The thinning of the herd! Matt James took out his weed whacker and got rid of the weeds. Now some of these weeds are gross and venomous to the world around them (AHEM SERENA C.), but some of them are beautiful in their own right are hard to see chopped down (abigail…to good for the show).

From the get-go, I was SHOCKED that Chelsea got sent home with the first rose ceremony. I thought for sure that Abigail was going to get sent home, but alas she stayed along to only be send away one group date later.

Why did Jessenia get a one on one date when Matt was going to set her home? It was BEYOND predictable that she was not going to make it through the dinner. It was very weird that Matt was wearing a hoodie for that date while Jessenia was all dolled up. It seemed like he wanted to be comfortable while he watched his date talk her way into a hole that he then covered her up in.

I got ahead of myself a little. Thank GOD that Matt sent Heather home and didn’t let her hang around. If he did, it would have been suicide in terms of the relationships he has already developed.

ALL PRAISE SERENA P. I fell in love with her hard when she was brutally honest about her date with Matt. A second one-on-one date was another shocking moment, but arguably more shocking is that she got the rose despite being honest and going against what the Bachelor wants. I don’t remember that happening before.

The final four was very predictable. But I am happy about it. It seems like they are the best of the bunch, or were at least the front runners from the beginning (or first arrival).

We do need to address the elephant in the room though. It was WEIRD seeing Chris Harrison on this episode. It was WEIRD seeing Rachael get a ton a time and love this episode.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, look at below.

These One Minute Man videos are KFC’s greatest creation.


So…this is weird.

How is it going to go meeting her family next week? I have no idea.

What is even more awkward is that I think it is between Rachael and my No. 1 in terms of a winner.

3. BRI


Okay, Bri will say that she resigned her job for love. But still. No offense to anyone…I love my job and I will not do that. I do love to work, and if I needed to completely get rid of that, I wouldn’t be true to myself.


Honesty is awesome. Her blatant hate for the tantric yoga was refreshing, and her willingness to be honest about it was lovely. Serena is kind of a bitch, but in the best way possible. She is a little nasty with the “bachelor hopping” comment to Heather before she left.

I do not think that Serena P. wins. I think she is actually least likely. But I do not care. She is the one I would date if I was single.


Michelle is hilarious. There were some laughs in the episode, but none more so than the credit scene when she went down and did some pushups. Just poking fun at Matt and his desire to do something all the time. She is my frontrunner to win at this point, and I think she has the playful nature to keep Matt guessing in the best way possible.

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