He is back! By he, I mean director and writer Neill Blomkamp. The science-fiction driven Blomkamp is releasing his first major motion picture since 2015 with Demonic. The new science fiction horror movie is his first venture back into theaters and major box office atmosphere with Chappie (2015).

According to IMDB, the brief summary is: “A young woman unleashes terrifying demons when supernatural forces at the root of a decades-old rift between mother and daughter are ruthlessly revealed.”

The first trailer released earlier this week is vague, to say the least. There is a science experiment, mixed with religion, and some sort of demon is involved. If there is a mother and daughter relationship then the seeds of family trauma and it first blossoming over a disagreement between the two ideologies is very real. It is safe to say there will be a connection drawn between the two.

Carly Pope seems to be playing the leading role thought her name us yet to be revealed. The cast does not have a ton of recognizable names, but a large sum have been involved with Blomkamp projects before. He has his crew and he runs with it.

Turning back to the trailer specifically, the best and creepiest part of the entire thing is looping laugh at the one minute mark. I mean, it’s creepy. Don’t care if I used a word twice. It is what it is.

Demonic comes out in theaters August 20, 2021. (I am more excited for Demonic than Remiscene).

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