In the middle of writing this recap, the Dallas Maverick and Luka Dončić ripped my soul out as a Celtics fan. I am currently dead writing this.

Hometown dates are weird and awkward. It is extra weird when all the families are heading to the same resort house and Matt is having the same conversations with various different families and their respective members in the same exact settings. It is hard for the show to make everything interesting when its the same setting. They did the best they could.

The most dramatic and real part of this episode was the very end. When Serena P. told Matt James that he was not the one for her, we finally saw the real Matt. His answer of just “I don’t know” was real and authentic. Stunned silence. Not knowing what to say. Then awkwardly laughing and asking to have her walk him out.

Serena P. and Matt are friends. They are fun together, but they are not romantic partners.

Here are how I would rank the “date” portions of the hometown

4. Bri – Just a bad date idea
3. Rachael – There was some sort of adrenalin
2. Michelle – Cute as all hell with the kids

In all honesty, I did not find this episode of The Bachelor that engaging. It was rather boring. I was checking my phone and up and walking around.


Ignoring the sky diving and why it was happening, that fall was NASTY. Not a fun fall at all.

The family portion of the date, I could not get over the fact that her parents were looking for negatives all over the place. Also she and her sister were wearing the exact same shirt.

Simply put, I don’t love Rachael and part of it is the behind-the-scenes (or now very upfront things). It was weird to see her family. It is just weird now. I wish I could overlook it but having a hard time.

Though as I say this, I think Rachael wins. Mark it down. I think that is why Chris Harrison went off a bit.

2. BRI

I need to start at the end. Bri in the final dress. My goodness gracious I died.

Their hometown date was…boring. Revisiting an old date and just turning the tables. I don’t love that. Why not experience something new?

We learned a lot about Bri this episode and that was enjoyable. She let her walls down and she looked dead in Matt’s eyes when she said she was falling in love. That takes stones.


Michelle’s family is awesome. Her mom and dad are wonderful people. Why you ask?

Her mom was bumbling with energy. AND POSITIVE ENERGY! Her dad has the voice of a singer who has entertained millions at the sacrifice of his vocal chords. ALSO THEY PLAYED BASKETBALL TO END THE DATE. Straight up had me puddling in cuteness.

Legit Michelle is the only one Matt has seemed genuinely acting around it hasn’t been forced. They both love being active and her little bike ride was exactly what he likes to do.

It also has to be said that she looked STUNNING in her black dress at the end.

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