I have done it. I have confirmed I have no life.

About a month ago my external hard drive of my movie list disappeared. Vanished. Eaten by a improper ejection from the computer or accidental deletion. For anyone who knows me, yes I did go into a minor panic attack.

However, with that being said, this was also an opportunity.

Taking what was on my google doc and transferring it back onto the hard drive, I thought it was time to add to the list.

Now on my movie list google doc you will see the following tabs

Movie List
Oscar Award Winners*
NBR Top 10 Films (Per Year)*
AFI Top Films*
Book List
Podcast List
TV List
Video Game List


The Oscar Award Winners sheet is every Academy Award category broken down by years, film and my grade. Also for some categories there are additional columns such as director, original song, etc.

The NBR Top 10 list is broken down by year. The organization grades out their top-10 films of each year and it is been a personal mission of mine to see everyone one of them and complete all the years. (It’s going to be a long journey).

AFI Top Films is maybe irrelevant? No updates since 2007? The reason I made this sheet is because it was the first ever “list” I started comparing my viewing too.

This is just a post to push myself and my obsession and OCD. So check it out!


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