Notable Nuggets

  • Ronan put up his second 150 burger this past week.
  • Buzzi has been officially eliminated from playoff contention and Tommy is hanging on by the thinnest of thin threads.
  • Tommy Simon is fourth in total points scored but will all-but likely miss the playoffs.
  • In terms of the last couple of weeks and free agency, Ritz is posed to spend big on whomever he pleases. He has 97 dollars of FAB left, followed next by Matthew McGinnity at 93 dollars.
  • In week 12 we have Tommy Simon vs. Matthew Buzzi; Buzzi can play complete spoiler and eliminate T-Si completely.
  • A MASSIVE matchup in week 12 Jimmy vs. Ronan; both teams are 6-5 and both teams are projected to make the playoffs. It is going to be mighty interesting; will the loser survive and still make the postseason? Jimmy is praying Aaron Jones gets back.
  • Just looking at the waiver wire…there is not much to write home about in terms about quality talent pickups. May be a lot of riding with what you have.

Playoff Bracket As Of Today:

Week 11 Matchup Recap

ESPNFAN 12319776 (133.0) defeats Ja’Marr THe Merrier (78.22)

Steve! The comeback king! He is still alive for the playoffs! Tommy on the other hand…suffering a crumbling defeat in a team effort that was nothing what he hoped for. Incredibly untimely to have his starting quarterback Matthew Stafford on a bye. Also T-Si had to watch his team have a crushing loss against a division rival…all while Steve had Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams piling up points for him in a fantasy sense. Just a tough day all around for the young Yonkers local.

Looking at this matchup, besides Rodgers and Adams, Steve also got good production from Keenan Allen and Diontae Johnson who each scored over 15 points. He was able to manage a RESOUNDING victory without the full help of Michael Carter who got hurt during the game.

For Tommy, his top scorer was Las Vegas tight end Darren Waller with 15.1 points. Joe Burrow had only 9.02 points and Ezekiel Elliot registered just 9.8 points being hobbled by injury. Dan Arnold, in a spot tight end start (he is on Jacksonville if you didn’t know) had zero points.

The MVP of the matchup has to be the Green Bay matchup because it killed Tommy on so many levels. Something that painful has to be elevated and earn recognition.

My Glockz Out (117.84) defeats Deux Ex MAc (111.98)

Tom McLaughlin gets a massive win to keep his playoffs hopes alive. I suffered a defeat with two of my top three wide receivers on a bye and DeAndre Hopkins still being on the injured list.

If you look at the top of our rosters, Jalen Hurts had 30.78 points an Dak Prescott had 2.64…I was in good shape. However, as you scroll down…things get not so nice for me. Dalvin Cook made good things happen in the crazy game against Green Bay and James Conner continued his underdog and surprising fantasy MVP dark horse type season.

The MVP of this matchup, and of the crazy Minnesota vs. Green Bay game, was Justin Jefferson. The Viking wideout score 33.2 points with two touchdowns and over 160 yards receiving. The man is an animal. Minnesota traded away Stefon Diggs and drafted Justin Jefferson. What a swap. Good for both Buffalo and Minnesota. Jefferson’s 33.2 points is his most points this season. His previous was 22.3 points against Seattle in week three.

Also, I regret taking a gamble on the Washington defense. I thought they would have a turnover against Cam Newton in his first start, but they did not. Alas. The one saving grace for me is if Brandon Aiyuk is having a true wake up moment.

Tom is grasping for the playoffs and has a decent shot. Will come down to tiebreakers, as will a lot of teams.

Now You CeeDee Now You Don’t (150.9) defeats Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (100.66)

In the NFL, there is something to getting right and hot at the proper time. Such is the case for Mr. Ronan McClorey. He has won four games in a row, all of which by double-digits. This latest victory comes at the hands of Matthew McGinnity and his now leaking playoff aspirations.

The loss of Alvin Kamara really tore McGinnity’s team down to the bone. Tough for Matt for having to resort to J.J. Taylor as a follow up to Kamara. Just a major difference in talent right there. It also is mean of me to take Mark Ingram and Rhamondre Stevenson, both more viable back-ups than he has on the roster.

Here is the crazy thing too, Ronan put up over 150 points with his quarterback getting only 8.6 points. Nasty, nasty business how deep Ronan’s team can be. Ronan got 81.0 points just form his three running backs. Also 16.0 points from Nick Folk! Patriots love!

The MVP of this beat down goes to Ronan’s running back trio. Has to. They laid the smack down.

Team Lobo (127.86) Defeats Get McCaffreinated (94.1) points

Nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey, goodbye. (That is me waving goodbye to Buzzi’s playoff hopes). Meanwhile, Lobo is dancing in the ears of Buzzi’s defeat with his record improving to 6-5. Again, the playoffs are still an option. Will have to see how it all plays off.

Lobo, who still hasn’t changed his team name still and I should dock him points for that, took a chance on Cam Newton and it paid off. A very strong pick-up with the late scratch of Lamar Jackson. Credit is where credit is due.

Buzzi got a great day from Christian McCaffrey but Patrick Mahomes, in a Kansas City win no less, scored only 7.5 points. He went from scoring 36.24 points last week to scoring 7.5 points this week. Just two different sides of the coin for someone who last year was as steady as an option as you could have.

Honestly, in all honesty, Buzzi may be one of the few teams in America to have Mahomes, McCaffrey, and Deebo Samuel and not have an above .500 record. Fantasy football is a fickle thing. Not for the faint of heart.

The MVP of this matchup are the Miami Dolphins. Lobo got 17.1 points from Myles Gaskin and 16.6 points from Jaylen Waddle. They are a team that often sputters on offense yet Lobo was able to find all the right pieces to fit the winning puzzle.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Brady (125.98) Defeats Dirty Mike And The Boys (93.76)

Tommy Simon may have truly struggled in the weekly pick ’em contest, but he did exact some revenge on Ritz here in week eleven.

Here is a tip for anyone who wants to win fantasy football; have a running back that scores 51.9 points. That is a good start. Jonathan Taylor simply dominated the football field on Sunday and he is the MVP not only of this matchup…but maybe the NFL? Taylor told the Buffalo Bills that only any Colt runs faster than a Bill.

It may be a little bit extra painful for Ritz to swallow this loss because he had Justin FIelds as his starting quarterback but he got hurt. It a truly evil bit of coincidence, Mooney scores a touchdown from the backup Andy Dalton with what may have been his first throw of the game. Nasty business this idea of fairness in fantasy football.

Mike Ritz has lost three of four and can be a in his right mind to be a little nervous about making it into the playoff picture. Ever since losing Derrick Henry it has been hard, but maybe the struggle can be salvaged if Kyler Murray gets back to health? These are things that Mike is asking himself in his sleep.

Week Twelve Matchups

Deus Ex Mac (7-4) vs. ESPNFAN 12319776 (5-6)
Dirty Mike And The Boys (7-4) vs. Team Lobo (6-5)
Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (5-6) vs. My Glockz Out (6-5)
Get McCaffreinated (3-8) vs. Ja’Marr The Merrier (4-7)
Now You CeeDee Now You Don’t (6-5) vs. Jonathan Taylor Thomas Brady (6-5)

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