Anyone who has any form of social media has been at least fingered by the Call Her Daddy saga within Barstool Sports.

If you need a fantastic summary of what has happened in this entire ordeal, Barstool Sports has you covered with Stool Scenes, podcasts, blogs and much more. See links at the bottom of the blog for all the resources to study up!

The entire juicy drama has been like an addictive drug to anyone who loves Barstool Sports, spilling the tea, taking in gossip, and watch someone’s career possibly go up in flames. Not saying it’s going to happen to Sophia…but the embers are burning and the kindling is getting mighty hot. This entire thing is like a CW Show only its actually happening.

With all the characters and companies involved, the entire Call Her Daddy journey up until this point would make a fantastic movie. There’d be comedy, betrayal, sex, drama, backstabbing, deception, lawyers, idiocy and lunacy throughout!

Here we are, gut reaction. My casting for the Call Her Daddy saga, the movie (title to be determined).

Primary Roles

Alexandra Cooper | Amber Heard

The hero of Barstool right now is Alexandra Cooper. Amber Heard knows what it is like to be in a superhero role with Aquaman (2018) and also showing face in Justice League (2017). The idea of a story based of sex appeal is also notched on her resume back in 2015 with Magic Mike XXL.

Sofia Franklyn | Lucy Hale

Again all about the eyes and the lips here. Had to match the look, and this is a chance for Lucy Hale to break out of the scream queen role she has been playing a lot in recent years.

David Portnoy | Jeffery Dean Morgan

Stoic. Ability to be manic, ability to be calm. The presence that he can accomplish anything with Adderall and sheer will. But let’s be real…Dave Portnoy might just play himself.

Peter Nelson | Adam Driver

Needed a Lego face. Someone that you can fit a stereotypical haircut onto. Adam Driver may be to talented an actor for Peter Nelson’s reported incompetence, but someone of that incredible ability is needed to highlight the sleeziness.

Erika Nardina | Nicole Kidman


Director | Todd Phillips

An Oscar nominated director who is not afraid to go over the brink of crazy. Phillips is not afraid to have the comedy be brazen, which is 100% necessary with Call Her Daddy.

Writer | Adam McKay

McKay is an excellent writer of comedy and can embrace absurdity in business-like atmosphere as seen in Vice (2018). He has a solid chance of capturing the frantic climate that is Barstool Sports and Call Her Daddy.

Producer | The Chernin Group

Have to show some loyalty to the company and individual that helped bring Barstool to where it is now.

Dave Portnoy Response To Alexandra Cooper Statement

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  1. Ummm. I read this looking to chuckle and now I want this movie so bad. Your actor and actress choices are unreal! And Adam McKay is my favorite director and he should ABSOLUTELY film this thing.


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