We will get to Justin’s and Blake’s hometown dates, but lets jump straight to the point here.


What a wild episode of The Bachelorette. Monday night’s episode was the best of the season and is one of the best I have seen in years. Greg with an ALL-TIME heel turn that was SOLELY AND UTTERLY SELF INFLICTED! Katie, I feel so sorry for you. Greg was Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Greg slipped into his true egotistical nature and let Katie, and America, get a glimpse at his stubborn, egotistical ethos.

Greg is the hot, attractive guy who has never been told before. I don’t know if Monday night’s episode was the first instance when Greg’s feelings weren’t validated, but it is readily obvious that Greg does not have lots of life experience dealing with discomfort.

Alright, let’s get to the dirt. Greg was the last hometown shown to us, and right from the jump we saw extra emphasis on him and Katie’s relationship. They spent more time on Greg’s “hometown” portion and specially on the family portion with his mom, brother and best friend. All seems okey dokey and cheery between the two love birds…until the final sit down.

Greg told Katie that he was “in love” with her. No more “falling in love,” but “in love.” He kept on saying that he was the happiest he had been in a long time. Greg was being honest and vulnerable. After his speech, and his soliloquy of emotions, Greg was waiting for validation. Katie, in response to her No. 1 man telling her that he was in love, said “I just love looking at you.”

Whoof. Buzzkill.

Greg was understandably upset with this reaction from Katie. HOWEVER, There is a reason for (what one could deem) lackluster response. At the start of the show, before the filming even began, Katie made a promise to herself that she would not say “I love you” till the end of the show when there was the on guy remaining. That is a noble gesture and she is not the first to make that self promise.

Katie did not explicitly say “I Love You” to Greg, BUT SHE LITERALLY SPELLED IT OUT IN EVERY OTHER WAY.

Greg not only set himself into a spiral of rudeness, but also sunk that male sex by truly embodying the “boys are dumb” stereotype. I always say that boys/men are dumb but we are self aware (for the most part), only that it takes time for us to realize our mistakes. This was Greg on Monday night’s episode. It does not excuse his actions, but if he does not (or did not) have a hindsight 20-20 moment to realize what hints he was missing…I mean then Greg really does have some deeper issues to deal with. I mean Greg, listen here dude, she agreed to move to NY at the end of the show when you two were getting engaged. How much easier can that be spelled out.

Does Greg have a right to be upset that the women he loves didn’t reciprocate the feelings? Yes, that is fair. What is not fair is not empathizing with Katie and her situation. He was shouting over her and not thinking critically or caressingly. Greg was all about himself. Greg saw that his upset nature was getting a visceral reaction from Katie and then continued to amp it up.

I think we have to ask the question if Greg is emotionally manipulative. We have seen his mood sing back and forth from cheery to dreary, and Katie has noticed it throughout. She has been striving to make him feel happy and comfortable. Katie gave a TON of positive affirmation to Greg throughout the season. Maybe words of affirmation are his love language, but don’t weaponize someone’s kindness, GREG!

When the argument spills to the next morning in Katie’s hotel room, that is when Greg gets more angry than disappointed. The frustration has been stewing all night long and he did not agree with or give any credence to Katie’s rule about not saying “I Love You” till the end. He said if it is real it doesn’t matter. The rose doesn’t matter. The show doesn’t matter. Katie is trapped not only by the friction Greg is creating, her own promises, and the confines of the show. They can all be true. Katie was doing what she could and saying everything she was allowed to say, but Greg never felt validated from his own rose tinted glasses.

Greg, do you know what you signed up for? This is The Bachelorette. This is the show. Katie is the lead and she gets to create the rules. You and your own emotional turmoil need to adapt. That is the way the cookie crumbles. Stop screaming and interrupting Katie when she is trying to explain herself. You signed up to go on TV in a competition for love and I know you don’t five a flying toot about the roses, but it is part of the game. It is like dating itself; you need to play the game of small talk and courting before getting to something real. The Bachelorette puts that problem on a different tier, but there is still a parallel to be drawn.

Love is complicated. Emotions are really hard to understand. We don’t get the full context of the show, but we do get enough of a glimpse into an individuals sense of self. It is impossible to ignore how bad Greg was at communicated when he didn’t get what he wanted. You understand his frustration, but the way he went about it was terrible.

Okay so now we can get to the other guys. Blake and Justin.

  • Blake’s one-on-one date was classic Canada covid date. We have seen this far too often while The Bachelor and Bachelorette has not been able to actually travel.
  • Blake’s sister stole the show on his date because she was fairly straight to the point. His mom as also blunt. You see where Blake gets it all from.
  • Blake did not say anything regarding to love on his one-on-one despite talking about it with all of his family.
  • Katie’s outfit on Blake’s one-on-one hometown date was gorgeous.
  • Okay, Justin’s hometown date started off in a weird way. On the phone, we heard him talk with his parents regarding how they were not coming. The two people that Katie needs to meet most weren’t coming because (what I inferred) they don’t believe in the process. OUCH!
  • Justin’s two best friends did bring the best out of him; we did get to see Justin loosen up a bit but more importantly we saw him acting that way in front of Katie. That is why meeting friends is more nerve wracking than meeting family. Your person gets a more naked look at you.
  • Justin is more open and deeper in his own feelings for Katie than Blake.

I do not think that Katie ends up with anyone. Nobody at all.

The finale of The Bachelorette is on Monday, August 9 and get ready because it is three hours long.

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