are a series of reasons for that, underperforming, injuries, and COVID. With the events that transpired over Thursday and Sunday, Ritz and I are in a battle of attrition to see who comes out on top for this 2020-21 fantasy football season.

Looking at the under preforming aspects of our team, that level leans toward my team in the quarterbacks department. Justin Herbert threw two interceptions and was just dreadful overall against the Houston Texans. The Chargers managed to lose the game and it does not help my cause that I also had their defense in my lineup which ended up with negative five points. Part of Herbert’s issues may have been that Mike Williams was out, and if he was in, no doubt that Ritz would have played him in his lineup.

Sticking with the underwhelming theme, the James Robinson and Miles Sanders on Deus Ex Mac managed to only play three quarters of football and combine for 6.3 points. Also, both starting running backs are out for the remainder of the regular season, and more relevantly, next week for sure. Hard for me to feel bad for myself with Ritz lost Leonard Fournette for the remainder of the regular season and he was one of the best running backs all season.

The underperforming pendulum swings in Mike’s direction in terms of the wide receivers. Tyreek Hill scored only 2.9 points despite the Kansas City Chiefs putting up 36 points as a team against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Hill was out all week due to illness and that may have had an impact, but it also may have been the fact that Kansas City was up early and cruised.

DJ Moore filled in accordingly in the wide receiver slot scoring eight points. It was nothing flashy at all but he made not having Mike Williams somewhat forgettable.

In the final wide receiver slot, RItz for the massive output of Devonta Smith. The Eagles wide receiver scored 16.5 points against the New York Giants. He was the highest scoring receiver in the matchup, beating out Cooper Kupp (16.3) and Brandon Aiyuk (12.0) on my squad. The disappointing hammer nailed down on my choice of third wide receiver. I could have selected Jakobi Myers, but instead I went with Russell Gage. That was a mistake. The Patriots possession receiver had 8.9 points while Russell Gage netted just 3.9.

The saving grace for Deus Ex Mac was Damien Harris scoring 28.3 points. Coming off of the injury list with a hamstring injury, Harris was the only shining output for the New England Patriots offense against the Buffalo Bills. Without Harris, this game would be a disaster and I would be playing catchup…big time!

Week 17 Preview

  • Well it all comes down to this. Both Ritz and I were able to come from behind in our semifinal matchups so we know that no game is over till the final game is sewn and sealed.
  • In terms of COVID problems, will Ritz get Mike Williams back? And will he play him against the Denver Broncos which is a touch matchup regardless?
  • George Kittle did little for Mike last week but this week he has a favorable matchup against the Houston Texans. I am conflicted on this one because I have Kittle in my other fantasy league and I am in the championship on there as well, so let’s come to compromise shall we?
  • In week 16 I was out Travis Kelce, so let’s have him get back into the groove against the Cincinnati Bengals and have both of our tight ends go off for big games. I would be in favor of that.
  • I must admit that I am scared for two of Ritz’s running back matchups in week 17. He has Ronald Jones II against the New York Jets who have the worst rushing defense in the entire NFL, and then he has Javonte Williams of the Denver Broncos who goes up against the Los Angeles Chargers who allowed over 130 rushing yards to Rex Burkhead.
  • Looking at my own roster, I am in a pickle in many different positions. As of now I only have one suitable running back on my roster that is healthy. Do I want to play Rhamondre Stevenson in the backup roll to Harris and hope both score in what could be a blow out against Jacksonville?
  • Then there is the predicament of my wide receivers; I only have one that is projected to get more than double digit points, but with that being said it is Cooper Kupp who is going up against the Baltimore secondary that barely has two legs to stand on.
  • I am uneasy with myself having to use the waiver wire so heavily in this final week with a championship on the line.
  • For reminder, of payout for those who reading here all the way on the bottom, the payout of 50 dollars has already been made to Mike Ritz for winning the regular season title, and the runner-up will get 50 dollars and the winner of it all gets 400 dollars.

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