• The biggest thing from week six is that we as the audience got a chance to see why Clayton would be a good Bachelor contestant. He was adorable with the kids and very self derivational with his humor. Not afraid to make fun of himself.
  • So the kids are interrogating (really just asking questions) to all the guys and they are brutally honest. Rodney gets bonus points for a secret handshake but Clayton made a fort with is ALWAYS a recipe for success.
  • The best thing was the young girl just showing up Martin saying that he was trying too hard and that he smelled too much of cologne. Savagely honest.
  • Clayton’s “Bachelor” moment came when he was reading the notes left by Michelle’s kids before he took his car ride home to the airport. The kids chose him from for the date and they chose what date they would so. They are in no way to blame for Clayton getting send home, and they loved him. He would be kill it as a great substitute teacher.
  • Now Clayton got sent home, but again, as is the vibes with the guys remaining, he didn’t do anything wrong. It just wasn’t right for Michelle. They both handled it well and put their best feet forward.
  • My girlfriend was so upset they went to a planetarium for the SECOND TIME THIS SEASON.
  • The group date was on a farm and milking of cows, and Martin is a fucking baby. What a loser. And we haven’t even gotten to the part of the episode when he turns into the most egotistical asshole this season.
  • Joe had a cheat code with him on this date. He has worked on a cow farm before because of his grandmother! That is why Michelle noticed how nurturing he was. He knew exactly what he was doing.
  • Nayte hurt his back shoveling shit. That is not a joke. That is all real. He used it to talk to Michelle and that is smart, and some people did not like that.
  • The milk uttering and milking seems to be a Bachelor Universe staple and I do not understand it.
  • Brendan gets the last one-on-one date, and that is but news for Olu. He knows deep down in his soul that he has no chance of winning. He takes that mantra down to the final rose ceremony.
  • Michelle takes him to her home where she grew up…and her parents are not home. Time for everyone to remember all the horny times as a high schooler when “parents weren’t home” means frisky teams are coming. Now, when viewers of this show watch…they know that the parents are coming.
  • I like Michelle’s bedroom. I am a fan. Good job.
  • Michelle said pool but instead her and Brendan go into a hot tub…and INCOME THE PARENTS!
  • So growing up at a younger age, this would be incredibly awkward. But now, if we are being real, it really isn’t that bad. The parents knew what they were getting into and walking into. Sure, their daughter and a man were making out, but this was about how Brenda would react. And ladies and gentleman, he reacted very well.
  • Brendan acknowledged the awkwardness but powered through it with kindness. He was super sweet and Michelle’s mom took an immediate liking. She patted him on the leg at one point unprompted. She like ho cheery he was.
  • Brendan did make a point to ask Michelle’s parents IF he could ask for their blessing for a wedding IF it comes to that. Michelle’s parents deflected and said that the trust Michelle, as they should.
  • Olu calls out Martin for his bullshit to Michelle. I really wonder if he had a conversation with Michelle and was like hey…I know I am not winning so I want to be honest with you about the worst guy here. I think Michelle appreciated that and I think that is why she took it so to heart.
  • Martin, upon his exit, did what no guy should. He showed ZERO remorse and said that Michelle was not good enough for him. Martin, you take your blond highlights and go watch the tape. You are not a flexible man. You need to have it your way or the highway, but you forget that Michelle is driving the car.
  • We have the final four, three of which were easy to predict. Joe, Nayte, Brendan and underdog Rodney. This season is progressing very quickly which is nice. It means it is not homework to me.


4. Rodney

(Last Week 6)

My girlfriend called it from the jump that Rodney would make the top four. I didn’t want to believe it, but it did indeed come true. He is the underdog of these four, but he speaks with an earnest nature that is endearing.

3. Nayte

(Last Week 2)

My immediate thought is that Nayte’s family is going to cause some drama next week, but as of now he is still doing things well. He got the group date rose and again manages to stay above most of the fray.

2. Brandon J.

(Last Week 3)

Brandon is downright delightful. He is so adorable. He handled the parents “natural” (but really staged) as best as he could. Michelle’s parents genuinely seemed too like him and he approached the whole awkward scenario the best he could.

1. Joe

(Last Week 1)

I still love Joe. Not a lot of screen time this week, but again he does nothing wrong at all. He was so confident he was going to be getting the rose at the rose ceremony, as he should have been. I still think that he going to be in the final two as long as his family doesn’t screw it up.

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