Here are my thoughts on the first episodes of ABC’s Listen To Your Heart. It is good to have the Bachelor universe back. I missed yelling at my screen like this!

  • Chris Harrison, it’s good to see you. Always aging like fine wine.
  • For the record, I am not a big music guy. I don’t like live performances. I don’t like cringe. So this should be SO MUCH FUN.
  • How many Jed jokes are there going to be?
  • If someone breaks down and cries on stage during a performance I may melt into my pillows and never come out
  • Brandon
    • 34 years old, reasonable age to be looking for love in big ways
    • Straight shooter with the cursing
    • He has more product in his hair than I own
  • Bri
    • She has really pretty hair
    • Was engaged…he got scared and she gave the ring back? He didn’t ask for it?
  • Sheridan
    • Has named his car…
      • Got that montage on the car was cringe
  • Bekah
    • First, weird way to spell name
    • Second, she is stereotypical high school drama student
  • Gabe
    • Girls are going to LOVE him.
    • He is religious. Nope, not gonna be able to mesh with me
  • Savannah
    • She has the crazy sex appeal
    • Her past relationships were rocky…probably because she is crazy
  • Trevor
    • Okay has a dog too. Is this a trap for all females?
    • Was on American Idol; having Katy Perry call you hot is probably a big ego boost
  • Jamie
      • I REPEAT…21 YEARS OLD!?!?!?!
    • She is such an extrovert
  • Ryan
    • I have zero opinion at all
  • Matt
    • His beard is solid! Respect it.
    • Has never seen the bachelor
    • From Milford, CT: Connecticut represent!

  • Alright, they are coming too fast now, time to just focus up
  • Jamie, you are 21 years old. You feel butterflies at the sign of alcohol because you are legal now to drink
  • Rudi: another one saying she has dated basically of all LA
    • But, I do love how she is spunky and just doesn’t give a fuck. Also genuine reaction to Chris Harrison
  • Jamie is flip-flopping between everyone
  • What is the idea of connecting with music? I just don’t understand
  • Wow, what a segway with Jamie’s douchebag then DIRECT CUT to Michael
    • I fast-forwarded through everything with him. Literally everything in his first introduction with Savannah. Nope, just terrible.
  • There are a ton different type of personalities
    • Actually much more than a typical Bachelor or Bachelorette season in terms of places of origin, ect.
  • 8 to 12 ratio for women to men…that seems a little bit unfair
  • The bald guy has not spoken yet on camera but his is there stalking the prey. He seems like a massive wild card.
  • Julia seems like a really good person…
    • Music therapy; is there such thing as movie therapy? If so, hit me up.
  • When people say the “night is young” I want to know what time it is on the clock?
  • “Am I being too attractive?”
    • Nope…just nope.
  • Michael is the worst. I do not like him. At all. Just get rid of him. AT ALL COSTS
  • Whoever it is that Jamie kissed (forgetting names) is a loud kisser
  • Jamie and Trevor now in the hot top
    • They are the top-ranked HOLY CRAP super sexy couple
  • NATURALLY Ryan gets the card and picks Jamie; whelp for Trevor
  • Gravity is a legit good song so at least thing cringe of listening to live singing will be at ease (only a little bit)
  • Pasta and a scary movie is an AWESOME DATE. Like yup yup Rudi
  • Alright, I know music is subjective…but I don’t think that Jamie has that good of a voice? Am I crazy?
    • Ryan though has a very good voice. Legit.
  • “I kind of feel the gravity in the room tonight…Trevor how you feeling?”
    • I mean that was set up on a tee and Chris Harrison bashed it over the mansion wall
  • No shit there was no spark between Matt and Mel…THEY DIDN’T EVEN SHOW ANYTHING FROM THEIR DATE. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
  • Rudi gave Matt the grundel. Big time.
  • Rudi and Michael is the worst possible connection of all-time
  • I hate Michael. So much. Like the worst.
  • The amount of serenades makes me want to vomit. This is like solo concerts from the normal Bachelor and Bachelorette show
  • Savannah, I usually love the color green, but I don’t love that dress.
  • The behind the scenes in the room of survivors with the backstage commentary is a new touch and I love
  • Matt is FLIP FLOPPING more than a lost sandal in the ocean
  • Jamie going near to last is a wonderful but of producer interference, let the drama build
    • Trevor gets the win, and ABC gets to keep the most attractive guy on the show
  • Rudi picks Ryan! Ryan survives even with no Jamie!
    • Rudi can not feel himself falling for Ryan, I think that ABC can find their way into a lot of drama this way
  • I am so glad that Michael is gone. So happy. Get OUT!

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