Episode two! I know I got to it late, but such is the nature of the beast with life. There was a lot to talk about, and plenty of hate TO BE THROWN STRICTLY AT KARL!

  • “This is the Hunger Games?” – Fuck you Carl
    • And he is quoting Braveheart. What an idiot
  • If your love language is not physical touch, then that first group date is really tough. Mike is a Saint, Karl is an asshole, and Connor B. is going to be friend zoned.
  • Katie’s first group date outfit was simple and on point. Just awesome.
  • Quartney with the AWESOME “Shot Clock Violation” line when Karl was presenting.
  • Connor B. had a nipple clamp on his guitar at one point but then it disappeared
  • Greg’s one on one was really nice and it is that simple. Not a ton of fun.
  • Karl only wants to win the game and he is not looking for love
  • “That’s a good hug” was a funny line before Greg went on his date.
  • The fire was not lit on their date when they were eating the hot dogs.
  • The Greg fishing date…is he a catch?? I am hilarious.
  • The reason Michael did not go on the second group date is because he is a father and the show is learning from Yosef and his bitching.
  • Aaron and Connor B. are easily among the top right now but I think they are going to be friend-zoned.
  • Karl sucks for stirring up the pot with ZERO evidence.
  • I was not used to seeing Katie with straightened hair.
  • There has been a lot of green this season. Literally. Green dresses, shirts, etc.

22. KARL

(Last Week #22)

SHUT THE FUCK UP KARL. Your group date presentation was a disaster. Your babbler and egotistical ravings are preposterous. You are tacky and I hate you!


(Last Week #11)

You stink. You are a complainer. Your hair is absurd.


(Last Week #15)

I’d be willing to lay money down that he gets sent home at the start of episode three. Haven’t seen anything interesting from him in two episodes. Only that he looked like the sex positive podcast host in the first group date.


(Last Week #21)

Don’t have a strong opinion either way but we know he has a tattoo arm sleeve.


(Last Week #17)

Is he mute?

17. JOHN

(Last Week #18)

He was a good port in the mud wrestling and he has the same body type as me. Still not a ton of electricity and I don’t see him lasting long…but I would be friends with him.


(Last Week #13)

The Boston guy has been as quiet as Bruins fans after their season ended.


(Last Week #7)

He is pretty but he is forgettable. That is all I got…


(Last Week #10)

He does smile a ton, but I really think that all of his lines are rehearsed. He knows what to say at the right time. I am not biting into those candy lines.

13. JOSH

(Last Week #14)

We heard him talk. His story about getting into shape when being out of shape is relatable. He is right there in the middle zone of not having done anything wrong but hasn’t made a statement yet.


(Last Week #9)

A good human. About all I got. Same thing as Josh in terms of being in feelings purgatory.


(Last Week #5)

James was in the start of the episode saying he was going to be visible as the box guy but then did nothing for the remainder of the episode.

10. TRE

(Last Week #17)

Tre did nothing wrong this week, but he also just didn’t stand out. Still think he has a ton of positive vibes.


(Last Week #17)

He is a handsome devil! I only remember a shot of him sitting on the couch and commiserating and he looked very good.


(Last Week #6)

I love how every time they are reading off name on a date card it is “Quartney with a Q.” Also the shot clock violation line was amazing.


(Last Week #12)

He does exist! And he is handsome! We got some life from him on Monday’s episode. We don’t know a lot about him personally…but still stand by my theory that he is going to be around for a while.


(Last Week #3)

No group date is a tough pill to swallow, but he does appear to get a one-on-one next week.


(Last Week #20)

This man is putting the traditional virginity playbook to the side and paving his own path. The man handled the awkwardness of that first group date masterfully and damn Katie ate it up. I don’t think he has a shot in hell at winning, but he won a ton of people over, including myself.


(Last Week #23)

Okay soooooo I may have misjudged Aaron a little bit. Is he aggressive, yes. Is he slightly scary? Yes. However, Katie trusts him and she showed it when she pulled him aside at the cocktail party to vent about the stupid rumors Karl started. It is NUTS that we weren’t informed that he and Cody knew each other from before.


(Last Week #4)

This guy is adorable and cute. Just a sweet man who is not afraid to make fun of himself. I hope he doesn’t flame out from being worried to much down the road, but Connor B. fits the “go with the flow” vibe of Katie. Also that behind the scenes footage at the end with Katie’s needle story was great little insight.


(Last Week #2)

I mean, his one-on-one date was nearly perfect and the way he relates to Katie in terms of the tragedy with their dads is organic and really too pure for the show. He is the perfectly attainably hot guy. Also the fact that Katie was wearing his bracelet later in the episode and it wasn’t shown in the bright lights of the show makes me think that the producers and just trying to prevent the suspense.


(Last Week #1)

Still love this guy. He absolutely dominated his battle partner on his group date and he was the first to check in on Katie when she was upset on the group date. He really is the complete full package thus far.

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