Standings at the end of week three.

  • We have no more undefeated teams in the league. Ronan was bested by McGinnity thanks to a fortuitous Monday night.
  • Mike Ritz is in first place with 423.9 total points and a 2-1 record. Ritz has won two in a row after losing week one.
  • Can we talk how Ronan has made 10 moves on the waiver wire already?? He has 94 dollars left in free agency budget. The next highest is Tommy Simon with seven moves.
  • Despite Lobo having a win, I think it is safe to say that he has the worst team in the league. A league-low 317.24 points and one would think that with the second fewest points he’d have more luck, but just not the case.
  • The only winless team is Buzzi, and things are dire now for him. Christian McCaffrey is out for an extended time with a hamstring injury. It’s safe to say that he will be using his FAB to acquire to running backs seeing how he has James White who also got hurt.
  • The most fortunate to be 2-1 on the season is McGinnity; he has the second fewest points scored this season, yet somehow he still manages to sit there above the Mendoza line.

Week 3 Matchup Recap

Dirty Mike And The Boys (118.74) Defeats Jonathan Taylor Thomas Brady (103.78)

This is not the prettiest matchup of all time. Both Ritz and Jimmy had six players score in single digits but the man who was runner-up last year was able to muster out his second straight win.

Mike Williams has been massive for Ritz with a touchdown in each of the first three weeks. Against the Kansas City Chiefs he had 29.7 points with 122 years and two receiving touchdowns. Williams picked up the slack for Tyreek Hill who struggled for a second straight week with 7.2 total points.

Jimmy has to be throwin stuff against the wall with his starting wide receivers going for 10.3 total points. Allen Robinson II, Robert Woods and Robby Anderson combined for 10.3 points. YIKES!

McManus is a weapon in the altitude, but when he is your second highest scorer with 16.0 points then you know you are in trouble. Just a tough week for Jimmy.

MVP of this matchup has to be Mike Williams. A massive scoring day as a massive win for the Los Angeles Chargers team. They are the real deal, both the player and the team.

Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (122.82) Defeats Now You CeeDee Now You Don’t (113.12)

It all came down to Monday night.

First, I need to apologize to Ronan for bashing his lack of quality QB drafted. Ronan has rode high the first quarter-ish of the regular season with some flyers and with Kirk Cousins still being salvageable and dropping 25.12 points, his draft strategy may have worked.

With that being said. Matt must give thanks to Josh Allen for just brutally butt fucking the Washington defense with 358 yards, four passing touchdowns and one rushing touchdowns. 37.22 points gave McGinnity a cushion he needed for Monday night.

It is also impressive how Matt was able to win with A.J. Brown, his number one wide receiver, scoring 0.3 points and leaving the game against Indianapolis early.

When Ronan looks at his roster he may be kicking the wall cursing how CeeDee Lamb, Tyler Lockett and JuJu Smith-Schuster all scored single digits. The three WR he played all scored less than 10. A very rare feat to accomplish, specially for Lamb when Dak put up good numbers on Monday night. Ronan might be begging for New Orleans’ Mike Thomas to get off the IR soon, if that’s possible at all.

The MVP of this matchup has to be Josh Allen. I know it’s not clever, but it’s just fact. Dropping 37.22 makes it very hard to lose.

Deus Ex Mac (130.64) Defeats ESPNFAN 12319776 (117.24)

Do I feel bad for beating Steve on his wedding weekend? I would say yes, but the Yankees swept the Red Sox in Fenway so that is enough of a gift.

Justin Herbert finally woke up from his slumber for me and he scored 30.84 points. I am more than okay with Cooper Kupp becoming the best wide receiver in football (arguably); he had 26.1 points. I was fortunate to win with Ty’Son Williams scoring on 2.2 points, Damian Harris getting 2.1 points and a hobbled DeAndre Hopkins netting just 3.6 points.

Also much thanks to the New York Jets for allowing the Denver Broncos to score 17.0 points.

For Steve’s team, he got solid numbers from Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams on Sunday night to make it respectable. Robert Tonyan was the only player to truly bust with 1.1 points. The play of Rondale Moore was a bit a surprise and Steve may be questioning leaving Trey Sermon and Cordelle Patterson on the bench who had 10.4 and 13.2 points, respectively.

There is only one choice for MVP of this matchup, and that is Steven Kultzow himself. This man got married this weekend to the woman of his dreams. No fantasy football score matters more than that.

My Glockz Out (105.92) defeats Team Lobo (104.68)

By the skin of his teeth, Mr. McLaughlin improves to 2-1.

It all came down to Monday night and Dak Prescott (20.12 points) and Amari Cooper (4.1) combined to get JUST ENOUGH to take down Lobo.

Nobody from either side really stood out in this one if I am being honest. The highest scorer of any player was Prescott. The best scorer for Lobo was Lamar Jackson with 19.28 points and Justin mother fuckin’n Tucker with 17.0 points.

The absolute killer in this matchup for Lobo was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense getting -3.0 points. It is such a demoralizing feeling knowing that just if you left a position blank, then you’d be in a better spot than you were. Maybe Lobo can gain some hope from the fact that Saquon Barkley was not atrocious. 18.4 points from someone who had a combined 11.1 points in the first two weeks.

The MVP of this matchup is the Los Angeles Rams offense for torching the Bucs defense. When you make a defense have negative points, you are doing a ton of things right. Lobo literally could have played the Los Angeles Rams defense which scored 0.0 points and still would have scored better and won.

Ja’Marr The Merrier (159.82) Defeats Get Mccaffreinated (97.5)

Buzzi got the short end of the stick with both his starting running backs getting hurt in their respective matchups. Scoring 97.5 points this week, Buzzi went from the top scoring in the league to the fifth highest scoring.

It did not help Buzzi’s case that Tommy Simon took his jiving ass and danced all over him. T-Si scored 159.82 points, the highest point total of the league this week by a large margin. Ezekiel Elliot woke up from his couple week slumber and had 25.1 points on Monday night to put the icing on the cake. Having the big play capability of Ja’Marr Chase and Henry Ruggs 10.5 is paying off as well.

Also don’t know if Tommy planned this, but having Cleveland’s defense against Chicago was a very wise move. NINE SACKS is a metric fuck tone by my official calculations so that payed off for 16 points.

Since losing in week one, both Tommy and Mike have put up big numbers during their respective two game win streaks.

The MVP of this matchup has to be Najee Harris and his 21.2 points. Sure, he is not the highest scorer of the week, but the fact that despite him rushing for the fewest yards for attempt in the NFL, Harris is still managing to be a steady force.

Week Three Matchups

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Brady (1-2) vs. Now You CeeDee Now You Don’t (2-1)
My Glockz Out (2-1) vs. Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (2-1)
Team Lobo (1-2) vs. Ja’Marr The Merrier (2-1)
Dirty Mike And The Boys (2-1) vs. ESPNFan 12319776 (1-2)
Deus Ex Mac (2-1) vs. Get McCaffreinated (0-3)

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