Director: Danny Boyle
Writers: Aaron Sorkin, Walter Isaacson
Staring: Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet
Release Date: October 23, 2015
Streaming: Netflix


Steve Jobs, the dramatic biopic portraying the man, the myth and the legend of innovation and entrepreneurship, Steve Jobs. Portrayed by Michael Fassbender, the viewers is treated to the behind the scenes conversations that shape the character of Jobs in the eyes of many that knew him

This movie is remarkable because it highlights the shadows so well. We don’t ever see the big presentations. We don’t see the big press events that where everyone saw Steve Jobs; we are enlightened to the moments no one knew about or even tends to think about.

One small thing that I just realized now is that we never see Steve Jobs outside until the final moments of the movie with his daughter when he climbs to the roof for her. It is the fire time there isn’t a ceiling above him…first time there is no limit to how far he can see upward and outward…it’s almost like him connecting with his daughter and being vulnerable unlocked how high and far he can go?

  • I want more Michael Fassbender. What happened to Michael Fassbender. He is incredible in this, as well as the highlight of the latest X-Men movies and Alien flicks. I loved him for his short stint in Haywire (2011), and he made a small show in 300 (2006) too! With that being said, the last two movies he has done are The Snowman (2017) and X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019) which both STUNK. I want more elite acting Fassbender.
  • Before this movie I had no idea who wrote the screenplay for this movie. But literally three minutes into it, I said “it has to be Aaron Sorkin” and then l looked it up and god damn it is. It is so crisp. It is hard to make so many interruptions into a conversation work so seamlessly.
  • The conversation between John Scully (Jeff Daniels) and Steve Jobs (Michael Fassbender) in the hallway surrounded by the upturned tables is just acting personified. It is two men working so well at their craft with lines crafted by a scribe.
  • It takes a lot to stand next to Fassbender, but damn does Kate Winslet burst from that shadow. Acting as Joanna Hoffman, the director of communications for Jobs, Winslet changes appearances for each era of Jobs as well as personas. Hoffman can handle anything Jobs throws at her, and Winslet’s earnestness counters Fassbenders’ shallowness.

Stanko Rating: A (4.5/5 Stars)

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