Episode six is where Katie took control of the show and told everyone she doesn’t care about to just fuck off.

Josh has the greatest growth over the course of the show. He has gotten funnier, more sincere and relatable with every episode. We did not learn a ton about him on his one-on-one with Katie, but he still brought a smile out of her and he didn’t look to flap at all.

Connor B.’s date on the other hand…how heart breaking. When he said “I know what’s coming,” that had to melt the hearts of audiences across America. He was just friend zoned and in the kiss there was nothing exhilarating for Katie. A classic situation where nobody did anything wrong; it just is what it is.

I did find it both surprising and wonderful that Connor B. got to go back into the house and say goodbye to all of the guys. They all loved him. That is obvious to everyone. There were tears. There were kisses on the cheek. Just emotional stuff.

Other things of note:

  • Hunter having a top four list and putting himself on it both breaks the spirit of the game and is insanely egotistical.
  • Challenge WOWO was not as much of a hit as Katie and the show thought it was going to be. I would be surprised if it was touched again by any contestants on the show.
  • Mike had a good line about how he has been training for something like the WOWO his whole life and how everyone else was screwed.
  • No surprise at all that Blake and Katie talked about WOWO challenge…and they did it right. They have the childish chemistry that is hard to fake.
  • The roast was not a good time for anyone, the people on the date or the viewers watching. It was painful. Mike P. and Michael A. just had nothing to do with that date at all.
  • Michael A.’s response to the drag queens was what social media reacted too, but Blake was most on brand with his question as to whether or not he should be checking them out.
  • There is no way that Blake came up with the idea of the boombox by himself. Little bit of a producer push but it was what Katie needed after the Connor B. send home.
  • The men’s tell-all is going to be a love fest when it finally happens. Everyone seems to like each other but Thomas and Hunter.
  • Josh new he was going home the entire time. Specially with no cocktail party.

This entire episode was based around the fringe guys a lot more compared to the top two tiers. It was a final goodbye before they were sent away and now its the cream of the crop (excluding Brendan) remaining.


(Last Week #10)

He is still alive?? How?? It was utterly shocking when he survived and Hunter got sent home. It was a gasp moment. We do not know a lot about Brandon as a person but I bet that changes next week. I would have lost so much money on Brendan going this far.


(Last Week #6)

Mike is a great guy but I still don’t see the connection between him and Katie. It may be a situation of “opposite’s attract,” but the different sides of the spectrum are vast. Mike has carried himself incredibly well, and in the best way possible, Mike is boring. He is normal and quiet about his values which is nice.


(Last Week #5)

Hard to find anything negative to say about Blake over the past couple episodes. He is just generating the chemistry on his third lust for bachelorette love. The endorphins between he and Katie are at an all-time high.


(Last Week #4)

Just keeps climbing the ranks. Steady, steady, eddy. I think he is a sneaky bachelor contestant if he does not win because of how well he emotes, but it is a little challenging to see him being that expressive in a leading role. Getting the one-on-one and passing the test means a lot at this time in the game.


(Last Week #3)

Greg and Katie shared some honesty and it was very obvious that he is going to win the show. I do not love Greg nearly as much as others (my girlfriend for one), but he continues to climb the mountain of popularity. He is the front-runner to win the show but as of now he isn’t doing enough for me to put him at number one.


(Last Week #2)

You adorable mother fucker you. The sweet goodbye to Connor B. The genuine reaction to the drag queens. He also stood up for Hunter a bit and still the guys can’t hate him. Michael sees the good in life and we should all aspire to it.


(Last Week #1)

A quiet week for Andrew S. and that means he did nothing to mess up the status quo. He is still handsome as all hell and charming to a fault. The frontrunner to be Bachelor is still vying for Katie’s heart and even through Greg is going to end up proposing in the end, Andrew S. is winning my heart.

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